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The Indiahikes team lead over 20,000 hikers each year and help make great treks in India. All the great treks in India have been discovered, the route changed or just brought to people’s attention by Indiahikes. Indiahikes is also a pioneer in bringing modern safety standards to Indian trekking. Today trekking in India is much safer thanks to the processes and equipment brought by Indiahikes.

Chadar – The Frozen Zanskar River Trek

The journey begins at the mountain town of Leh. The only way to reach Leh is by plane and it’s surrounded by snow giving it a complete white appearance. Snow-capped mountains can be seen from the flight as it descends to Leh, located 11,400 feet above sea level. The trek is on the Zanskar River which is frozen over during the winter. The preferred time to cross the ice would be in February. During this time, ice tends to be at its most stable state. The Frozen River Trek starts from the small village of Chilling from where the Zanskar River begins to freeze.

Region :- Ladakh (Leh)
Duration :– 8 Days
Grade :- Difficult
Max Altitude :– 11,100 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km :– 62 Kms.

The precautions include:

  • The trekker must be aware of the ice sheet conditions.
  • There may be cracks in the ice which should be avoided.
  • Finding places with a coating of snow is the best place to walk normally.
  • Slippery ice can be found on several sections as well and should be walked on with utmost care.
  • Cracks may suddenly appear under one’s feet and it is required to run to more solid footing immediately.

How to reach

Flying over miles and miles of snow-capped mountains will explain why it is impossible to reach Ladakh by road in winter. Jet Airways, Air India and Go Air operate daily flights (once a day) between New Delhi and Leh. However, if you are planning a trip to this part of the country, you should try to book your tickets well in advance. It could even reduce the prices that can be collected on the last booking. You will enjoy the flight as you would fly over many unspoiled areas and even some mountain ranges. The aerial view is simply fascinating and gives your visit a good start.

Where to stay




Gazing at Lake Goecha with its teardrop-shaped structure, the awe-inspiring awe of sunrises and sunsets, overcast of gigantic Himalayan snow, the breathtaking view of sixteen magnificent peaks visible from the top of Dzongri, the verdant Himalayan forest, its winding rivers, meadows, rhododendrons, the reasons to fall in love with the magnificent Goechala Trek are endless. For a trekker, it is a journey full of adventures where one can enjoy the adrenaline rush with its steep trails, bask in the beauty of nature and learn more about Sikkim, the land of serene beauty.

Region :– Sikkim
Duration :– 11 Days
Grade :- Moderate To Difficult
Max Altitude :- 15,100 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km :- 90 Kms.

Best Time For Trek

The best time to hit the hiking trails of Goechala is in the summer season between the months of April to June or much later in Autumn during September and October. From June end till beginning of September it’s better to avoid the track, as it is the monsoon time and landslides, slippery roads, muddy tracks is quite common making it difficult and dangerous to trek.

Who Can Go

  • Experience of any high altitude trek, at least 1 trek.
  • The climber must be fit and have sufficient stamina to cover 5 km of distance in 30 minutes without a stress.
  • A goods carrying benchmark relevant in this expedition, the climber should be able to carry a 10 to 15 kg expedition bag pack.
  • Heart problem, high blood pressure, asthma, and epilepsy cannot be reconciled on this mission. The climber must not have these conditions mentioned above.

How to Reach

New Jalpaiguri or NJP is a major railway station located in south west of sikkim. There are many long distance trains arrives or pass through the NJP station. You can choose to come to Kolkata and take one of the many trains to NJP. Flying to Bagdogra is another option that you can choose though flights to Bagdogra tend to be pricier than those to Kolkata. Most of the flight foremost metros in the country come here.

Trek Essential

  • Head torch with extra batteries – Hand torch an alternative
  • Sun Cap – Sunglasses
  • Identity proof (must)
  • Two Full Trekking Pants – Quick Dry Material
  • Two T-shirts – Full sleeves – Quick Dry Material
  • Wear dark coloured clothes
  • Walking stick advisable
  • Trekking shoes with good grip on wet rocks and Waterproof
  • Water bottle / Hydration bag 2 – 3 liters
  • Snacks – Energy bars – Dry fruits – Glucon D – Ors Powder
  • Glucon D / Energy bars
  • Personal Medical Kit – Please carry First Aid Kit
  • Please visit your Doctor before starting any outdoor trek or activity
  • Sunscreen cream – Hand sanitizer
  • Odomos
  • Rain Jacket – Poncho – Waterproof pants if you don’t want to get wet
  • Dry Bag or Plastic bag to keep clothes dry
  • Double pack your valuables / phones in plastic bags
  • Carry alternate phone or dry bag for phone and power-bank for charging
  • Heavy Rains are expected, so pack your bags accordingly to save them from getting wet


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