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Chennai or Madras as it was called before, on the Coromandel Coast, is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, a State of the Indian Sub continent. It is a major industrial, commercial, cultural, economic and educational centre of the Southern India. The Chennai District’s population is 46,81,087 [2011 census]. Chennai City is the sixth largest populated in Indian cities. It is known as the “Detroit of India” because many automobile industries are located here. The city also has a population of over 80,000 expatriates as per 2011 census.
There are many versions and legends as to how this city’s name kept changing from Madras and Chennai from time to time. Originally this city was called as Madras, from Madraspattinam during Nayakars rule. It was a fishing village situated to the north of the present Fort St. George. British bought the piece of land from the King of Vijayanagar and built the Fort St. George that houses today’s Secretariat complex of Government of Tamil Nadu. British retained the name as Madrasapattinam, though the locals called it as Chennapattinam. A Legend also says, this city was first named Chennai in honour of Damal Chennappa Nayakkar. In 1996, the then ruling Government of Madras, renamed it as Chennai and it stands good till date.
Beautiful Beaches, One day leisure outlets, Modern Sea Port and Airport, Long and beautiful Highways, Convenient multi-Transport system, Theme parks, Industrial cities, Hi –Tech software silicon valley parks, Sophisticated Multi Speciality Hospitals, World Class Universities, High Rise Business and Residential complexes are the present days outlook of the great Chennai, most sought after by the people of all walks of life from all parts of the world.

Best Time To Visit

The cultural capital of the south, Chennai is a complete treasure of tourist attractions. The beautiful city has a lot to offer, from beaches to temples and historical monuments. The best time to visit the place is from October to February. The weather remains pleasant during this time. It is the best time to travel around the place and step out for sightseeing.


Chennai in Summers (March- May)

Chennai experiences very hot and humid weather during the summer season. The days are too hot and heat is almost unbearable. Gentle breeze flows in the evening. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing at Marina Beach and Besant Nagar Beach. Also, you can shop at the Chennai Malls such as The City Center, Gold Mall and Spencer Plaza.

Chennai in Monsoons (June- August)

Chennai welcomes the monsoon season in June and it lasts till August. The place receives heavy rainfall during the season. The rains bring in some relief after the hot summers. Enjoy the season with sightseeing at attractions such as San Thome Church, Dakshinachitra, Birla Planetarium, Jagannath Temple and Kalikambal Temple.

Chennai in Winters (November- February)

The winter season begins with the coming of November and it ends with February. The temperature during this time ranges between 19°C and 27°C. The weather remains warm and pleasant during this season which is perfect for sightseeing. Seek blessings at Devi Karumariamman Temple, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Parthasarathy Temple and Mangadu Kamakshi Temple. You can also enjoy fun activities at the Kishkinta Theme Park.

How To Reach

How to reach Chennai by Air

Nearest Airport : Chennai International Airport, Chennai

Chennai international airport is 7 kilometres away from the Chennai city. This is the 3rd busiest airport in India. Frequent domestic as well as international flights arrive here. Anna terminal receives international flights from various major cities in the world. Kamaraj terminal, which is at a distance of 150 metres from the Anna terminal, has domestic flights connecting Chennai with major Indian cities.

How to reach Chennai by Rail

Chennai Central and Chennai Egmore are the main railway stations in the city receiving regular trains from various major cities of India such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata etc.

How to reach Chennai by Road

City is well connected with other cities in India with a decent road network. Various national highways from Chennai connect with Bengaluru (330km), Trichy (326km), Puducherry (162km) and Tiruvallur (47km). One can use car rental services or state transport buses to solve the purpose of how to reach Chennai. There are various buses operating from other cities to Chennai like Bangalore to Chennai Bus, Calicut to Chennai bus service etc.

Best Places To Visit

1. Covelong Beach

The Coromandel coast in the proximity of Chennai is blessed to have Covelong Beach on its laps that shines brightly under the sun and stars due to plenty of activities it offers to its travelers. Known for its serene beauty of the surroundings, this beach was once a major port for the ships on the voyage.

: Apart from providing pristine natural beauty studded with a line of palm trees, the beach has a closeness to ancient monuments like forts, churches and mosques and of course, the ancient town of Mahabalipuram as one definitely comes across this Covelong or Kovalam beach while on the way to Mahabalipuram. Also, crocodile farm is also a major attraction to the people here.

: Covelong Beach has been a rising star in terms of providing activities like watersports with windsurfing and swimming as the highest chosen option. In fact, people opt for Beach camping with the bonfire in the sands here. At the same time, this place is most popular for fishing and this activity has been going from generations while attracting thousands every day.

: 40 km from Chennai
South of Chennai
Best time to visi
t: November to March

2. Marina Beach

India’s largest beach is right around the corner when one is in Chennai. With an extent from Fort St. George to Besant Nagar, the beach is lined with up palm trees. A view when sky and water meet at both the ends is just visible right in front of the eyes when one stands at the shores.
Attractions: An old lighthouse stands on the southern end of Marina along with several other structures like an aquarium, a swimming pool and a park nearby. The sunrise here is a classy example of breathtaking beauty.
Activities: Entertaining activities are lined up when you are taking a stroll on the sands. The food stalls serve delicious seafood at optimum prices. At the same time, pony rides, beach games, and kite flying activities are also present to make your evening relaxing.
Location: Within the city of Chennai
Best time to visit: November to March
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3. Mahabalipuram

Also known as Mamallapuram, it is one of the best places to visit near Chennai. Mahabalipuram is an ancient place known for rock-cut built-up architecture with extensive carvings that will just awestruck anyone.
Attractions:The iconic Shore Temple, among the oldest temples of South India, is carved out of a large block of granite. A short distance from this place of worship is ‘Descent of the Ganges’ or‘ Arjuna’s Penance’. Among the world’s biggest bas-reliefs, it depicts the story of the descent of the River Ganges from Heaven to Earth.
‘Pancha Rathas’ or the five chariots are again carved out of a single rock and are dedicated to the Pandavas along with one dedicated to their wife. Don’t forget to notice Krishna’s Butterball as this rock is hanging on a sloping floor and won’t fall even if anyone wants it to.
Activities: Explore and observe the fine sculptures of the various monuments standing in Mahabalipuram. The drive from Chennai to Mahabalipuram along the seashore is quite an experience too. The beach at this tourist place near Chennai is also ideal for spending a day just lounging on the sand, relaxing and clicking perfect shots with friends and families.  A perfect getaway is right next to Chennai at this royal place.
Location60 km from Chennai
Best time to visit: November to March

4. Sri Parthasarathy Temple

The temple is an old sculpture dedicated to Lord Krishna and is placed comfortably in the city of Chennai. Known for its historic presence, Sri Parthasarathy temple has its own charm with gopuram rising high and studded with carved sculptures in beautiful and bright colors topped with ‘amalkas’.
The temple is easily noticeable from distance and hence attracts hundreds of devotees and tourists at the same time.
Timings:4 am to 11:30 pm
Entry Fee:None
Photography: Allowed

5. Birla Planetarium

Want to be on moon and stars at an affordable cost? Well, Chennai has Birla Planetarium, situated near Anna University waiting to generate the gist of Science amongst the young minds.
Attractions: The planetarium runs regular audio-visual programs on astronomy that amazes its visitors. Apart from this, it also exhibits programs on Solar System, Cycle of Stars, Sky and Seasons, Comets and Man on the Moon.
Also, Science Park, Traffic Park, and Science on Wheels are the special highlights of Science Centre which are of special interest for young visitors and hence, it is one of the best things to do in Chennai.
Timings:10 am to 5:45 pm
Entry FeeINR 40 for adults, INR 25 for children
PhotographyNot Allowed

6. Elliot’s Beach

Though a less crowded beach than Marina, Eliot has its own catch. Now named at Besant Nagar Beach, it attracts people because of the serene beauty and clean brown sands.
Attractions: The Schmidt Memorial is a huge draw of Elliott Beach which was built in remembrance of a Dutch sailor, Karl Schmidt. This white built-up has given an extra tip to the beach for recognition.
Apart from that, on the southern side, the famed AshtaLakshmi Temple and Velankanni Church are present, popular among the residents of Chennai.
Distance: 10-15 km from Chennai
Location: South of Chennai
Best time to visit: November to March

7. San Thome Church

The sparkling vast white structure of San Thome stands on the tomb of St Thomas. This place is definitely an important one in religious terms but doesn’t fail to attract travelers from all over Chennai. This monument is one of the best places to visit in Chennai as it reminds us of the colonial past relations that Indians had.
Attractions: A nostalgia will arise within when this church is viewed from inside out. From stained glass panes of the windows, sitting statue of St Thomas, museum, library, shops that sell candles and flowers are one of the classy additions in the monument. The highest tip embarked with Cross and sloping red roof is totally catchy when viewed from outside.
Timings: 6 am to 8 pm

8. Kapaleeshwar Temple

The unique architectural style, in-depth detail of gopuram and temple head and the magnificent height of around 37 meters are what makes this temple best place to visit in Chennai. The Dravidian style of temple construction is most famous in cities of South India and Kapaleeshwar temple is a live example of the same.
Attractions: The temple is home of deities Shiva and Karpagambal, holds a festival in the months of March and April while attracting thousands of devotees in its premises. Asl, a huge tank filled with water is another catchy place having a religious value as well as was used as a store of water in historical times.
Location: Within Chennai city
Timings: 5:30 am to 12 pm, 5-9 pm
Entry FeeNone

9. Thousand Lights Mosque

Since the architecture has a special corner in the heart of Chennai, Thousand Lights Mosque stands tall in this list. The place has got its name because of a special feature i.e. a total of 1000 oil lamps light up the hall of the mosque. Imagine the beauty!!! Also, it is one of the biggest mosques in the country.
These magnificent domes give a home to a large space used to offer prayer to God. Along with this, a separate hall is made for women also to pray in this calm and serene space.
Timings: 5:30 am to 9 pm
Entry Fee: None
PhotographyNot allowed

10. Fort St. George

History of India with British is a fact that can’t be changed. And the live example standing in front is Fort St. George. During the British rule, it was made as a center point for official purposes but now encompasses St. George museum with paintings, coins, silverware, arms, porcelain, and documents.
Also, it has given space to historic monuments of St. Mary’s church under its cloud. The Flagstaff at the Fort is one of the tallest structure in the country.
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm (except Friday)
Entry FeeINR 100 for foreign tourists and INR 5 for Indian visitors (only the museum)

11. Connemara Public Library

Libraries are definitely storehouse of books but Connemara library has its unique style of placement of books and flanked broad arches which makes it stands apart from others. Constructed in the late 19th century, Connemara library is a treasure house of centuries-old publications.
With a collection of over 600,000 books, it is one of Asia’s largest libraries. Be it avid readers or scholars doing research work, one could easily get lost in this enchanting world of books as they immerse themselves in their favorite activity.
Timings: 9 AM to 7.30 PM
Entry Fee: None
Photography: Allowed

12. Nettukuppam

An age-old rusty bridge with its head pointing in the sea is what Nettukuppam is all about. The feeling of self-placement in high waves could be felt at this bridge where one can sit with their legs hanging down.
For the photography enthusiast, this is like a double treat where one can click some memorable pictures. This is one of the most famous beaches in Chennai which is visited by a huge number of people all around the year.
Distance: 24 km from Chennai
Location: Northernmost tip of Chennai
Advice: The bridge piers are not advised to explore in the morning due to high tides.

