Interested to understand extra approximately the unique varieties of conventional homes in Malaysia and what makes them so precise? Start right here.

Malaysia, like a whole lot of culturally wealthy international locations withinside the world, is a hotbed of culinary surprises, stunning artwork bureaucracy and yes, structure. Malaysian structure attracts from affects across the vicinity like colonial and Islamic designs and Asian touches to create some thing this is uniquely its very own.

In time for Merdeka this year, we notion it might be a top notch time to go to the unique varieties of conventional homes right here in Malaysia and the way they make contributions to creating Malaysian conventional structure this type of issue of beauty.

1. The Malay Kampung residence

Traditional Malay kampung homes or ‘rumah kampung’ had been built with the aid of using the indigenous ethnic Malay humans in Sumatra, Borneo, and the Malay Peninsula. These homes now no longer best constitute a domestic however had been designed to mirror sturdy network elements which includes establishing your house as much as others and dwelling in concord with nature.

In its traditional iteration, the Malay residence is a shape raised on stilts excessive above the floor with thatched roofs and wood walls. The length and class of the house had been synonymous with the scale and wealth of the own circle of relatives. This tropical residence layout become built this manner to defend households from wild animals, floods, and to boom ventilation. The residence format normally has partitioned rooms, stairs on the the front of the residence and a vernacular roof. The maximum unique characteristic of the Malay House is the wooden carving designs that embellish the house, primarily based totally on Malay motifs.

The layout and architectural suggestion of Malay homes can range among unique states right here in Malaysia. We’ve picked five precise sorts which you have to understand.

What is the distinction among Malay homes constructed withinside the beyond and now?
Traditional Malay homes had been constructed with out the use of current architectural substances and creation methods, however those systems require huge upkeep as compared to fashionable homes. Malaysia’s tropical climate and the presence of termites may be difficult for the wooden-primarily based totally Malay residence.

As such, current Malay homes commenced incorporating extra current residence layout factors to make certain they’re simpler to preserve over time. This consists of the use of cement blocks to support the inspiration and sure sections of the residence, plus using nails and screws to tighten sure key joints in order that they’re extra long lasting withinside the lengthy term.

2. Rumah Bumbung Panjang

‘Rumah Bumbung Panjang’, translated to “residence with lengthy roofs”, may be taken into consideration one of the authentic iterations of the Malay residence. This Malay residence fashion predates even the advent of the Dutch to those shores. These homes are characterized with the aid of using the tall and lengthy slopes that the roof is formed in.

3. Rumah Negeri Sembilan

It’s clean wherein this fashion originated from. The Rumah Negeri Sembilan fashion is taken into consideration one of the extra precise designs for Malay homes. The primary characteristic of this Malay residence kind is the curved form of the roof layout which bears a sturdy resemblance to the Rumah Minangkabau. This is because of the ancestral records of the Malay humans in Negeri Sembilan, a lot of whom migrated from Sumatra. The Rumah Negeri Sembilan additionally capabilities complex woodcarvings on doorways and window.

4. Rumah Perabung Lima

Rumah Perabung Lima were given its call because of its wonderful roof layout that resembles a five-sided pyramid. The layout borrows lots from ‘Belanda’ (Dutch) residence structure fashion. This fashion of Malay residence may be observed extra typically in states which includes Kelantan, Terengganu and Perak and this layout fashion become favoured with the aid of using royal households for his or her palaces in the ones elements of Malaysia. A correct instance of that is the Istana Kenangan in Kuala Kangsar.

5. Rumah Limas

Rumah Limas, or from time to time referred to as Rumah Potong Belanda is predominantly observed in Johor, wherein it’s also referred to as Rumah Muar. Malay homes constructed the use of this fashion makes use of stone piers in preference to wood stilts and capabilities a Dutch-fashion roof that resembles a pyramid. This roof fashion is typically utilized in authorities homes and well-known landmarks in Malaysia, maximum significantly Muzium Negara.

6. Rumah Kutai

Rumah Kutai is likewise referred to as Rumah Tua (‘Kutai means ‘old’ withinside the nearby Perakian dialect. This fashion of Malay residence is more often than not observed in Perak, particularly close to Kuala Kangsar wherein the royal own circle of relatives become located. That is why this high-priced fashion is characterized with the aid of using the complex and complicated carvings at the door, porch, awnings, and windows.

