It is amazing how many wonderful sites Siberia is proud of. Here is a list of the most fabulous areas. Take a look and check out the place on the internet. Once you have seen the photos, you will hardly be able to resist the temptation to visit Siberia.
Siberia is made up of several regions and each boasts something special and unique that is worth your admiration.

Ivolginsky Datsan

This place is located in the Republic of Buryatia. This is a site that attracts Buddhists from all over the world. Guess what other famous place you will be able to visit if you happen to come to Ivolginsky Datsan. Of course, we are talking about the legendary Lake Baikal located about 100 kilometers from the site. The temple has existed since 1945. It tells a lot about the history, religion and traditions of the region. Its architecture is no less impressive. This is where one of the Buddhist leaders known as Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov was buried. The body was once exhumed: the conditions were excellent as it was preserved in salt. After so many years the body still looks realistic and natural.

Putorana plateau

In Krasnoyarsky Krai you can see something that is not found anywhere else. The phenomenon we are talking about is known as the Putorana Plateau. The view is truly amazing and is reminiscent of another era. The name can be translated as “lakes surrounded by round banks”. It is particularly picturesque when viewed from a helicopter. There are huge terraces and gigantic steps. Visit the area of a thousand lakes and waterfalls.

Chara Sands

Zabaikalsky Krai is proud of its Chara Sands. The desert is gorgeous, especially for the fact that it is in the middle of a totally frozen wasteland all year round. There are snow covered mountains around. The desert is not spacious (5×10 square kilometers). However, the dunes themselves are huge. Plus, they keep changing. It’s even hard to tell how they look! You can get to the site from BAM or you can try the Baikal-Amur Mainline as well.

Pillars of Lena

In the Krasnoyarsky Krai you can see the Lena pillars. These natural structures are reminiscent of a Chinese stone forest or the Giants’s Causeway located in Northern Ireland. The pillars are older than 500 million years. They contain fossils and skeletons of bison, rhinos and mammoths. Some of the pillars are 100 meters high. They run for about 40 kilometers along the river. You can get close to the pillar if you take a boat ride. The closer you get to them, the more enigmatic and fabulous they appear. Remember to take pictures there aren’t many places where you can see such magnificent pillars.

Bay of the Golden Horn

Primorsky Krai is one of the most interesting regions. There are many reasons why you should visit it someday. Take, for example, the Bay of the Golden Horn. This is the namesake of the famous Turkish bay located in Istanbul. Looks like his twin. The difference is that it is based near the city of Vladivostok. The nearby Eastern Bosphorus is also a popular spot. We cannot fail to mention the bridge over 1,100 meters that recalls the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. In addition, there is a large university on Russky Island – the area is lively and charges you with energy.

Kronotsky volcano

Kamchatka is also included in the list. Siberia would never be as attractive as it is now without this wonderful area. Kamchatka is famous for its volcanoes. The mountains that breathe fire are spectacular. The best views are from the Kronotsky volcano which is as magnificent as Fujiyama. The Kronotsky volcano is more than 3,500 meters high. Getting to the crater is challenging: the mountain slopes are too steep for that. Kamchatka would like to invite you to see its Kronotsky National Park. It is never dull or boring as the region looks great all year round.