13. Guindy National Park and Snake Park

The city life has a special edition of a variety of species and is the only national park situated in the middle a city. Guindy has many birds, animals, and reptiles as its residents. The visitors can treat their eyes with the presence of blackbucks, spotted deer, jackals, tortoise etc.
The snake park is home to cobras and pythons, while the birds found here include partridge, quail, flycatcher, and buzzards. This place is surely one of the best places to visit in Chennai that make anyone forget the regular city life.
Timings: 9 am to 5:30 pm
Entry Fee: INR 20 for adults, INR 5 for children
Photography: Allowed, INR 20 for the camera and INR 100 for Handycam

Historical Tourist Places in Chennai

14. Vellankani Shrine

This grand monument stands off the Elliot’s Beach and gives a totally different aura to the whole zone. The pristine white structure of the church having tall towers stands overlooking the Bay of Bengal and is visited by thousands of solace-seekers every day.
One can also attend the mass prayer conducted both in Tamil and English. Annai Vailankanni Shrine has a charm unparalleled amongst the surroundings.
Timings5 am to 9 pm
Entry Fee: None

15. Madras High Court

When in Chennai, one can’t miss an opportunity to visit Madras High Court. Madras High court is one of the highest courts in India. The court exercise original jurisdiction over the whole city. While you are at the court, get amazed by the majestic architecture of the building.
The red built-up under the blue sky is very catchy. And decorated ceilings in the interior with the stained glasses are in itself a masterpiece here. The tallest tower in the center of the building gives a gist of Dravidian Architecture which was used in ancient temples of South India.
Distance2.9 km from Chennai
Timings: 10 AM- 5:45 PM
Location: The court is located at N Fort Rd, Parrys, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

16. Mylapore

The exotic destination with a distinct culture in the neighborhood of Chennai is Mylapore. Known for tree-lined avenues, Kapaleeswarar temple, and Ramakrishnan Math as famous attractions, the zone has a combination of thousands of temples, churches, and mosques on its land. San Thomas Basilica and Adi Kesava Perumal Temple have their prominence stand tall. Known as the oldest residential area this place is historically known as Vedapuri.
Attractions: Apart from the Architecture, the major cultural addition here is music sabha and the musicians. In the month of December, many sabhas are organized to revive the age-old culture of playing music in a group. Also, Mylapore food has its own smell and fragrance of its delicious cuisines.
Distance: 8 km from Chennai city
Location: Mylapore is located south of the British built city Chennai.
Best time to visit: October to March

17. Vivekanandar House

A place to get inspired and relish a totally new knowledgeable experience will bring any individual to Vivekananda House where they can get a good tour of Swami Vivekananda’s life.
Attractions: His utmost significant teachings can be received by visiting the gallery, meditation room, and Vivekananda Park. This historic place houses a permanent exhibition on Indian Culture and Swami Vivekananda’s life and will give a positive vibe when one is on its tour.
This place is one of the best places to visit in Chennai as Swami Vivekananda spent few days at this place after his return from West.
Distance5.6 km from Chennai
LocationVivekanandar House is located at Kamaraj Salai(Marina beach road), Neelam Basha Durgapuram, Near Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Open time:10:00 AM- 12:30 PM, 3:00 PM- 7:30 PM

18. Royapuram Fishing Harbour

This harbor attracts many people to spend some time in leisure while shopping in one of the biggest fish markets. This amazing harbor can accommodate about 575 fishing boats and one can view fishermen catching for their daily needs even bustling in the nights.
The place offers one of the best photographic locations while fishermen throw their nets, pile up the fishes and organize them in local markets. The best thing about this place are the people who shout at the top of their voice trying to be the best bidder.
Distancee: 6 km from Chennai.
LocationThe harbor is located at the north of the Chennai Port and is under the administrative control of the Chennai Port Trust.
Photography: Allowed.

19. Besant

Located on the East Coast of Bay of Bengal and bounded by Thiruvanmiyur to the South lies this amazing place Besant.
Attractions: On a vacation or a day out, this option can be kept high on the list because of attractions like Elliot’s beach in the basket. For those, who love to visit religious places, this is a double treat as they can visit the Annai Velankanni Church and the Ashtalakshmi Temple along the shore which is very famous among the people of Chennai.
Named after the famous personality Annie Besant this place is best known for its serene and tranquil setting which attracts visitors from all over the world.
Distance:The distance from Chennai to Besant is 13.5 km
Location: Besant is located on the east coast of Bay of Bengal.

Places to Visit with Family & Kids

20. Arignar Anna Zoological Park

A little away from the city center, Arignar Zoological park is a home to more than 500 species of wild beings where some of which are endangered.
Attractions: An aviary, lion safari, deer safari, and an elephant safari form the most popular sections of the zoo. Apart from this, a separate section for nocturnal animals could be reached too. An aquarium, butterfly house, reptile house, amphibian house, crocodile enclosure are part of the premises which makes it one of the best places to visit in Chennai.
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm (except Tuesdays)
Entry Fee: INR 30 for adults and INR 10 for children between 5-12 years
PhotographyAllowed, INR 25 for camera and INR150 for a handycam.

21. Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga Park is a botanical garden in the Chennai city covering an area of over 20 acres. With family and friends, this place can be visited to explore the exotic and rare flora and fauna. Not just this, medicinal herbs are also found here and we know, how much they matter to all of us.
Attractions: Visitors can relax on the park grounds that are subdivided into the rock garden, butterfly garden, fern garden, sunken garden and many more themed gardens on its laps. The sights of natural beauty with ducks swimming in ponds, dancing lights, and well-maintained tree lines energize anyone with fresh air and breath of flowers.
Timings: 10 am to 8 pm (except Tuesday)
Entry Fee: INR 15 for Adults, INR 10 for Children(Below 10 yrs)

22. Crocodile Bank

Started as a research station and conservation center, the bank is first in Asia for crocodile breeding. The Crocodile Bank even houses alligators, gharials, muggers,  snakes, sea turtles and water birds in its premises.
In all, there are around 2500 creatures within the boundaries of the Bank and one can spot crocs as well as gharials basking themselves on the edge of the water body during the day. There is also a souvenir shop where one can purchase books and memorabilia related to these reptiles including the famous research and awards.
Distance: 40 km South of the Chennai
Timings: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (except Monday)
Entry Fee: INR 35 for adults, INR10 for children below 10
PhotographyAllowed, INR 40 camera and INR 100 for the video camera

23. Dakshina Chitra

Also known by the term ‘Living-history museum’, the museum is built in order to explain the historical aspects of Tamil culture to the present generation. Built in an area of 10 acres, DakshinaChitra is a small village has been recreated using replicas of traditional South Indian houses dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries.
Attractions: The exhibition has a plethora of living beliefs of art, folk performing arts, craft, and architecture of India and in particular of South Indian traditions. From a typical Tamil house to basic utensils, a fisherman’s life to various fabrics is all depicted in the museum. Regular events of classical dances and musical concerts also take place to attract the tourists.
Distance: 25 km South of the Chennai
Timings10 am to 6 pm (except Tuesday)
Entry FeeINR 100 for adults INR 30 for children between 5-12 and INR 250 for foreign visitors
Photography: Allowed

24. MGM Dizzee World

Dizzee World is an amusement located in the city with a themed style to attract its visitors, from young to old. With several thrilling rides like spider spin, roller coaster, the funny mountain, the place also has an amphitheater for performances. The water park in the premises has a wave pool apart from many other rides and slides and magnetizes hundreds every day.
Timings: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays, 10:30 am to 7:30 pm on weekends and holidays
Entry Fee: INR 799 for adults (with food), INR 577 for kids (food included), INR 550 for adults, INR 450 for kids
Photography: Allowed

25. Cholamandal Artist Village

This artists’ commune is a platform for the resident painters and sculptors to showcase their creations to the visiting guests. This place is actually famous for bringing modernity in the artistic creation.
Attractions: The well-decorated interiors are embarked with interesting art and craft with two galleries, an open-air theatre, a bookstore and a craft shop in the premises. For people interested in aesthetics, they can enjoy the work of artists in a serene ambiance surrounded by optimum vegetation around the village.
Distance: 9 km from Chennai
Timings: 9 am to 6:30 pm
Entry FeeINR 20 for adults and INR 5 for children
Photography: Allowed

Best Things To Do

1. Catch the Sunrise at Elliots Beach

Elliots beach is THE hangout place for every age. Located in Besant Nagar, it’s one of the cleanest beaches in whole of South India; you can sync with nature, gaze at the sea and catch a sunrise in peace. The beach boasts of the best walk path, numerous food joints close to its sandy shores and also a unique blend of historical temples, churches and monuments which makes this place even more fascinating. The Karl Schmidt memorial which is iconic to Chennai in most movies sits right on this beach.

2. A fun day out at MGM Dizzee World

MGM is synonymous with high-energy entertainment and as one of the largest theme parks thrills over one million eager customers every year. The rare attractions in these parks have been handpicked from among the most scintillating experiences the world over. These parks boast of exhilarating rides while adhering strictly to international safety standards. Apart from the world-class rides it houses a breathtaking amphitheatre that hosts and projects a variety of events. One will also discover the popular Marryworld – a unique children’s world within the Dizzee World.

3. Get booked at the Anna Centenary Library

From the time it was inaugurated in 2010, the Anna Centenary Library (ACL) has been a home away from home for students, academicians, book lovers and others alike. One of the biggest libraries in Asia ACL, across is 9 floors, has a Braille Section, Own Books Reading Section, Children Section, Periodicals and Newspapers Section, Tamil books Section and English Books Section. In addition, the library has a Conference Hall that can facilitate 150 members. There are summer camps for kids and special literary events on saturday evenings.With its air conditioned halls, comfy seats, Wifi facility and calm environment , the ACL is a boon for book lovers and students preparing for competitive exams.

4. Take in the sculpted wonders at Mahabalipuram

Mamallapuram / Mahabalipuram or simply Mahabs is a shore town about 60kms from Chennai, and is a declared UNESCO site for its stone carved heritage wonders. The drive on the East Coast Road towards ‘Mahabs’ is an experience by itself. Get wild, choose a motorbike over the car, and you’ll be happy you did. The various architectural wonders Shore Temple, Arjuna’s Penance, Pancha Rathas, Krishna’s Butterball leave you awed. Enjoy the oceanfront , stuff yourself with some splendid fresh seafood and buy some seashell/granite artefacts to take home. The kiddos would be awed with nature’s wonder at the Seashell Museum.

5. Mylapore Musings at Kapaleeshwar Temple

Built in the 7th century , the Kapaleeshwarar Temple displays Dravidian architecture and boasts of magnificent multicoloured gopurams, huge mandapams, various shrines and a tank in the west. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is symbolised as a peacock (mayil), the temple gives the area its original name, Mayilapura, the “Town of the Peacocks”. The temple is the centre of activity with maamis dressed in their vibrant saris, maamas murmuring shlokas, youngsters offering prayers and kids running around the premises. The temple is best experienced either early mornings or mid-evenings. The spiritual high is achieved during the festival seasons, especially the arabathi-muvar festival. Mylapore is considered synonymous to Kailasa, and rightfully so. And do explore the numerous shops selling pooja items, taste the keerai vadai at the famous Karpagambal Mess/ eatery named after the temple’s goddess and wash it down with kalathi stall rose milk.

