1. Havelock Island

Havelock IslandHavelock Island is one of the main destinations of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is renowned for its pristine beauty which remains unmatched for the untouched and unexplored natural beauty and pristine forests of the earth. It is a striking contrast of verdant greenery, sandy whiteness and vast expanse of blue ocean. Due to its more than fair share of popularity among tourists and travelers, Havelock has developed luxury hotels and resorts to pamper guests living in intense natural beauty. Havelock is the largest of the islands and is one of the must-see destinations. A visit to Andamans would certainly be incomplete without a visit to Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach from Havelock Island. The sublime beauty of Radhanagar Beach combines with its perfect setting spread out against the pristine jungles. The background is filled with a thousand sounds of jungle animals and birds, and in places the secluded beach has ‘beware of crocodiles’ mark. These factors make Radhanagar Beach one of the most coveted destinations not only for Andamans but also for the world.
Snorkeling and scuba diving in Havelock under the guidance of expert trainers can turn into a lifetime experience. Observe the myriad of sea creatures, some still and some in motion, some peeping and some hidden, some iridescent and some camouflaged, some in groups of thousands and some guarding secluded and solitary shelters. Each turn in front of you, as you swim with the marine animals, confronts you with a new wonder.

2. Neil’s Island

Neil IslandNeil Island is another very scenic natural paradise with captivating white sand beaches and lush green forests. Neil Island is easily accessible from Port Blair or from Havelock via regular ferry services of various categories. Neil Island offers its own special appeal with popular beaches and crystal-clear waters that resonate with millions of teeming wildlife and exquisite corals. Neil Island was first inhabited in the late 1960s. Besides snorkeling and scuba diving, Neil Island also offers glass bottom boat rides for its guests who are not adventurous enough to enter the waters. but who would still like to enter the visually ecstatic world of corals and fish.
Relaxing on the beaches of Neil Island watching the magnificent sunsets and sunrises over the ocean is a delight. Neil Island is located in the Ritchie Archipelago and is an important member of the Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago.

3. Ross Island

Ross IslandRoss Island has a rich legacy of British heritage since the days when India was under British rule. It was named after British Marine Surveyor, Sir Daniel Ross. As you walk through the historical and architectural ruins, you are easily transported to the world of the pre-independence Indian era. Ross Island is definitely a must visit if you are in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Your stay on Ross Island becomes extremely interesting as you stroll through the church, hospital, bakery, press, swimming pool, troop barracks, ballroom, chief commissioner’s house and the government house of the British era. Rest in the shade of the palm-fringed beaches and watch the pipeline of waves crash onto the shores and look for deer, peacocks and ducks all around you. Ross Island is just 2 kilometers from Blair Harbor and can be easily reached by boat in fifteen minutes. This is a point covered during your stay in Port Blair.

4. North Bay Island

North Bay IslandNorth Bay Island gives an intense feeling of summer and sand. North Bay’s corals are exquisite and are spread over a long coastline over a vast expanse. Dive a bit to spot lobsters, clownfish families, stone fish staring at you from behind the corals. The experience is the right mix of thrills and fun for all divers, especially beginners.
Basking in the sun or exploring the island are equally captivating options. Besides snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, glass boat rides, and various water sports on offer at many of the other tourist-friendly islands here on North Bay Island, you have the option of being in a semi-submarine that takes you to the ocean. even reads without touching the water and gives you the virtual feeling of being underwater while you are amazed at the variety of sea creatures that this part of the Bay of Bengal is home to. The variety is endless and enough to make you stare with open eyes, don’t miss a single chance to see something pretty and wild and inside the belly of the ocean.
The natural beauty of North Bay Island is beyond description. The lighthouse peering over the verdant greenery has found its place in the 20 rupee note of Indian currency, not for nothing. This destination alluring charm is indeed special. It is easily accessible by boat from the Phoenix Pier in Port Blair. It takes just 15 to 20 minutes to reach North Bay Island.

5. Baratang Island

Baratang IslandThis exotic island is famous for its exquisite secluded beaches, mangrove coves, mud volcanoes and limestone caves – each of which is unique and worth a visit. The experience of mud volcanoes and limestone cave is so enigmatic that it is worth a look for adventurers and the brave at heart. Guides are provided and permission must be obtained from the Andaman Forest Department for limestone cave exploration.
Nilambur Pier on Baratang Island has boats for Nayadera Pier through wide creeks for about an hour and a half and after that the caves are a mile and a half on foot through tropical forests. To reach the hidden natural gems of Baratang Island, one must pass through the tribal dwellings of the Andamans. And the probability and all the notorious stories of the tribes attacking intruders or civilized guests make the visit to Baratang even more adventurous and thrilling. Baratang, despite all its notoriety, continues to attract a lot of travelers and tourists. People who visit this part of the archipelago have the chance to experience life.


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