Most Peaceful Countries in the World

The study assesses world peace through three filters: safety and security in society, the extent of the ongoing national or international conflict, and the degree of militarization. The researchers looked at 23 qualitative and...

The Coolest Things To Do In Old Goa If You Are Visiting In February-March

An everlasting mystery lies in Old Goa, the district of 16th and 18th century architectural masterpieces spilling out onto the banks of the Mandovi River, including Asia's largest church and convent. Of the state’s...

World’s Great Mountains And Hiking

The tallest mountain in the world, Everest is probably beyond your reach unless you have perfect experience and $ 50,000 to spend. But you can still reach pretty impressive heights across the world with...

Manali – The Heart Of Himachal

Best Time To visit Climate How To Reach Places To Visit Things To Do Top Restaurants Best Places To Stay Shopping Manali is one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh...

Best Indian Places To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day by giving a greeting card and playing the guitar are the most boring things to do. It is best to visit any place and taste delicious food to celebrate this occasion....

Best Snowing Winter Destinations In India

We love all winters, curl up in the blanket, sip a cup of coffee, look out the window. But these are just normal things to do during winters. How about trying something new this...

Most Gourgeous Churches In India

Today, there are hundreds of churches across the country that are visited not just by Christians, but by people of all faiths due to their incredible architecture and the history and heritage associated with...

World Best Skydiving Places

Skydiving is one of the most intersting and adventurous activities you can do. Feel a sense of freedom, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, beat your fears and push your limits in one of...

No-Passport Required Destinations

Forgetting to renew your passport shouldn't stop you from going on a much-needed vacation. In fact, there are many beautiful destinations you can travel to without your US passport! From tropical paradises to incredible...

New Year’s Eve Destinations In India In Covid-19

The year has been a nightmare for everyone and people have been locked in their homes, But now is the time to rediscover yourself by visiting some beautiful places in India! The Covid-19 pandemic...

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