6. Sabha hopping and snack popping during Music Season

Chennai at the end of the year is pleasant with chillness and music in the air. The Chennai Margazhi Music season was started way back in 1927, as an event to commemorate with the founding of Madras Music Academy in the month of December. This culture was adopted by various other sabhas that hold art festivals in different parts of the city. While the The six week festival earlier was purely classical consisting of Carnatic music concerts, harikathas and lecture demonstrations it has now expanded to hosting dance, drama and several non-Carnatic art forms as well. Catch your favourite artist on stage and also sample the concert hall’s special canteen menu. They actually go hand in hand!

7. Boating at Muttukaadu

Muttukadu Boat House is a water sport facility on the East Coast Road at Muttukadu, offering rowing, wind surfing, water skiing, and speedboat riding. It is a backwater area of the Bay of Bengal located 36 km from the city centre and 23 km from Adyar on the way to Mamallapuram. The boathouse was has 15 row boats, 27 speedboats and 9 pedal boats, besides two high-speed aqua scooters. The water depth varies between 3 ft and 6 ft. It is owned and operated by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC). The boating spot receives more than 4,000 visitors every weekend.

8. Morning Walks at Marina Beach

Marina Beach is a natural urban beach in Chennai along the Bay of Bengal. The beach runs a distance of 6.45 km (4.01 mi),making it the longest natural urban beach in the country and one of the world’s longest beaches. Marina tugs at people’s hearts with its frolicking waves and easy charm. The beach comes alive at dawn with the health conscious walkers. Sports enthusiasts find Marina Beach a fantastic locale to train.The memorials and statues, morning walk, joggers’ track, lovers’ spot, an oval-shaped skating arena, aquarium, and the like make it a hangout for people of all ages. Kite flying and beach cricket are common activities at the beach. Marina also witnesses many public gatherings and rallies.

9. Trade Fair at Island Grounds

The Island is an artificially created river island on the Coovum River and the Island grounds host the Tourism and Trade Fair every year from end Dec- early March. Fairs are an attraction to people of all ages and this fair is a fantastic family outing. The children train, aquarium, snow cave, ghost house, 3D theatre, mirror house, carnival games, live shows, shopping and food stalls make the fair attractive and enjoyable to all. One can also visit the stalls by many state & and central government departments to learn about the welfare measures and development programmes undertaken by the Government. Don’t miss trying the Mega size appalam with the chilly powder topping!

10. Go Trekking

Chennai being a coastal capital city offers many scenic drives, sightseeing, adventure activities and many trekking options too. Many organizers offer trekking based on level of difficulty, length of trip and place of choice. There’s no mountain high enough – so conquer it!

11. View Poetry at the Architecture at Valluvar Kottam

Valluvar Kottam is a chariot shaped monument built and named after the famous Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar. A life size idol of Thiruvalluvar has been installed in the giant 35 meter chariot that also depicts several inscriptions of his work from Thirukkural, the best of Thiruvalluvar’s work .The short writings of him are inscribed in the front hall corridors. There is also an auditorium which can accommodate 4,000 people. People who are experience seekers, history buffs and photo fanatics must visit the monument.

12. Fun Rides at Queens Land

Queens Land is one of the nicest amusement parks in the city that will engage and excite you for an entire day. Spreading over 70 acres, the theme park offers a total of 51 fun rides including both water and land rides.Free fall down a height of 150 feet, crash into cars and splash through water on twisters and slides are some of the major attractions. It’s a splendid place for group outings and to spend a fun day with family and friends. Open all days except Mondays.

13. VGP Universal Kingdom

Way back in 1975, when ‘Amusement Parks’ and ‘Theme Parks’ were hitherto unheard of in India, the founders of VGP set about creating a unique entertainment idea that was very popular only in countries abroad and the ‘VGP Golden Beach’ was born. Re-christened in 1997 as ‘VGP Universal Kingdom’, the Kingdom remains India’s largest theme park and is a thriving hub of fun, sun and sparkling good times!The park is spread out over a massive 45 acres of beautiful property, complete with a private beach. It homes to 45+ scream-out-loud rides, a huge Water Park complete with massive slides that drop into 5500 gallons of swirling water, and an array of exhibits including the Snow Kingdom, the Petting Zoo, and the Statue Man (side note, there’s a bounty to be won if you can get him to move). All of it set against a backdrop of lush greenery and the azure sea. Truly the kingdom of Fun!

14. Accessories Shopping and some more at Pondy Bazaar

You want jimikki kammal or comfortable slippers? Are you in search of that perfect duppata that would jazz up that well worn, dear outfit? Don’t forget to bargain for the dozen bangles, bindis and hair clips. Also checkout the ever favourite In-Store, Naidu Hall and Poonam and in between get mom’s sari matched to the perfect blouse material at Colour’s Choice and dad’s coffee-beans ground perfectly at Pandian Coffee. Pondy Bazaar is an everyday exhibition that keeps everyone grinning – you can find anything and everything on one street. Sip that strong brew at Geetha Cafe or grab a slurpy softy and it’s already time for the next round of shopping.

15. Heritage Tour to Fort St. George

Historically famous as White Town, the fort is considered to be the first establishment of the British in India. Initially erected as a trading post, it later served as the origin of the modern Indian Army. The fort holds great historical importance, gives a glimpse of Old Madras and its Colonial era and is looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India.Currently the Fort is home to the the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. One of the most striking structures the Fort St George Museum showcases a host of artefact such as coins, medals, paintings, letters, etc, belonging to the colonial period. A hotspot for the history enthusiasts, it also consists of several well decorated halls that will remind you of the glorious days of a bygone era.

16. Get spooked at De Monte Colony

Calling all bravehearts to venture out after dark. Built by John De Monte back in the 19th century, this entire colony with ten identical houses is haunted by his spirit . Located near bustling St.Mary’s Road, Demonte Colony in Chennai seems to be lost in time. People say that they hear strange noises, locked and bolted doors opening and closing and mysterious shadows on the street. There have been instances of pets and also security guards going missing. Old, branched trees , spooky houses and a shabby look add up to the haunted air of De Monte Colony. Recently, a Tamil horror movie was also released based on the mysterious story of this place.

17. Dine at a Themed Restaurant

Gone are the days when a restaurant was just for eating. Now every dining out experience is a cherishable memory. Chennai has a whole range of themed restaurants that not just offer great food and good service but also a themed ambiance to boast.Get nostalgic at That Madras Place, be transformed to wonderland at MadHatter’s Tea Garden, dine inside an airline at 747, cycle away at Ciclo Cafe, be Haunted or get arrested at Kaidi Kitchen.

18. Trip to Tada Falls

At a distance of 92 km from Chennai, Tada falls or Ubbalamadugu Falls is in Chittoor district, on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Best season to visit Tada falls is post monsoon season that is from October to January. The falls are located in a dense forest called Siddulaiah Kona. The falls are located within the Kambakam hills and are a popular destination for trekking, climbing and picnicking. Total trek distance is around 10km; to and fro takes all day. The dense forest, small streams, big rocks and the waterfall here is a total package for adventure enthusiasts.Best to start early and be back to base camp before sunset.

19. Evening jog at Anna Nagar Tower Park

There are at least about 500 people walking, stretching, jogging or just sitting on the park benches even during the wee hours of the day at Anna Nagar Tower park. The energy is contagious and you suddenly feel like jogging or even better walking backwards like the others. The park opens at 4am, is well maintained and houses an amphitheatre, a bird watching deck, badminton courts, play area for kids, a skating rink, a toilet block and a lake. The famous tower inaugurated in 1968 during the World Trade Fair. You could see the entire city of Madras from the top. People would even come from suburbs to get a bird’s eye view of the city.A 15-feet-tall gigantic clock is the new attraction at the 46-year-old Anna Nagar Tower Park.

20. Nature walk at IIT-M

Want to hear birds chirping? Head to the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras(IIT-M). IIT-M is ever known for the minds at work but also their ever green beautiful grounds puts the mind at ease. IIT is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts. The campus was originally part of Guindy National Park and the vegetation here is the tropical dry evergreen and so the trees don’t shed leaves.There are about 300 plant species, 50 species of butterflies and 100 varieties of birds. Several spotted deer have also been introduced to the premises. The lake at IIT-M balances the eco system and is a great sport for bird watching. Prakriti, the nature club of IIT-M preserves the distinctive bio-diversity of IIT-M. They also organize nature walks, bird –watching and trekking expeditions.

21. Enjoy Art at Cholamandal Artists Village

The Cholamandal Artists’ Village is an idyllic place located on 10 acres of land, about nine km from Adyar, Chennai – along the New Mahabalipuram road. Being India’s largest self-supporting artists’ village and one of the most successful in Asia, this beautiful village is truly a magnum opus of contemporary art. It is equipped with all that is needed for an arts village, esp. the open-air theatre Bharathi that is used for holding discussions and conferences. It has earned reputation world over and is now, one of the major tourist attractions in the Coastal city. The Cholamandal Centre for Contemporary Art will be a standing exhibition comprising of personal contributions from artists of the ‘Madras Movement’, to be displayed in the K.C.S.Paniker Museum in its two wings – the D.P.Agarwal wing and the Rasika Kothari wing. An international sculpture garden surrounds the main Centre. Additionally, two commercial galleries, Labernum – H.K.Kejriwal wing and Indigo – the Tulsyan wing, an art book shop, a craft shop and an exotic cafeteria are some of the facilities that would be available.

22. Heritage trip to DakshinaChitra

DakshinaChitra is an exciting cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India. The main mission is to exhibit, promote and preserve aspects of the broader, more inclusive cultures of the states and to bring these arts to the public in a participative, enjoyable and engaging way. DakshinaChitra Heritage Museum , a project of Madras Craft Foundation an NGO was opened to the public on December 14th 1996. The Museum is located overlooking the Bay of Bengal, at Muttukadu, twenty five kilometers south of Central Chennai, on the East Coast Road to Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India. DakshinaChitra has a collection of 18 authentic historical houses with contextual exhibitions in each house. All the houses bought and reconstructed at DakshinaChitra had been given for demolition by their owners. The authentic homes in a regional vernacular style are purchased, taken down, transported and reconstructed by artisans (Sthapathis) of the regions from where the houses came. Events, workshops and exhibitions are a daily thing here.

23. LOL at Comedy Nights

The boys are making Chennai go from smiley to LOL to ROFL effortlessly. You’ll start loving your life when it’s presented in a funny spin-off by a fast talking , boy-next-door type guy. Everything from Movies to Nighties and everyone from TamBrahms to NRIs come under the lens and on the stage. Karthik Kumar, S Aravind, Alex, Praveen and Bhargav are bringing the house down at venues across town and India. There are several regular Open Mic sessions that invite more comics and jokesters to have Chennai in splits. Laugh OK Please!