These are simply a number of the varieties of Malay residence designs you could discover throughout Malaysia however there are masses extra, every of them prompted with the aid of using its very own precise records. Malay or ‘kampong’ homes are a testomony of a wealthy architectural background right here on this united states of america and we have to now no longer permit it to vanish away with modernisation.

7. Pre-conflict Shophouses

Pre-conflict shophouses can nonetheless be visible in lots of elements of large city towns in Malaysia which includes Kuala Lumpur, particularly in Jalan Pudu, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Ipoh and extra; however they also can be visible in smaller cities which includes Malacca and Penang.

Built from the nineteenth to twentieth century, store homes or ‘Rumah Kedai’ had been constructed for shared use of area with business corporations occupying the floor ground even as multi-generational dwelling areas at the higher floors. Over the remaining 2 hundred years, those shophouses have commenced along with capabilities which can be a mirrored image of the multi-cultural society, with Chinese, Malay or even British colonial affects being incorporated.

They had been at the beginning constructed with wooden and ‘atap’ however after numerous fires and storms withinside the early 1880s, the then British Resident of Selangor, Frank Swettenham, required that each one homes be constructed from brick and tile.

In latest years, corporations which includes cafes and workplaces have commenced seeing the appeal and price in changing those pre-conflict shophouses into current areas to match present day existence however on the equal time maintaining the architectural records of the location.

8. The longhouse

The longhouse or ‘rumah panjang’ stays an essential communal image for the indigenous tribes in Sabah and Sarawak.

The detail that distinguishes the longhouse has much less to do with its architectural deserves and extra to do with how lifestyles become constructed round it in older times. Longhouses were acknowledged to residence masses of character households beneathneath a unmarried roof. There is usually a unifying veranda wherein those households will commune and spend time socialising with one another.

Originally constructed with bamboo and wooden, the longhouses have through the years commenced incorporating extra current furniture and substances which includes brick and mortar so they remaining longer.

9. Bajau Laut Sea Home

The Bajau or sea gipsy network that is living withinside the coastal areas round Sabah have existed more often than not on the fringes of the ocean for centuries. Traditionally, the Bajau are acknowledged to stay on seaboats referred to as ‘Lepa’.

These days, the Bajau has deserted their unique sea-dwelling with the intention to construct their domestic (Bajau houses) on stilts out withinside the sea or even on land on uncommon occasions. Some of those homes on stilts are constructed a bit a long way from the shore and may best be accessed with the aid of using boats. The Bajau network were acknowledged to be ‘landsick’, who prefer to spend maximum in their time at sea.

The format of Bajau houses varies relying on the use of the house. Some are constructed deliberately for the elevating of kids even as others are constructed to mirror different sensible makes use of which includes fundamental refuge and monetary activities. The substances used to construct those homes are primarily based totally on wooden substances that may be observed withinside the surrounding location of the village.

10. Colonial houses

The colonial houses are remnants of the British’s colonisation of Malaya. During the ones times, the British might set up dwelling stations throughout the cooler weather highlands on this united states of america. These had been more often than not constructed as vacation retreats for them to break out the warmth and be reminded in their houses lower back in England.

This is why colonial structure may be visible extra prominently in hill stations which includes Bukit Fraser, Cameron Highlands or maybe Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill). Colonial homes that you could discover there consist of majestic bungalows and old fashioned cottages paying homage to homes in England or Scotland.

These days, maximum colonial houses were converted into motel accommodations. Offering you a threat to pattern what it become want to stay in a very unique time.

11. Peranakan residence

One of the maximum colorful and eclectic forms of conventional homes might be the Peranakan residence. This is specially because of the sturdy combo of wonderful cultures – Chinese and Malay. These homes had been constructed with the aid of using rich Baba-Nyonya groups in Malacca and Penang.

The fashion includes architectural affects from each cultures, which includes a huge indoor courtyard, that’s a wonderful characteristic for Chinese-fashion houses, carved wood panels which can be paying homage to the Malay kampung homes or even the colorful English-fashion tiles are a nod to colonial affects.

It’s really essential that Malaysia begins offevolved recognising its wealthy architectural background and do virtually what it could to maintain those essential portions of records. These houses and architectural designs deliver us large clues and notes approximately what lifestyles become like lower back then right here on this united states of america and the way it has advanced through the years.


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