1. Marine Drive (22 km from Bombay Airport)

Marine Drive (22 km from Mumbai Airport)Marine Drive is a 4 km long promenade located in southern Mumbai which is popularly referred to as the Queen’s Necklace. One of the most beautiful roads in Mumbai, a bird’s eye view of this stretch is stunning at night with the lights making the whole look like a queen’s necklace.
Large groups of people crowd the scene to stroll along the pretty walkway and witness the dazzling view of the setting sun as night falls. The beautifully bordered palm trees provide its guests with an exciting backdrop. Marine Drive is also referred to as the “Queen’s Necklace”, due to the street lights that make the road look like a pearl necklace and create the illusion of a necklace. Marine Drive is considered the best route for a night walk.
Highlights: Admire the sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea and the amazing freezing breeze that caresses your hair alongside a long cluster of restaurants offering scrumptious snacks and drinks will make your evening special. For the elderly, one can visit Nana-Nani Park which is one of the popular tourist attractions in Mumbai these days. The 3 km long Marine Drive is a characteristic cove and also somewhat borders Mumbai’s well-known skyline. It discusses some of the company’s main areas of interest, hijacking exercises and also places of excitement.
Distance from Mumbai Airport: 22 km
Entrance fees: Entrance is free.
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400004, India
Timing: always open
Insider Tips: In Mumbai, marine drive is also one of the best places to explore. This place is known as a source of inspiration for the artists, musicians and poets who come here. Spend time with your friends while sipping a cup of tea and looking out to sea in the distance.

2. Gateway of India (25 km from Bombay airport)

Gateway of India (25 km from Mumbai Airport)One of the city’s most distinctive landmarks, the Gateway of India was created in 1924 during the British Raj to celebrate the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary in Bombay. The structure marks the region as one of India’s main ports, which formally symbolized elements of British greatness. Located on the waterfront of Apollo Bunder, it is today one of the most popular tourist spots in Mumbai for people from all over the world who flock just for a glance at this monument.
Gateway to India is a landmark that designates major ports in India and is a remarkable vacation destination for guests who touch base in India in surprising ways. At one point, this landmark testified to the greatness of the British Raj in India. A popular spot with visitors these days, and this landmark attracts vendors, food stalls, and photography buffs. The death of the first battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry; was recorded as the main star which performed at the Gateway to India.
The India Gate design plan consists of a wide curve, 26 m high. The marker is worked in yellow basalt and insoluble cement. The basic layout of Gateway of India is described in the Indo-Buckwheat style.
Strengths: One can also discover clues of Muslim building styles attached to the structure of the pretentious building. The landmark focal arch measures approximately 48 feet in distance, with a total stature of 83 feet. Designed with multiform lattices, the 4 turrets are the remarkable components of the entire structure of the Gateway of India.
There are steps developed behind the curve of the entrance gate that invites the Arabian Sea. The landmark is set up so that one can see the vast expanse of blue blanket just ahead, welcoming and sending ships and visitors.
Distance from Mumbai Airport: 25 km
Entrance fees: Entrance is free.
Located At: Gateway of India is located at Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai
Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day of the week
Insider Tips: This time, while you are visiting and exploring Mumbai’s amazing picnic spot, don’t miss your chance to sample the local street food which is very popular here. Go for a walk near the amazing big gate and click on memorable photos with the gorgeous background like sunset.

3. Colaba Causeway Market (26 km from Mumbai Airport)

Colaba Causeway Market (26 km from Mumbai Airport)From cheap road clothes to trendy boutiques, this path, home to ancient structures of the British Raj, has it all. Colaba Causeway, also known as Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, is one of the best places in Mumbai for shopping and is a trade route, and a remarkable railway or land link between Colaba and the island. of the old woman in the city of Mumbai, India. While you can wander the trails and search for clothes, shoes, bags, and even gems in the most recent maps, you can also venture into one of the shops and take a look at great decorations, clothes, etc.
Truck dealers offer the newer form at disposable costs, which is what you would expect on balance. It’s always great to invest energy here; you never realize what you will find out. You can locate the “fixed rate” board made up of stores on the town side, but you have to know how to deal with it and keep the cost down. It looks like an extremely normal Indian bazaar. In case you investigate further, you can also get your name made from a grain of rice or have it engraved on a keepsake.
Highlights: With the adjacent walkway and the ocean holding your back, it can take a day’s work to shop for knick-knacks and shabby Indian antiques, all the mess of the urban Indian way of life.
Distance from Bombay Airport: 26 km from Bombay Airport
Entrance fees: no charge
Hours: Open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Location: Colaba Causeway Market is located at Bakery Ln, Army Area, Nofra, Colaba, Mumbai
Insider Tips: If you are looking for a good place to shop in Mumbai, Colaba Causeway Market is the place for you. Show your buying skills while trading here at the market and buy amazing products here. You can also taste Parsi, Sindhi, and European cuisine here.


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