24. Call of the Yelagiri hills

Nestled in the Eastern Ghats, Yelagiri is a hillstation in the Vellore district located about 230km from Chennai. Yelagiri consists of 14 villages which are inhabited by tribal folk engaged in forestry, horticulture and agriculture. Their culture and houses are quite unique and make for an interesting tourist experience.This misty land is located among four mountains and it is famously known for its gentle climate which prevails all round the year. Yelagiri is a trekker’s paradise. Punganoor Lake Park, Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Telescope Observatory and Government Herbal Farm are attractions not to be missed.

25. Catch a show at The Museum Theatre

The Museum Theatre in Chennai is among the oldest in the city that has hosted plenty of plays. Madras Museum theatre, located at Egmore was opened in 1896. Constructed by British in Indo-Saracen style, during the end of 19th century, the museum theatre is one of the grand structures. It has serviced the strong-minded theatre scene in Madras by the way of hosting plenty of actors, including simple persons with mere ambition to those with superb talents.It is air conditioned with a seating capacity of 558 Seats. Take your pick from some awesome musicals, comedy acts, concerts and also story telling sessions.

26. Watch a Cricket Match at Chepauk Stadium

The home ground of the Tamil Nadu cricket team and the Indian Premier League team Chennai Super Kings, M.A. Chidambaram Stadium formerly known as Chepauk Stadium was established in the year 1916. The stadium has been the venue for all three formats of cricket namely Test matches, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 matches and possesses a capacity of 55,000 audiences at a time. The cricket-loving Chennai folks celebrate match days like festivals and all roads lead to the stadium with enough excitement to fill the Bay of Bengal. What stands out at Chepauk is the atmosphere and the crowd, reputed to be the most knowledgeable and appreciative in the country. Catch a match live and you’ll be hooked for life!

27. Run a Marathon

Chennai known to be a the capital city and a cultural hub is emerging also as a health conscious metro. Park and Beach walks evolved into jogs and now have picked full steam as Marathons. Marathon running could be for fun, to get fit, make new friends, feel a sense of achievement or primarily for a cause or raise funds. Marathons aplenty in Chennai with some major events like Wipro Chennai Marathon and Dawn to Dusk for which runners train even an entire year. Run along be it 2k or more- And feel the sense of freedom and accomplishment.

28. Visit the Arignar Anna Zoological Park

School vacations were never complete without a trip to the Vandaloor Zoo, known now as the Arignar Anna Zoological Park. Home to several innumerable species of flora and fauna since 1985, the Zoo was established over an area of more than 1,200 acres in the Vandalur Reserve Forest. Visitors can tour the Zoo in a battery operated vehicle or even on bicycles. There is plenty of space for children to play in slides and other play equipment. Photographers have a field day as the park has more than 170 species of mammals, birds and reptiles, including white tigers and emu, ostriches. Butterfly House, serpentarium, aviaries and aquariums also offer photo opportunities.

29. Explore History at the Alamparai Fort

Alamparai served as a sea port in ancient times and lies at a distance of 100 km from Chennai. It was built during the Mughal era and depicts the valorous tales of the past. An ancient structure of great historical and architectural value, the Alamparai Fort once had a 100metre long dockyard stretching into the sea, from which zari cloth, salt, and ghee were exported.Though the fort is in ruins today, one can grasp its splendour from the amazing architecture and layout. The fort is spread over an area of 15 acres and is constructed of bricks, limestone and mausoleum lying at the centre. The fort has tall walls and comprises of brick steps all the way up to the top. One can get a good view from the watch tower from the fort.

30. Go Green at Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga (classical language park) is a beautifully landscaped botanical garden with a lot of greenery in the heart of Chennai (Cathedral Road, previously Woodlands Drive-in).The beautiful landscaping and water fountains at the garden has not only made it a delight for the daily morning walkers but has also attracted movie shoots and tourists. The garden houses some really rare types of imported plants, bonsai and also medicinal herbs. A huge parking lot, a canteen that serves delicious refreshments, and a beautiful artificial pond with ducks that are the children’s favorite, Semmozhi Poonga is a great place for picnicking. The park remains open from 10 am through 8 pm on all days except Tuesdays.

31. Space Exploration at the Planetarium

The Birla Planetarium would keep science geeks happy! Opened about 3 decades ago, it has several exciting programmes that opens the doors to the outer space and solar system. Within a visit to this planetarium, you will get acquainted with the movement of the stars, earth, comets, moon and other fascinating elements of the universe. Located at Kotturpuram in the Periyar Science and Technology Centre campus which houses eight galleries, namely, Physical Science, Electronics and Communication, Energy, Life Science, Innovation, Transport, International Dolls and Children and Materials Science, with over 500 exhibits.

32. Volunteer at the Turtle Walk

Between the months of December and April each year, several thousand Olive Ridley turtles come to the sandy beaches along the outskirts of Chennai to lay their eggs. For nearly four decades now, several dozen volunteers of the Chennai Students Sea Conservation Network (SSTCN) meet at various spots along the coast to patrol the beaches at night, collect the eggs from a turtle nest and deposit it for hatching in an incubator. 45 to 60 days later, the hatchlings are brought to the same spot and released close to the water’s edge. This is necessary because the beaches are not protected and human habitation has encroached almost up to the waterline.Sea turtles are critically endangered, so it’s important that we interfere and save as many as we can, while they are still around. The walk is conducted for 7 km from Neelankarai to Besant Nagar from 11 pm and goes on till 6 am. Join the walk and save the turtle.

33. Kool Fun at Kishkinta

Kishkinta is a Theme Park set in 120 acres of specially landscaped hills and lakes. Thirty minutes south of Chennai City, The design philosophy behind this green clad leisure center is simple – new and wholesome family entertainment. Kishkinta is a household name and the favorite fun destination for kids from six to sixty. Kishkinta, a theme water park with exciting dry rides is an ideal destination for family and group entertainment. The amusements, attractions, water games and rides, make Kishkinta India’s No. 1 Theme Park .KISHKINTA is the name of the legendary monkey kingdom in the Ramayana, where fun & frolic reigns. From end to end, KISHKINTA is designed as a pleasant and fun-filled environment, the perfect getaway for the harried city-dweller and tourist alike.

34. Play a part at the Click Art Museum

Click Art Museum is at VGP; East Coast Road. It will also be India’s first of its kind 3D interactive “Trick Art” museum! Art has been perceived only as an artistic, sensuous, divine or as a collective asset so far. What when art becomes funny, comical and even interactive? Trick Art is one such unique art that becomes complete only with a participant than its creator. Trick Art is also known as “Optical Art” or “3D art” which are mostly two-dimensional images that give the illusion of the third dimension inviting participatory actions from a visitor and is painted with clever angles for taking photographs. Art has never been so experiential and fun-filled before! It will make the participants to find themselves transformed into another world, probably re-born as Mona Lisa’s guest or Atlas’s Friend , A World of Trick Art!

35. Surf Festival at Covelong Beach

Kovalam or Covelong Beach, on the way to Mahabalipuram, with the shining sun, calm sea and shimmering sand aura of cheer.. Flanked by attractive palm trees, glittering white sand and colourful sea shells the picturesque beauty of this place makes it a popular tourist destination. With the sea and surf calm, Covelong beach is a fantastic spot for watersports including swimming, windsurfing and paddleboarding. Go fishing with the locals or take a professional fishing ferry that carry you out to the sea – enjoy fishing and bring back your catch for dinner. The annual Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival takes place at the Covelong Point Social Surf School in Kovalam. Featuring a national and international level surf competition, a global music lineup spread across three stages, yoga and meditation classes and alternative healing workshops – the annual event attracts thousands of attendees every year from across India and around the globe

36. Shopping at Sowcarpet

The name Sowcarpet comes from the hindi word ‘Sahukar’ meaning trader or moneylender.Sowcarpet is full of the North Indian business community who speak fluent and better Tamil than even a native Tamilian. If that does not baffle you then the numerous shops selling everything needed for a wedding trousseau from Ghagra Cholis, brocade saris to sherwanis, kurtas would sure do. Squeezed in between are the smaller shops selling accessories, gifts and all things the beauty yourself. The mehndi wala is read to oblige while the tall glasses of chaas/lassi on Mint Street would provide you the fuel to go further. Oh, do buy some farsan at the sweet shops to keep the folks at home happy.

37. Revel the Rajini Magic

Rajinikanth = Magic, Rajinikanth + Big Screen = Ecstasy, First day first show of Rajinikanth Movie on big screen= Magical Ecstasy beyond belief!He’s the eternal Super Star , Thalaivar and every Chennai-te’s family member. His movie releases call for sick leave notices, bunked classes and conveniently forgotten chores. Prebookings online, never ending ticket lines and calling favours at single screen theatres – All to watch him! Flex banners covering the entire theatre , puja and milk abhishekams to his cut-out, firecrackers and live music- He’s God to his fans. Who cares if the show is at 1am or the ticket costed 1k- It’s all for One and One for All. Thalaivaa you rock!

38. Darshan at Parthasarthy Temple

Mylapore is for Kapaleeswarar while Triplicane is for Parthasarathy. The Parthasarathy Temple has situated at Tiruvallikkeni orTriplicane is one of the oldest and distinguished structures of the city. The temple and its surrounding areas derive their name from the holy tank in its vicinity which consists of five sacred wells, whose water is considered holier than the Ganges. One of the 108 Divyadesams of Sri Narayana, the temple is dedicated to his incarnation Lord Krishna. Other attractions is Triplicane are the Vivekananda House, the numerous memorials on Marina beach and the legendary idli playing hide-and-seek in sambar at Ratna Cafe.

39. Watch a dance performance at Kalakshetra Dance School

Kalakshetra, as the name suggests, is a centre for artistic endeavour. Founded in 1936 the Institution is a space where the essence of Indian thought would find expression through artistic education. An institution established for imparting to the young the true spirit of Art, devoid of vulgarity and commercialism.Spread over almost 100 acres by the seashore in Chennai, the Kalakshetra Foundation, as it is known today, is a vital centre for the study and performance of fine arts, envisioned and designed with the style and proportion of Indian aesthetics. Monthly concerts, dance performances, puppetry seminars and even festival of textiles invites audiences and are elite experiences.

40. Experience Express Avenue Mall

Shopping, gaming and watching movies all can be enjoyed at Express Avenue, the destination mall of India. Get a world class shopping cµm entertainment facility, seated right in the heart of Chennai city, housing some of the biggest brands from around the globe. The mall gives a whole new dimension to work, leisure, entertainment and shopping. The right destination to complete one’s shopping experience! Festive events from Dandiya Nights, Santa Claus visit to Flash mobs and fashion shows make this a fun filled, entertaining destination. The Food Court offers world cuisine in one floor. Hotel E is the Business class luxurious hotel within southern India’s largest mall.

41. Book Shopping at Moore Market

Located near the ever busy Central Railway Station, Moore Market is the destination for second hand books. MM is not your typical trendy mall but is subdued and lined with several small stores, which primarily offer new copies/ second hand/pirated books with endless list of collections ranging from classics, fictions, non-fictions,comics, magazines, course textbooks and even encyclopedias. The book price depends on bargaining skills of the buyer but it’s the best bet to buy books cheap. You could stumble upon some unexpected finds or unearth some treasures. The shopkeepers are helpful and know their ware and where to find them in a heap. Be patient, spend a few hours, browse, bargain and buy.

