The first thing that strikes your mind when you hear the word “summer” is vacation. As exciting as it may sound, picking out the world’s best summer vacation destinations for the perfect vacation is a tedious task in itself. That’s why we’ve done the homework for you and rounded up the best summer vacation destinations that will turn your international travel into an epic experience. From budget to luxury, you will find several options to choose from. We’ve got it all – North, South, East and West. So if you want to have one of the best summer vacations in the world, let the scroll begin!

5 best summer vacation destinations in the world

Here are the best summer destinations in 2021 to travel for an amazing summer vacation with your parents! Read on to find out more about all of these exciting places. So brace yourself, fasten your seat belts, and get ready for the roller coaster ride of the world’s best summer vacation destinations!

1. Greenland – More than a white land

Greenland – More Of A White LandMake your dream of visiting the Arctic Circle come true with a trip to Greenland, surely one of the best vacation destinations in the world. For a scenic boat trip, Greenland is the perfect location that will take you through various icebergs and allow you to have a refreshing encounter with walruses, whales and many other sea creatures. It will be one of the best vacation destinations in the world in the summer when this place has longer days and shorter nights, giving you more time to indulge in fun activities in broad daylight. So if you are looking for a perfect destination, count Greenland on your list as it is one of the best places to visit in June outside of India.
Tourist attractions: Try tobogganing.
Best time to visit: June to September
How to get there: Fly to Reykjavik in Iceland, then to Nuuk in Greenland.
Places to visit in Greenland: Ilulissat, Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq, Disko Bugt
Things to do: dog sledding, hiking, hiking and kayaking
Accommodation: Hotel Arctic, The Blue Guesthouse, Hotel Kulusuk and Hotel Hans Egede
Places to eat: Mamartut restaurant, Roklubben restaurant and Icefiord restaurant
Tips: Pack the correct amount of woolens and thermals.
Language spoken: Greenlandic
Currency: Danish Krone (DKK)
Suggested duration: 7-8 days

2. Cappadocia – The hot air balloons land

Cappadocia – The Land Of Hot-Air BalloonsThis wonderful city is known for its unique rock formations which have caves with ancient Islamic inscriptions. This place is perfect for a romantic honeymoon, a family trip or even a solo hiking adventure, mixed with the exotic culture and fascinating history of Turkey, making it one of the best tourist places to visit outside India in May. Cappadocia’s balloon-strewn sky isn’t the only thing that draws people here. You will also be amazed by its maze-like underground caves, cities and ravines that will make you want to stay here forever. Visit this beautiful place and find out why it is one of the best summer destinations in the world.
Tourist attractions: hot air balloon ride
Best time to visit: April to May
How to get there: Fly to Istanbul and take a bus or rental vehicle to Cappadocia.
Places to visit: Hasandağı, Pasabag, Pigeon Valley, Uchisar Castle
Things to do: Cave exploration, hiking, and hot air balloon rides
Places to stay: Cappadocia Hotel, Cappadocia Cave Suites and Cappadocia Caves Hotel
Places to eat: Cappadocian Cuisine, Inci Cave, Topdeck Cave
Tips: Take two bottles of water with you wherever you go to stay hydrated.
Language spoken: Cappadocian Greek
Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)
Suggested duration: 1 to 2 days
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3. London – Glare At The Big Ben Tower

London – Gape At The Big Ben TowerLondon is world famous for its wonderful summer climate, its strict British guards who stand in front of revered Buckingham Palace, and its delicious fish and chips that will have you coming back for more! There are many reasons why this is one of the best places to visit in May outside of India, but these are lovely festivals like St. Patrick’s Day, Pancake Day, and Beer Week. that take this awesomeness to a whole new level! There are a lot of fun things you can indulge in because there is a lot to do in London. Otherwise, you can just hang out in the bars and pubs around the city exploring the fun nightlife and you will know why this is one of the places to visit in summer outside of India.
Tourist Attractions: Pancake Day Festival
Best time to visit: March to May
How to get there: Fly to London Heathrow Airport.
Places to visit: Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London, Tower Bridge
Things to do in London: food tours, nightlife, shopping and sightseeing
Where to stay: Wellesley Hotel, Heston Hyde Hotel, Hilton London Tower Bridge, and Good Hotel
Places to eat: Sketch, Padella and Amrutha Lounge
Tips: wear a light jacket or cardigan.
Language spoken: English
Currency: British pound (GBP)
Suggested duration: 2-3 days

4. Prague – hub of Baroque buildings

Prague – Hub Of Baroque BuildingsAre you looking for some absolutely magical places to visit in May outside of India? Well, Prague has everything to make this dream come true! From the melodious tunes of the municipal house to the peace of the Spanish synagogue, everything in this city is worth seeing. Whether you choose to buy glass near the Old Town or go up to Vysehrad Castle, you will surely end up spending the time of your life! And the fact that it’s economical also makes it one of the best summer destinations to explore in Europe. In addition, the shops in Prague are worth a visit.
Tourist attractions: carriage ride near the old town
Best time to visit: May to September
How to arrive: Fly to Prague Airport and take the shuttle or taxi to reach the city.
Places to visit: Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral
Things to do in Prague: Shopping, hiking, museum visits and nightlife
Accommodation: Czech Inn, Hotel Carlton, Hotel NH Prague City and Park Inn Hotel
Places to eat: Taaj Palace – Indian restaurant, Bad Jeff barbecue and Mlynec restaurant
Tips: Convert your currency only in certified stores.
Language spoken: Czech
Currency: Czech crowns (CZK)
Suggested duration: 2-3 days

5. Marrakech – Admire the bucolic nature

Marrakech – Admire Bucolic NatureIf you want to experience the best of the Middle East without the loud crowds, you should head to Marrakech in Morocco, which has been considered one of the best summer destinations for all types of travelers. Famous for its unique blend of cultural diversity, this city has everything to make your summer vacation a memorable affair. You can choose to stroll through the Jemma el-Fna district, shop in colorful souks, and learn Morocco’s enchanting history in palaces and museums, among others.
Tourist attractions: camel rides in the desert
Best time to visit: March to May
How to get there: Fly to Marrakech
Places to visit in Marrakech: Jama El f’na market, Majorelle garden, Bahia palace, Koutoubia
Things to do: desert safari, food tours, heritage tours and shopping?
Accommodation: Riad Kasbah, Murano Resort, Hotel Sofitel and Barcelo Palmeraie
Places to eat: the red house, the local café, Al Fassia and Naranj
Tips: Remember to apply generous amounts of sunscreen before going out.
Language spoken: Arabic
Currency: Dirham (MAD)
Suggested duration: 3 days


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