The Canton Tower is Guangzhou’s most important new building and will represent the 10 million inhabitants counting metropolis as a cool, progressive and exciting city. Guangzhou is now ready to host the Asian Games that will take place in November 2010. The world’s tallest TV tower – reaching 600m in height, is bypassing Toronto’s CN tower, and is hoped to attract 10 000 visitors daily.
The Tower was built using the latest engineering technologies, but inherits 2000 years of Canton Culture. It displays Guangzhou’s vision and determination to the world. The Tower offers an observation deck with a spectacular view, several top-notch restaurants and catering services, 5-star exhibition, convention and entertainment facilities. All these enable you not just to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Guangzhou, but also to experience the excitement of adventure at great heights.


Among its visitor facilities are restaurants and bars, a staircase that winds around the outside of its cylindrical core for more than 30 floors, and an open-air observation deck at the top of its 1,490-foot- (454-metre-) tall main structure.

Organic Concept

The structure consist of a open lattice-structure, built up from 1100 nodes and the same amount of connecting ring- and bracing pieces. Basically the tower can be seen as a giant 3 dimensional puzzle of which all 3300 pieces are totally unique. Architect Mark Hemel comments: “Recent State of the Art fabrication and computerized analysis techniques allow designers to create much more complex structures then ever before.


The idea of the tower is simple. The form, volume and structure is generated by two ellipses, one at foundation level and the other at a horizontal plane at 450 metres. These two ellipses are rotated relative to another. The tightening caused by the rotation between the two ellipses forms a ‘waist’ and a densification of material.

Canton Tower
Floor count 37 2 basement floors
Floor area 114,054 m2 (1,227,700 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators 9

Canton Tower can be divided into five zones according to the height, namely Zone E, D, C, B and A. Visitors can experience different joy inside the tower.

Zone E

  • Zone E, including the antenna, starts at 376 meters (1,233 feet). It contains the most excellent collection of entertainments in the tower. The ‘488 Lookout’, the highest outdoor observation deck according to the Guinness World Records, is located at the top at 488 meters (1,601 feet).
  • The Sky Drop 100-foot freefall, starting at 485 meters (1,591 feet), is the highest heart-stopping vertical free fall in the world. If you want a thrilling experience, it offers two styles: a traditional ‘Sitting Drop’ and a free-fall ‘Standing Drop’.
  • Bubble Tram is one of the most popular activities for visitors. The tram has 16 crystal sightseeing cabins revolving around the tower. It spins around the top of the main body of the tower at 455 meters (1,492 feet).
  • At the 109th and 110th floors of the Canton Tower is the Engineering Marvel Tour Hall, which can protect Canton Tower from hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • Star Observation Deck and Cloud Observation Deck are situated respectively on the 108th and 107th floors of Canton Tower. The Star Observation Deck is the highest place for indoor sightseeing. Visitors can enjoy the blue sky, white clouds and starry night with the world beneath their feet.

Zone D

With a height from 334 to 355 meters (1,095 – 1,165 feet) of the Canton Tower, Zone D has the ‘Spider Walk’, the longest spiral staircase in the world. There are 1,096 stairs climbing up around the tower from 168 to 334 meters (551 – 1,095 feet) high. The whole walkway is about 1,000 meters (1,093 yards) long. Visitors can see different scenes of the city in all directions. The entire floor is transparent to test people’s courage.

Zone C

It is also a sightseeing site, from 147 to 168 meters (482 – 551 feet).

Zone B

Zone B, between 84 and 116 meters and (275 – 380 feet), is mainly noted for its video show. From the 17th to 22nd floors, there is a large futuristic Jinyi 4D cinema. It has one 4D and two 3D screening halls and can accommodate more than 270 people for film viewing. Equipped with the most advanced facilities, these cinemas offer exciting viewing.

Zone A

Zone A is from 32 meters (105 feet) to ground-level. In this zone, visitors can enjoy 360-degree views of the Pearl River from the Outdoor Plaza on the second floor. The plaza is one of the best places to shoot the vast Pearl River scenery. In the Riverside Café, visitors can enjoy the cool breeze from the river and appreciate the beautiful scenery with family and friends.

How to go to Canton Tower

1. Take the metro line 3, get off at Canton Tower Station and get out from Exit A.
2. Take bus 11, 262, 468 or tour line 1, and get off at Guangzhouta Xi (Canton Tower West) Station.
3. Take bus 121a, 121, 204, 262 and tour line 2, get off at Zhujiang Dijingyuan Station and walk along Yiyuan East Road to find the East Square of the tower.
4. Take the tram from Wanshengwei Metro Station of line4/line8 straight to Canton Tower.
Opening Hours:
The opening hours of the tower are mainly from 09:30 to 22:30, and the ticketing time is from 09:30 to 22:00.


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