42. Silk Route in Panagal Park

The area around Panagal Park, T Nagar is known for its silk saree shops such as the pioneers Nalli Silks and Sri Kumaran Stores, Sundari Silks and the followers RmKV , Pothys & Chennai Silks Saravana Stores. and These stores sell plain sarees that cost a few hundred rupees to fabulous, grand Guinness record-winning sarees that cost upto Rs. 22 lakhs. The crowds peak during the discount month of Aadi as much as during during the festivals of Pongal and Deepavali. Silks from traditional to contemporary, six yards to reversible, soft dupion the mixed silk cotton- the silk route is full of destinations.
Brahmotsavam at Tirupathi
Tirupati is a town of in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, located 150km from Chennai, is considered one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites because of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. The Temple is in Dravidian architecture and is believed to be constructed over a period of time starting from 300 AD.Sri Venkateswara Temple sits atop one of the the 7 peaks of Tirumala Hills, attracting scores of Hindu pilgrims. Brahmotsavam is one of the major annual festivals in Tirupati celebrated for 9 days in September-October . The festival derives its name from Lord Brahma since it was Lord Brahma who first conducted this festival at Tirupati temple. Amidst Vedic hymns, Naadaswaram music and rituals at the time of dusk, the processional idol of Sri Malayappa Swami and of his spouses Sridevi and Bhoodevi are placed in the Golden ratha offering blessings to the devotees. Tirupathi laddu is a prasadam everyone loves and relishes.

43. Meditation at Ramakrishna Math

Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai is the first branch center of the Ramakrishna Order in Southern India. It was started in the year 1897 by Swami Ramakrishnananda, a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. The motto of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission is: For one’s own salvation, and for the welfare of the world.The premises of Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, is pervaded with an atmosphere of palpable holiness. A feeling of calmness and soothing serenity can be felt inside the temple and the premises. With its green surroundings, the Math is a suitable place for practice of contemplation and meditation in the heart of the city. The Math stands as a bright symbol of religious harmony—a place where all are welcome, irrespective of caste, race, nationality or religion. One may participate in the prayer services, bhajans and lectures at the Math.

44. Get caught at Egmore

Your heart is set on a lemon green and you couldn’t find it at Alsa Mall or Fountain Plaza? Then cross the road at Egmore and step into Pantheon Road next to Co-Optex and you’ll be transported to Cotton Alley. Earlier a venue for handloom exhibition the street is now a permanent and favourite haunt for most folks looking for variety and quality in cotton materials. Cottons are best suited for the hot and humid Chennai and come at pocket friendly prices here. A walk through the street with an array of 30-plus shops with neatly stacked range of salwar materials, dupattas, home decor and also readymades would leave you spoilt for choice. And yes you’ll find that green and also a sunny yellow.

45. Watch Speed at Madras Motor Sports

The Madras Motor Sports Club is spread across 200 acres.Madras Motor Race Track, Irungattukottai is used 310 days a year, not just for races but also motor-related events and test drives.The 3.76-km track has played host to events such as Touring Car Championship, Formula Asia, Formula India and biking events such as Asian Road Racing Championship.The stands can accommodate 6,000 viewers. Makeshift stands are constructed to accommodate crowds on race days and entry is free for all. Schools and colleges bring students in groups and they enjoy watching the races, single-seater formula race cars and saloon cars. Track days are declared twice a month to encourage people to speed on tracks and less on roads. Watch Lamborghinis and Mustangs zoom and spot fancy bikes from Yamaha, Suzuki and Benelli among others

46. Gallop at Madras Race Club

A large iron horseshoe at the entrance of the Madras Race Club (MRC) in Guindy welcomes its visitors.The club boasts of one of the the best race tracks in the country. The racing season begins in November and goes on till March after which races are conducted in Ooty between April and June. For horse barons the sport is a passion, for others it’s definitely thrilling to watch the horses racing to cross the finish line.

47. Look for Electronic goods on Ritchie street

Ritchie Street started with about 30 shops in the 70s and has achieved the status of India’s second largest electronic market for computer spare parts and assembling components. At present more than 900 shops are there in Ritchie Street. Richie street is a haven for electronic goods, spare parts, components and accessories. Imported goods from china and Korea can also be found here.

48. Get drenched at Kone falls

Kone Falls or Kailasakona falls as is known officially, is a great place for those looking for a Chennai Weekend Getaway destination as its just 90 kms away . Kone falls is a small perennial water fall situated near to Puthur in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. Unlike many other falls, there is water all around the year at this falls and water originates from the split in a mass rock.The height of the waterfalls is about 30 meters and it cascades down into a small pond below the rock. The water here is crystal clear having considerable mineral values & medicinal powers. There is a small temple of Lord Shiva and Parvati near the waterfall.

49. Say Bonjour to Alliance Francaise

The Alliance Française of Madras works to promote the cultural relations between India and France in Tamil Nadu. Created in 1953, it is a Society affiliated to “Fondation Alliance Française”, whose headquarters is based in Paris. The Alliance Française network is present in more than 135 countries, on the 5 continents. The Alliance Française of Madras is supported by the French Embassy in India. The Centre holds French classes and is also abuzz with concerts, plays and workshops.

50. Watch the stars on & off screen at Prarthana Drive In Theatre

The eclectic dream of the founder, inspired him to start this movie-going experience. He fantasised watching a story unfold on a grandiose screen that is nestled in Chennai city’s sky along with the mild rumbling of the coastal breeze. His reverie to see both the celestial and the movie stars shine together came true with Prarthana beach drive-in theatre & restaurant complex in 1991. Ever since, this experience has been drawing a beeline of movie enthusiasts. State of art digital projection & digital sound. It has a one of a kind imposing curved concrete screen of about 4500sq.ft. Each car is provided with an exclusive bay on elevated ramps to view the movie. A vegetarian restaurant, outdoor play area and a roofed gallery for folks visiting in vehicles other than cars or preferring a seating arrangement.

51. Feel blissful at the ISKCON temple

ISKCON Chennai is part of the Centre for Spiritual Art and Culture and is located off the East Coast Road at the Hare Krishna land, Sholinganallur. Spread over an area of over 1.5 acres, the temple is constructed on five levels. There is a 7,000 sq ft temple hall on the first floor, an auditorium for cultural and spiritual programmes on the ground floor and a prasadam hall in the basement.In the temple hall, there are three teak-wood altars which house the deities. The deities have been sourced from Jaipur and Odisha.The primary purpose of the temple to transform the material self-centred identity into a spiritual identity of unconditional love is graphically represented by means of a magnificent chandelier that projects various colours on the walls and ceiling.

52. Adventure sports with Off Road Sports

Off-Road Sports is an ATV(All terrain vehicle) club to entertain and to have different experience in sports for all ages above 6. The club will have fun filled and thrilling track to ride all kind of ATV’s from 50cc to 1000cc powered. Trainers will be available to guide the new users. Safe enough to allow your entire family to enjoy. We invite you to delight and amaze your family with this adventurous sports.

53. A Ride To The Royal Enfield Factory

See where Royal Enfield motorcycles are still made the old fashioned way! Handcrafted in Chennai. Royal Enfield is amongst the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers still in business. The Bullet 350 has also been the longest running motorcycle model in continuous production! First built in Great Britain, the Bullet 350’s have been made in India at this factory since 1955.Royal Enfield now conducts factory tours for all enthusiasts, seeking to soak in the ambience of the factory that still manufactures the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and the Classic along with other models. Factory tours will be open on second and fourth Saturdays only. and starts at 10:00 AM sharp. Each tour will cost Rs. 600 per person, which is payable at the reception, while registering for the tour.

54. Get a Kart Attack

Want to feel the same rush and create your own Grand Prix records? You can live your dream at Kart attack, even if it is only for 5 minutes! Go-karting aims to bring motorsport opportunities to the masses and even if you have no driving skills, you can still Go-kart! These karts can be driven by anyone over the age of 10. All of today’s motorcar racers have started their racing careers with Go-karting. This is the first step to success in car racing! Not everyone has the resources to try a hand at professional motorsports. Go-karting is as close to the real thing as you can get and it is easily accessible by one and all.The Track is 260 meters long. The karts are powered by 200cc Honda 4 stroke petrol driven engines. Each race is for 5 minutes, and you get to race either with your friends or anybody else.

55. Quick trip to Kanchipuram

Located about 70 kms from Chennai, Kanchipuram is known as the Golden city of 1000 temples and one of the four seats of Sri Adi Shankaracharya, the Kanchi Kamakotti Peetham is located here. The place is one of India’s seven sacred cities and the second holiest after Varanasi.It has been a center for Tamil learning and culture for centuries. The temples stand proof for the dominance of Dravidian heritage and the city’s glorious past, when it was ruled by kings who were not only powerful but loved and patronized arts. Kanchipuram is synonymous for Silk Saris. Gandhi Road is a good place to pick up silk sarees. Nadu Street and TN Nambi Street also have some good shops that sell silk sarees.

56. Indoor Fun at Mayajaal

Mayajaal Entertainment Limited was incorporated in 1997 and has since developed in its sprawling 27 Acres campus along the scenic East Coast Road (ECR) in Chennai a Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) in 2001 called ‘E-Joy’ which comprises of a Mall & India’s Largest Multiplex with 16 Screens, Food Court, Bowling Alley, Gaming Arcade & Restaurants – all under one roof. Mayajaal has become a landmark in Tamilnadu Multiplex Business as it plays close to 80 shows per day on the weekends with a range of over 30 movies across 6 languages to choose from! Mayajaal has also developed a 40 Rooms Resort “Mayas Resort” at the same campus.

57. Smell the blooms at Koyambedu flower market

Be up early to experience the fresh sound, sights and smells of the market. The flower market is a part of the Koyambedu wholesale market complex. Established 20 years ago, the flower scene has changed over the years. The variety is mesmerizing – Small hills of jasmine, Chrysanthemums and roses are weighed and parcelled to the retail vendor, floral arrangements to decorate a bride’s hair, flower garlands, flowers by the yard and bouquets. There’s also vegetables and Fruits available at wholesale rates, which are distributed for retailing across the city.

58. Plenty to do in Pondicherry

If peace and a break is the most sough after, then Pondicherry is surely one of the choicest holiday destinations in South India. About 155 kms from Chennai, the town offers a unique experience with its mix of modern heritage and spiritual culture. With a predominantly historical background, Pondicherry takes one centuries back in time. The union territory of Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry; generally known as ‘Pondy’) was under French rule until 1954 which reflects in the clean French part of the city.The internationally famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville, draw large numbers of spiritually minded visitors. The seaside promenade is great for people watching and the Bharati Government park soothes with its greenery. Don’t miss tasting hibiscus juice.Enjoy the french food, beer and get back on track with yoga, meditation.

59. Test the waters with Scuba Diving

Here’s your chance to experience the thrill of actually scuba diving and that too so close to home. East Coast Road is breezy, filled with attractions and adventures. One could go Scuba Diving at Covelong or Pondicherry for fun which later becomes a passion for most. Take the 4 day course and become a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified diver. A PADI-certified driver is eligible to dive anywhere in the world, depending on his level of certification – Next stop Andaman!

