You can enjoy your occupation. Just make sure the area you work in is of interest to you. Some of the best jobs are probably related to tourism and travel. It is always fun to explore the planet and discover new countries, continents and cities.

It is rewarding to work for a travel agency: you not only make money for what you offer, but you turn your every day into a kind of adventure.

1. Volunteer work

In Asia there is a great demand for volunteers. Why not try something you’ve never done before? Do something selfless and make other people happier! Now you know it’s up to you. Asia is beautiful and you can choose from a variety of countries to go to. Most of the jobs offered are unpaid. However, you will be staying in a nice place that you will not have to pay for anymore you will eat exotic foods for free. During your volunteer work you will be able to visit nearby cities and even towns. Compared to other places, Asia is much cheaper and you won’t need too much money to survive there. Apply for volunteer work and travel to an Asian country such as Vietnam, China or Thailand.

2. Au pair

Au pair is another way to travel and see the world. This type of activity is practiced by young people who travel abroad for a variety of reasons. They may be interested in an au pair because they are looking for a job or an education. As a rule, you will be welcomed by a host family. Your mission will be to take care of the children and do the housework. You may be asked to teach the children your native language or to help them with their homework, meet them at school, and prepare a meal. Whether you are male or female, you can apply for an au pair position.

3. Freelance IT professional

Freelancers earn well. But writing isn’t the only way to make a living. If you are good at designing websites, you can also get rich very soon. Website designers are popular all over the world. You can choose a place where the cost of living is lower. We suggest you consider Asia or Eastern Europe.

4. Cruise ship worker

If you are a romantic person and want to experience what it is like to be on a cruise ship, you are welcome on board! People who work on cruise ships can make a lot of money. The number of positions to choose from is impressive. You can have a degree in engineering, hospitality, or retail. Casino dealers are also welcome to join the crew. So are other types of members who have experience in entertainment business.

5. TEFL teacher

English teachers are welcome in other countries. There they will be offered a whole range of institutions where they will teach the language. TEFL teachers can work in schools, colleges and universities. In most cases it is not necessary to have a diploma. It’s okay if English is your native language and you don’t have a linguistics degree. All it takes is a couple of years of work experience. English teachers are paid well and the employer will pay for the flight and accommodation.

6. Free walking tour guide

In the late 1990s, several smart tour guides began to realize they could make money by offering travelers the freedom to donate rather than buying a tour for a certain amount of money. Walking tours are required – most tourists want to walk around the most interesting places and see things. The more interesting your stories are, the more generous the people you work for. Visit one of the largest European cities and see how walking tour guides work. You will soon learn the main tips. Once back home, try to offer the same services to people who come to your city. Make sure your reputation is flawless. Be polite and friendly, as well as knowledgeable about where you take people.

7. Working Holiday Visas

If you are under 18 and not over 30, you can get a job abroad without seeking a sponsor for the job. These types of offers are available for people willing to spend six months or a year abroad doing some jobs in New Zealand, South Korea and Australia. You can also try to apply for a position in an EU country even if you are a US citizen.