The Grand Mosque of Çamlıca, which homes the Museum of Islamic Civilizations, has hosted 25 million human beings given that its inauguration 3 years in the past in Turkey’s biggest town Istanbul.

Apart from being a grand area of worship, the mosque is the maximum current complicated in Turkey with its artwork gallery, library, convention corridor, artwork workshop, and the newly released Museum of Islamic Civilizations.

The significant mosque, whose concept belongs to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and whose basis become laid on Aug. 7, 2013, on Istanbul’s iconic Çamlıca Hill, has a aggregate of Ottoman and Seljuk structure and is placed at the town’s Asian side.

It has emerge as one of the symbols of the town.

Four of the mosque’s minarets stand 107.1 meters (352 feet) tall, an acknowledgment of the Seljuk Turks’ victory in Malazgirt (Manzikert), jap Turkey, in 1071 in opposition to the Byzantine military which opened Anatolia to Turkish settlement.

The primary dome hangs seventy two meters (236 feet) above the ground, representing the seventy two countries dwelling withinside the town. The 2nd dome has a diameter of 34 meters (112 feet)-Istanbul’s reliable license variety.

Its primary gate-which weighs 6 tons, stands as excessive as 6.five meters (21 feet) and has a five-meter width-is certainly considered one among the biggest ones across the world.

There are 8 artwork workshops, an artwork gallery of three,500 rectangular meters (37,670 rectangular feet), and a library of three,000 sq. mt. (32,290 sq. ft.), a convention corridor with a ability of 1,071 seats, and an indoor car parking zone for three,500 cars withinside the mosque complicated.

Mosque amongst Istanbul’s must-see attractions
Ergin Külünk, head of the Istanbul Mosque and Culture Service Units Construction and Sustenance Association, instructed Anadolu Agency that the mosque met worshippers on March 7, 2019, and it become formally released on May three withinside the identical year.

The mission of the mosque become organized and finished in 60 months, he stated, and it obtained greater-than-predicted attention.

Despite a confined variety of traffic in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mosque welcomed greater traffic with the drop withinside the coronavirus instances in Turkey, Külünk stated.

“The maximum latest instance of this become Laylat al-Qadr,” he stated regarding the Night of Power, which represents the primary revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad.

“We had a excellent crowd. I bet round 25,000 human beings got here to the mosque,” he added.

“Our traffic and those who pick our mosque to worship come from nearly all elements of Turkey,” he stated.

The mosque hosted human beings from many nations after the reliable beginning, Külünk stated, adding: “The Grand Çamlıca Mosque has entered the listing of locations to go to in Istanbul.”

Over 50,000 books at library
Külünk additionally recalled that the Museum of Islamic Civilizations opened at the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Since its beginning closing month, the museum has been visited through greater than 150,000 human beings, he stated.

The library on the mosque gives 50,000 books as it’s miles open until midnight.

Nezih Ertuğ, the director of the Museum of Islamic Civilizations, stated that the museum opened at the start of the Ramadan.

“One of the functions that make our museum extraordinary is that artifacts which have in no way been in any museum or exhibition earlier than are exhibited for the primary time,” he stated.

With almost 800 portions reflecting the improvement of Islamic artwork from the seventh to the nineteenth centuries, the museum consists of 15 thematic sections inclusive of woven Turkish artwork, works attributed to Prophet Muhammad, and architectural and ornamental factors in Islamic artwork.

Visitors to the museum have the possibility to look many greater works inclusive of consultant footprints of Prophet Muhammad, the curtain of Mecca’s holy Kaaba, sultan’s caftans, and the youth pocket book of Mehmed the Conqueror, and Ottoman-technology coins.

Ertug additionally stated that one of the critical works of the museum is the sword of Suleiman the Magnificent, which become delivered from the Topkapı Palace.

History books point out that the primary Ottoman coin become issued in the course of the Orhangazi period, Ertug stated, however in addition stated: “According to the ultra-modern research, the primary coin become located to be issued through Osmangazi, now no longer Orhangazi. We delivered this coin, that’s the simplest instance withinside the world, to our museum.”



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