60. Into the Wild at Guindy National Park

Guindy National Park is one of the smallest National parks and has primarily tropical dry evergreen flora with over 350 species of plants including trees, shrubs, climbers, herbs and grasses. The park is home to several animals and birds. The Children’s Park here has playgrounds, swings, mini-railway, elephant and pony rides etc. for the kids. There is also a mini zoo with a sizeable collection of birds, deer’s, peacocks etc. In addition there is a Snake Park with snakes, certain species of tortoise and turtles. Children would enjoy seeing animals in their natural habitat here. Memorials of Gandhiji, Kamarajar and Rajaji are located close to Guindy Park.

61. Marvel exhibits at the Government Museum

The Government Museum of Chennai is on the must to list of every Chennai visitor. The striking building is built in Italianate style with influences from classical architecture. The Museum proudly stands as the second oldest museum, established in 1851, after the Indian Museum of Kolkata. It is mainly affluent in archaeological and numismatic collections and also has a vast collection of Roman antiquities, outside of Europe. The Museum grounds comprises of six buildings and 46 galleries, covering the total area of about 16.25 acres.There are six buildings and 46 galleries in the museum premises. There are many objects in the museum. One can find a variety of artefacts from different fields including numismatics, zoology, archaeology, natural history, palm-leaf manuscripts, sculptures and Amravati paintings.

62. Bargain buys at Ranganathan street at T.Nagar

Ranganathan Street is one of the busiest lanes and a shopper’s paradise. The stretch from North Usman to Ranganathan Street is jam packed with retail outlets as well as pavement shops.It’s crowded, noisy and chaotic- And that’s exactly what adds to the fun. Located close to the T. Nagar bus terminal as well as Mambalam railway station makes it an accessible and preferred shopping area. Hawkers are bargainers are aplenty. Saravana Stores, Jeyachandran Textiles are primary retailers here and pavement vendors sell everything from hairpins to electronic goods. Choose a cotton salwar material at the cheapest price, hand it to a small tailoring unit, enjoy a samosa chaat or lassi, browse the big shops and be back in an hour to collect the stitched salwar suit. Sounds good no? It’s a Mela everyday.

63. Take a ride on AnnaDurai’s Auto

A share-auto driver on the Old Mahabalipuram Route, Annadurai’s auto provides fantastic facilities— free WiFi, mobile charging point, magazines, newspapers, TV and even a tablet to access Internet. He calls customers his God, intends to change the way auto(drivers) work and that he prefers job satisfaction over money. He gives free rides to nurses and discounted rides on special days of the year. A token system rewards his frequent customers. Take a ride in his auto, use the siping machine to pay and don’t forget to ask him when his next TED talk is scheduled.

64. Hockey Match at Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium

India’s National game has a venue in Chennai. Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium is a field hockey stadium and was the venue to the 1996 Men’s Champions Trophy, and hosted the tournament again in December 2005. It was also the venue for 2007 edition of Asian Hockey Championship, in which India triumphed by a thumping margin of 7-2 over South Korea. It is also the venue for all division matches of the Chennai Hockey Association and the home ground of the World Series Hockey team Chennai Cheetahs.Radhakrishnan Stadium is regarded by the International Hockey Federation as one of the best in the world for its state-of-the-art infrastructure. In 2004, the stadium was redesigned and upgraded by the Sports Authority of Tamil Nadu to prepare the venue for hosting the 2005 Champions Trophy in December. After the renovation drive, the stadium features are-laid synthetic hockey surface and floodlights of international standards.

65. Storytelling with the Storytrails

India exists in her stories. Storytrails was born with the idea of sampling India through her stories; Of taking guests to savor local sights and sounds, but through the eyes of a storyteller; Of going beyond the sights themselves, and uncovering characters and customs that made these places come alive.Every sight has a story to tell; and every story spawns myriad customs and traditions.Join us on a quest for these stories, on trails that zigzag through the very beat and pulse of the city. Some fact, some fiction, some myths and some superstition.Currently offered in Chennai and Madurai, these award-winning walking tours are an easy introduction to the city and an enjoyable way to experience the local way of life.

66. Beyond Books at Tara Book Building

The Tara Books Book Building—a three-storeyed, ecologically friendly architectural masterpiece —is a labour of love of Tara Books’ founder Gita Wolf and her team, which outgrew several rented office spaces, pining for a dedicated display for their books and artist sketches.The airy, sunlit, minimalist building which will be 80% solar-powered currently houses a bookstore and a gallery of its book art.Within this mural-covered space, Tara Books stages free exhibitions, author talks and workshops with visiting artists, and displays its own highly original handmade books. With prior notice, you can visit the workshop where the books are created (20 minutes’ drive away).

67. Go wild with Tent and Trek

Tent N Trek offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits including trekking, mountaineering, Swimming and it goes on. You’ll criss-cross dense forests,natural water bodies, get off the beaten track, participate in adventure sports and more than anything else, enjoy the scenery. All Itineraries have been carefully planned and designed to appeal to almost every visitor’s budget. So, if it is a dose of adrenaline you are after, then deep forest camping, stay with tribal, meeting the origins of natural falls and rivers can be arranged, along with off road jeep ride trips, jungle safaris and peak climbing expeditions.

68. Shoot out with Laser Tag

LaserTag is a team or individual sport or recreational activity where players attempt to score points by tagging targets, typically with a hand held infrared emitting targeting device. Infrared guns, radio frequencies – Popularised by the epic sci-fi film Star Trek, laser tagging is more like a hi-tech version of hide-and-seek upgraded as here you use infrared guns to shoot down your opponents, while ensuring that you are safe. G-Sector in Nungambakkam, Chaos Entertainment in Gopalapuram and Laser Tag Chennai Battlefield in Kilpauk, Game On in Anna Nagar and Asgard in T Nagar are major spots to play tag.

69. Escape at Freeing India

Real Escape Game originally started from Japan and garnered the attention of customers in China, Taiwan and European countries. The game features solving the interesting puzzles as a team and escape from a closed room within a set time. Freeing India brings real escape game to India, giving you an unprecedented entertainment. Apart from the sophisticated designed rooms, the delicate scenarios enable players to imitate the roles in movie stories. You have to find the hints to solve the riddles and escape from the room within the limited time, or you will have to bear an inconceivable aftermath!

70. A relaxed afternoon and evening tea at Amethyst Cafe

In 2000, Amethyst opened its doors for the very first time at the century-old Sundar Mahal in Gopalapuram. A decade later, Amethyst moved on to a new restoration project, this time to a granary warehouse space on Whites Road, Royapettah. Creating a new space for Amethyst’s worlds within; a larger canvas to enjoy. The old building has been transformed into an idyllic retreat in the heart of the city. A cobbled path winds through a lush garden, leading to the sprawling veranda of the Wild Garden Café. Amethyst is a dynamic space – with constantly shifting pieces of antique furniture and art and a verdant garden. It is more than a boutique or cafe; it is an experience. Bloom, the flower shop, sunlight streams through the skylights into the luxurious boutique upstairs, The Folly, set in the midst of the beautiful lush green gardens of Amethyst is a space for exhibitions, art shows, book readings, film screenings and more. Well-executed European-flavoured dishes range over quiches, pastas, sandwiches, crepes, creative salads, all-day breakfasts and afternoon teas. Do have tea!

71. Get active with the Chennai Trekking Club (CTC)

The volunteers of CTC organize treks every single weekend, sometimes even 3-4 parallel treks on any given weekend. Treks are planned to beautiful natural locations both nearby Chennai as well as further away in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra, Kerala and North India.They conduct treks, runs, cycling events, swimming events and camping on a regular basis. The group is also committed to social, environmental and community service. Blood donation camps, relief activities during natural calamities and clean-up drives. So trek and work towards a better future!

72. Grab a bite with Food Walks and Trucks

Love to eat? Wanna discover new joints? But watching your waist/weight and conscious about what to eat? Then Food Walks are just the thing for you! Discover unique tastes, history, heritage and culture of neighbourhoods and unearth hidden culinary gems. How about a Treasure Hunt while you are at it- Food Walks offer twists, tales and treats! Biriyani walks, snack crawls, iftar walks and Food Trucks – All roads lead to food!

73. Play Indoor Football aka Futsal

Football grounds need space but for Futsal 4,200-sq ft is suffice. Futsal (derived from the Spanish, “futbol sala,” meaning indoor soccer) is fast-paced, exciting and requires just 5 members in each team. This variant of football is widely played across the world and is officially recognized by both UEFA and FIFA. It makes for a great recreational sport and in order to cater to the growing demand, various futsal turfs have come up in our very own Chennai. Rooftop turfs are the current rage and the major players in the turf are Chaos, Chennai Futsall, Game On, Tiki Taka, Turf 137 and ZeeZoo.

74. Try world cuisine under one roof at Omr food court

OMR Food Street in Chennai is a drive-in cum drive-thru hub for foodies, with a speciality of serving up street food recipes from around India, making it the best street food joint in Chennai. The outlets offer a wide variety of delectable food, from quick eats, to casual and fine dines, mouthwatering desserts, drinks and the like. OMR Food Street plans to throw its outlets open to exciting events such as Food Week, Food Carnivals, Food Marathons and Blogger Meets in order to bring together more like-minded foodies and street food enthusiasts, and perhaps indulge them in the best food & drink experiences Chennai has to offer. OMR Food Street is currently open at Thoraipakkam, Injambakkam, Perumbakkam and Navalur, with the next outlet being setup at Guduvanchery, Kanthanchavadi and Ambattur.

75. Go Green at the Farm

The farm is a farm. Located at Semmancherry, it offers authentic experience with its sights, sounds and smells. The farm was started in 1974 primarily as a Dairy farm and hospitality was included for sustainability. The integration of Hospitality within a working farm offers guests a slice of simple, rustic living – an experience of Life on the Udder Side! The farm has poultry, cattle and horses, and grows organic vegetables. Kids can feed the animals, pet them, and even participate in the milking process. Older children are welcome to pluck vegetables. The Farm has also tied-up with schools in and around Chennai to start hosting educational trips for students.

76. Magic of Music Academy

The Music Academy, Madras is a landmark institution in the history of the fine arts. Founded in 1928, it was conceived to be the institution that would set the standard for Carnatic music. In the process, it began in 1929 the practice of hosting annual conferences on music, which in turn spawned the December music festival of Madras, one of the largest cultural events of the world. The ragas are debated upon, theory of music discussed in detail, young talent encouraged and senior artistes given a platform to present their art to the cognoscenti. The Sangeetha Kalanidhi awarded by the Academy is Music’s Academy Award. The Academy’s main auditorium now boasts of world-class seating and air-conditioning and other than classical music /dance also hosts plays,literary events and award shows.

77. Learn Salsa at GRT Grand Chennai

Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originated in the Caribbean. The movements of salsa have origins in Cuban Son, cha-cha-cha, mambo and Puerto Rican bomba and plena and other dance forms. Learn the dance form and have fun with your special someone.

78. Hi Life at Hilton Chennai

Hilton Chennai with its tasteful blend of contemporary and traditional Indian decor, offers Guests professional service, warm hospitality and stylish surroundings in an enviable location. The hotel’s business center, WiFi and the spacious desks in every room will make sure that you can stay connected and productive during your stay. Unwind after a long day with a dip in the rooftop infinity pool,work out at the fully equipped fitness center. The dining options offered are extensive and diverse. Head to Ayna for exquisite Indian food, enjoy the casual all-day dining available at Vasco’s, indulge in patisserie items, light meals, and a variety of tea and coffee at Est, or relax in the sumptuous surroundings of Vintage Bank, the wine and cheese bar. When the sun sets, make your way to the rooftop bar and grill – Q Bar. Sip on a cocktail, order from the grill menu and listen to our resident DJ play a laid-back soundtrack in one of Chennai’s most popular nightspots. The Hilton Chennai hotel offers a range of options for meetings or functions in Chennai. The hotel’s Grand Ballroom is the perfect venue for weddings, conferences and events.

70. Indian Culture at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan

The founding of Bhavan was based on the preservation and propagation of Bharatiya Sanskriti (Indian culture) and Sanskrit, the mother of languages, the akshaya patra – the inexhaustible reservoir. Over the years from being a modest Indological research institution, it has steadily grown into a comprehensive, co-operative, apolitical, national movement with an international outlook. It seeks to inculcate a value-based life. The promotion of ethical and spiritual values in everything that it does. The Bhavan’s centres in Chennai host various classes, cultural activities and concerts.

80. Move ahead with Omnex

Omnex is an International Business & Quality consulting company providing Performance Excellence solutions for thousands of clients worldwide. We have been in business for over 30 years, working in more than 30 countries and serving clients from Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, Food, Banking, Oil/Natural Gas, Apparel, and Alternate-Energy companies. Global HQ in Michigan,USA, we work in Asia Pacific via our 15 offices present in China, India, Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Kuwait, Malaysia and Indonesia.

81. Lot of Art at Lalit Kala Academy

The Lalit Kala Akademi (National Academy of Art) is an autonomous body set up by the Govt. of India under the administrative control of the Ministry of Culture, for the promotion of Fine Arts (Drawing, Painting Sculpture, Ceramic, Graphic and other Contemporary Plastic Arts forms, like Installation, Digital and Media Arts and Photography) in the country. The Regional Centre of the Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, was established in 1978, for the above purpose in the region, and covers the art-related programmes of the States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Pondicherry. Later, Maharashtra, Goa and Lakshadweep were also included in its charter of responsibilities.

82. Get to business at Chennai Trade Centre

The Chennai Trade Centre is set up at a prime location in the Chennai metro at Nandambakkam, adjacent to St. Thomas Mount in an area of over25 acres of land with exhibition halls and support services. CTC has three halls to display all merchandise including machinery. The Trade Centre is architecturally and technically designed to be a “state-of-the-art” Exhibition Complex. The Air – Conditioned halls with no intermittent pillars or columns, are eminently suitable for multi-purpose use of organizing exhibitions, conferences, conventions and conducting other trade, commerce and industry-related events. All the halls are inter-linked and Hall No. 3 is connected with convention centre.

83. Pitch your idea at a Startup Event

Most think, some express and some others get started! Passion, ideas, prototype, launch, funding, take off! It’s easier said (rather typed) than done – A startup is an idea which needs much planning for final action with an outcome of achievement. Nothing comes easy and the enthusiasm, new ideas, skills, opportunity along with a drive to take the bumpy road to the finish line that spells success is what it takes for a startup team. Startup events provide opportunity be inspired, to pitch your ideas, get mentored, find motivation , network , create visibility, keep up with new trends and also have fun meeting like minded folks.

84. Checkout a Play

The Stage is set and it’s ShowTime! Theatre is the original 3D Entertainment form that has been around for years. There’s Drama in Life and there’s definitely Life in Drama – As All the world’s a stage and we are mere players. In the theatre, a sigh or a chuckle, applause or pin-drop silence, it’s all instant feedback that the audience connects to the artist on stage. Enter thy theatre and be transformed to the sacred arena of imagination taking shape on stage. There’s history, mystery, comedy and so many.

85. Ladies Night Out

As Kiera Cass said “Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress!” A Ladies Night fits that saying perfectly. There is something about a night out with your best fiends, an LBD, stilettos, some great food and drinks, especially if it is at a good venue! Remember that one time you went to a fabulous club to dance with your friends and the drinks were a buy one get one free, the music was fabulous and the service extraordinary! Yeah those are the kinds of night outs we are talking about. So, go ahead, call your friends, make a plan and have a good time!

86. Start a Hobby – DIY

Life gets busy and deadlines are just that! But remember the time that when you found the greatest happiness and making that greeting card for grandma or made memories with scrapbook for that special someone. Hobbies keep the inner spirit alive, improve focus and spread joy inside & out. There are several ways to get the creativity flowing- pottery, quilling, terrarium and decoupage. Get a hobby, be heartistic!

87. Find funky stuff and Flea Markets

Flea Markets are fairs that display quirky stuff and lead to surprise finds. Bargain hunters, fashionistas and even laid-back loners all find common ground at these happening havens! Take your pick – per theme say NGOs and self help groups whom you’ll support with your purchase, encourage new and upcoming businesses or women entrepreneurs, or seasonal Flea markets like for Diwali, Holi and Christmas – All are a rage. You could find homemade jams, handmade quilts and things that might surprise you on how it was even made.

88. Cook and Bake

Anything handmade is valued highest and everything homemade is close to the heart. It’s the love and care as special ingredients and so much flavour and warmth. Every culture has a food philosophy and the act of cooking itself is a spiritual pursuit engaging all senses. Food is a need for every living being and is connected to memories. Your emotions are on display on the plate- so cooking and baking goodies is gyan. Learn to cook up a feast and bake a cake- It’s a tasteful treat for you and others!

89. Visit The Theosophical Society

Located between the Adyar River and the beach, the 100-hectare grounds of the Theosophical Society provide a peaceful, green retreat for anyone who longs for an undisturbed stroll. There’s a church, mosque, Buddhist shrine, Zoroastrian temple and Hindu temple within the premises. There’s a huge variety of flora, including a 450 years old banyan tree (Adyar Aala Maram) which spreads around for almost one acre. The grounds remain open only for limited hours but that’s what makes people long for it more.

90. Bird Watching near Pulicat Lake

Pulicat is a small seashore township situated on the barricade island of Sriharikota which divides the Pulicat Lake from the Bay of Bengal, Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary is a famous 481 kms Protected area on Tamilnadu – Andhra Pradesh border. Every year between October and March, thousands of migratory birds especially greater flamingos come in a large number and seeing the Flamingos in the wetland is a once in a lifetime experience.Other birds which can be seen are pin tailed ducks, pelicans, herons, cranes and painted storks. In mid-December or the start of January, the Flamingo festival is organized by the Tourism Development Board. The place is a haven for bird watchers, and allures visitors from all over.

91. Drive up the St.Thomas Mount

St Thomas Mount soars some 300 feet high above the sea level in the southern part of the city of Chennai, close to the airport. It commands a magnificent view of Chennai city and suburbs for miles around. It has definite and concrete historical foundations and undiluted religious focus.The Mount vibrates with divine touch and devotional charm. The locals named it “Parangi Malai” because of its occupation by foreigners.The English who came to India in the 17th century transferred the garrison to this hill and called the place St Thomas Mount and the principal road that proceeds from this Mount into the heart of the city was termed Mount Road. Though the Mount is a proud heritage of the Christians, it has remained the attraction of tourists from within the country as well as abroad. Head to the Le Royal Meridien for your evening flavours and fun.

92. Fishing at Chetpet Lake

Chetpet Lake is an icon of sustainable ecotourism. The Chetpet Eco Park is a nice venue for boating & fishing right inside/within the city of Chennai. The huge walkway around the lake is very inviting. The lake, which is around 18 feet deep, is home to a variety of fish like rohu, catla and pangasius, fed and fished for by professional anglers. The anglers help visitors also with fishing and so they can take home a sack-full of the fish at Rs. 300 /kg. The park houses a small food court adjacent to a children’s play area. Only peddle boats are used for boating so that the birds that occupy the tree in the lake island are not disturbed.

93. Birding at Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

The Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is the smallest bird sanctuary in India situated in the Kancheepuram district near Chennai. The sanctuary is preserved by the local people for over 250 years as they have found that the water that contains birds’ muck can prove as the best natural fertilizer for their crops. Every year during Vedanthangal bird sanctuary season around 30000 birds visits this area.The migratory birds come all the way from Burma, Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China and few other countries. Around 115 species of birds have to be recorded at the Vedanthangal bird sanctuary. The birds like herons, egrets, storks and spoonbills visit here every year. The best time to visit this sanctuary is from November to March. During this time, birds are seen busy building and maintaining their nests.

94. Chidambaram Natyanjali

Chidambaram is a highly revered temple town located about 230 km from Chennai. The town is known for its several ancient shrines and historic buildings.The main deity of the town is Nataraja, Lord Shiva in his dancing form. However, it is during the festival of Shivaratri that the temple is flocked by devotees in large number and serves as a venue for a famous dance festival, the Natyanjali. The festival in the honor of the great Cosmic Dancer or Lord Nataraja is held every year in Chidambaram during February or March. This five-day long festival starts from the auspicious occasion of the Maha Shivaratri day. The 1000-year old temple provides a fitting backdrop to the spectacular event taking place under the golden roof of the temple showing pillars that depict Lord Nataraja in the classic 108 poses from the classical dance form of Tamil Nadu known as Bharatanatyam. Renowned dancers from all over India pay their homage to the deity by performing in the honor of Lord Nataraja at Natyanjali festival.

95. Take in the Calm at Santhome church

Purely white and imposing, the Santhome Basilica or simple Santhome Church, gets its name from San Thome or Saint Thomas, after whom the church has been named. It has been built over the tomb of St. Thomas who was one of Jesus Christ’s 12 apostles. The church is spotless white from outside, with a cool dark coffee brown ceiling and supporting arches on the inside. Typical of the Neo – Gothic architectural style, it surrounds you with an immediate calmness, once you enter the church.The elaborate and ornate stained glass window allows for greater illumination within the interiors of the church alongside the elegant chandeliers.

96. Chug into the Railway Museum

The Regional Railway Museum is located in New Avadi road, Perambur. A must-see spot for the rail-fans it has a good numbers of steam engines used during the rule of British Government in India.It also hosts different types of train-models, along with the presentation of real exhibits of meter gauge EMU, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, and various types of rail engines which are used down the ages.In the outdoor spaces of the museum near about 40 models of trains are kept on display.Other must-see exhibits of the museum are models of bogies, track crossings, 3 tier model of trains running in Chennai, images of high-speed trains of different countries around the world and many more.

97. Road to Ramanujar – Sriperumbudur

Located 40kms from Chennai, Sriperumbudur is the Avathara Sthala (birthplace) of the celebrated Vaishnavite Acharya Sri Ramanujar who established the Vishishtadvaida philosophy. The town hosts Sri Adi Kesava Perumal Temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Other places to visit are the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial and Vallakottai Murugan Temple. And speed lovers can have a field day at the KTM Track Days.

98. Anna Salai Unlimited

Anna Salai is the heartline of Chennai and is lines by some of the iconic landmarks . The onetime tallest building LIC, The Thousand Lights Mosque which is breathtaking when in full glory, The Old Curiosity Shop that takes you back in time, The first mall of Chennai Spencer’s Plaza, the legendary bookstore Higginbothams, the Kamarajar Arangam near the Anna flyover… the list goes on. Take a walk down Mount Road or Anna Salai and take it all in.

99. Rajasthani hospitality at Choki Dhani

A masterpiece of art and design spread over 15 acres of land, it is a one-stop destination for fun, food and masti. Chokhi Dhani village brings to life, a colorful Rajasthani heritage that leaves you awestruck with all the attractions and elements of ethnic culture and tradition. Starting from the welcome tilak that reminds of “PADHARO MAHRE DES” hospitality of Rajasthan, the mandir, village bazaar, folk dances, animal rides for children, bioscope, village style photo studio, jyotish, mehendi, games zone, open lawns to relax and bond with each other…, you’ll relish every moment of this wonderful village theme concept. Its range of delicious Rajasthani vegetarian cuisines and authentic cultural shows will make your visit truly memorable.

100. Interact at the Human Library

There are books to be read and books to be heard, but have you had a book to interact with? Human Library is a library of people, it replaces books with human beings. The Human Library is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. It is a place where real people are on loan to readers. A place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered.Like books, participants of the Human Library can be picked from a list to engage in conversations and share stories on a one on one basis. A couple of readers opting for the same living book or even with a group. Connect through their FB page on the next upcoming event.

Best Places To Eat

Chennai, like any major city, has so much diversity that influences from across cultures can be seen assimilated in to everything going on around and this is especially evident in the food.
With no shortage of great restaurants, cafes, street carts etc to eat at, the choices over the years has grown so vast that sometimes it can be difficult to agree on where to go and what to eat. But do not fret; our list of the 20 best places to eat in Chennai will guide you through your gourmet journey in the city.

Night Out Places to Eat in Chennai

1. Robot

Though unusually called Robot, the aptness of this restaurants name will be obvious once you step in; from greetings at the door to ordering and even table service, everything here is taken care of by our mechanical cousins at this high tech, new age restaurant.
Futuristic décor and the neon lighting add to the sci fi experience plus there are always a few human around to help out. Absolutely packed all days of the week, be sure to make a reservation a day or two in advance.

  • Location: Semmancheri
  • Timings: 12 Noon to 3 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm
  • Cuisine: Chinese, Thai
  • Cost for two: Rs. 1200

2. Pumpkin Tales

One of the few places open early in the morning for a good continental or English breakfast is Pumpkin Tales in Alwarpet, Chennai. Raising their shutter at 7 am, the places ambiance and service is perfect for a leisurely breakfast of brunch out.
With so many options to customize your meals, you can be sure to get your order exactly as you like it. Not only is the breakfast menu great here, you can also find some delicious options for lunch and dinner, including a vegan menu.

  • Location: Alwarpet
  • Timings: 7 am to 10 pm
  • Cuisine: English, Continental
  • Cost for two: Rs. 1000

3. Amelies Cafe and Creamery

Open all day, Amelies Café is frequented by lunch and dinner goers too as they have quite an extensive menu. Italian and continental here is their specialty as are the wide range of delicious desserts and fun mocktails; breakfast is served here all day long too. A country inn vibe makes the places fell like home and the staff and service is excellent as well.

  • Location: Alwarpet
  • Timing: 11 am to Midnight
  • Cuisine: Italian, Continental, Snacks
  • Cost for two: Rs. 900

4. Absolute Barbecue

As the name suggests, this place is all about grilled food. Though the main audience here is definitely the meat eater, there are quite a number of vegetarian options on the menu too, similarly prepared and equally delicious.
Head here if you want to satisfy your primal hunger pangs and prepare yourself for a meat feast! Ambience is bright and spacious with a great view of the kitchen in the background.

  • Location: T Nagar
  • Timings: 12 pm to 4:30 pm, 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm
  • Cuisine: Barbecue, Indian, Continental
  • Cost for two: Rs. 1800

5. Royal Indianaa

Located within the Accord Metropolitan Hotel in Chennai, the Royal Indianaa restaurant specializes in North and South Indian cuisine. A huge selection of Indian specialties as well as many options for ‘Thali’ (a sort of buffet served to you at your table), the experience too is regal as the name suggests.
Being one of Chennai’s more popular restaurants for an authentic Indian experience, better make a reservation so you don’t get disappointed.

  • Location: GN Chetty Road
  • Timings: 12 om to 3 pm, 7 pm to 12 am
  • Cuisine: North and South Indian
  • Cost for two: Rs. 1600

6. Animal Kingdom

Not strictly for kids, this children friendly restaurant in the south of Chennai is also a hit with adult on account of its great food, service and décor.
A multi cuisine menu means that everyone is happy once the food arrives. Jungle themed, the venue is decorated with fake wildlife but the fun is absolutely genuine.

  • Location: Adyar
  • Timings: 12 pm to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm
  • Cuisine: North and South Indian, Chinese, Continental, Thai
  • Cost for two: Rs. 1200

Places to Eat In Chennai: Fine Dining In Chennai

7. Once Upon A Time

Located within the Green Park Hotel, Once Upon A Time offers a fine dining experience and can often be seen crowded with corporate clientele.
Offering a wide spread buffet, the a la carte menu too is excellent with some amazing North Indian delicacies and a sinful dessert menu. First class ambiance and service is what people have come to expect of this must visit establishment.

  • Location: Vadapalani
  • Timings: 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm, 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm
  • Cuisine: North Indian (buffet available)
  • Cost for two: Rs. 2000

8. Lobby Café

Situated in the heart of the city, access to this restaurant is easy and convenient. For groups that all want different things on each of their plates, this has got to be the best option.
Indian, Continental, Italian, Chinese, Mughlai and more are all available here under one roof and to the credit of the kitchen, each dish churned out is authentic and spectacular. Within a luxury hotel, the restaurant too is tastefully decorated, civilized and quiet.

  • Location: Arumbakkam
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Cuisine: Multi cuisine
  • Cost for two: Rs. 2000

9. Winter Palace

Located within the Russian Cultural Centre in Alwarpet, the Winter Palace restaurant is a unique experience on all counts. Superb service, amazing ambience and fantastic food will make you come back for more.
The kebabs on the menu here, mostly European, are devoid of the usual spicy and overpowering masalas we may be used to, however, the change is most welcome and delicious. An elaborate menu having great vegetarian options too makes it ideal for a night out with friends.

  • Location: Alwarpet
  • Timings: 11 am to 11 pm
  • Cuisine: Russian, Continental
  • Cost for two: Rs. 1800

Places to Eat in Chennai: Best Buffet In Chennai

10. Rajdhani

Best known for its excessive Thali and indiscriminate use of pure desi ghee, Rajdhani is an institution that has stood the test of time and is now the last word in most cities for this Indian style buffet.
A traditional and pure vegetarian restaurant, the mouth-watering delicacies will leave you completely satiated. Dozens of dishes served to you on a huge steel plate with little bowls, the variety in this one meal is unreal and excruciatingly delicious.

  • Location: Royapettah
  • Timings: 12 pm to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm
  • Cuisine: Rajasthani, Gujarati
  • Cost for two: Rs. 1000

11. Annalakshmi Restaurant

A favourite in Chennai, the Annalakshmi Restaurant is best known for its authentic and delicious South Indian and North Indian delicacies.
Vegetarian only, even hard core meat eaters will not have a thing to complain about with so much choice on the menu and buffet too. The spacious dining hall is welcoming, cosy and decorated in very traditional Indian tones.

  • Location: Egmore
  • Timings: Noon to 3 pm and 7 pm to 10 pm
  • Cuisine: South Indian and North Indian
  • Cost for two: Rs. 1200

12. Pind

A popular place for some great North Indian food like tikkas, butter chicken, paneer makhanwala etc. Pind is a great place to go to with family and friends. A cosy and relaxed ambiance along with some delicious delicacies makes for an amazing night out.
Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers a fantastic buffet as well with an amazing variety of specialties from the northern parts of the nation.
Location: Velachery
Timings: 12 pm to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm
Cuisine: North Indian, Punjabi
Cost for two: Rs. 1000

13. Ente Keralam

If you are craving some South Indian non vegetarian food then Ente Keralam is definitely one place you have to put on top of your list. Some of the best dishes from Kerala, the restaurant is an institution in the city.
With a wide selection of mutton, chicken, fish, beef and veg thali on offer here, the buffet style meals is a good bet if you’re not in a large group and want to try out a number of preparations.

  • Location: Alwarpet
  • Timings: 12pm to 3 pm, 7 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Cuisine: Kerala specialty restaurant
  • Cost for two: Rs. 900

Places to Eat in Chennai: Best Quick Places Eats in Chennai

14. Wai Wai City

Anyone living in the city that loves noodles will be happy to hear that the famous Wai Wai City franchise is now in Chennai. With restaurants and kiosks in quite a few cities already, these guys are serving it up quick and hot in Semmancheri.
A wide range of options, combinations and permutations, you can even create your own bowl. Try some of the other snacks served here too like the chicken momosas for sure, a cross between a momo and a samosa!
Location: Velachery
Timings: 11 am to 11 pm
Cuisine: Noodles, Chinese Snacks
Cost for two: Rs. 400

15. Nair Mess

Caption: Quick service, great food, typically South Indian – Nair Mess
An economical place to eat in, Nair Mess is also serving some of the most tasty non veg South Indian food you can find in Chennai.
A quick service restaurant, the place offers an authentic experience from the basic Udupi style décor to the service on banana leaf. Mutton masala, chicken fry, seafood thali, biryani and much more keep the place packed during lunch and dinner services.
Location: Triplicane
Timings: 11 am to 3 pm, 7 pm to 10 pm
Cuisine: South Indian (non-veg)
Cost for two: Rs. 350

16. Hotel Saravana Bhavan

A favorite the world over and especially in India, South Indian food is simple yet simply delicious. With most of it being in a vegetarian format, these local delicacies are also very affordable and easily available.
With over 50 branches around the world, Hotel Saravana Bhavan is surprisingly still one of the best places to eat South Indian food and they have managed to maintain not only authenticity but also kept it affordable.
Location: All over the city
Timings: 7 am to 10 pm
Cuisine: South Indian, North Indian
Cost for two: Rs. 450

Places to Eat in Chennai: Best Street Food Places To Eat

17. Seena Bhai Tiffin Centre

Street food carts and kiosks are a big parts of any Indian city as they keep the hungry masses fed on the move. For some great South Indian vegetarian street delights such as uttapam, idli, podi idli, dosa and the kind, be sure to try out Seena Bhai Tiffin Centre in Sowcarpet. Tasty, clean, quick and downright cheap, this stall open every evening gets packed towards the night.
Location: Sowcarpet
Timings: 6:30 pm to 11 pm
Cuisine: South Indian Fast Food
Cost for two: Rs. 200

18. Hemanth Chats

If you happen to be in Chennai, then take a walk around and discover the numerous stalls and carts on every corner serving a variety of local treats. If you want some great chat, especially pani puri, stop off at Hemanth Chats in Vepery shop for a quick fix. A value for money and light option, the stall opens late afternoon but gets pretty busy towards the evenings.
Location: Vepery
Timings: 3:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Cuisine: Indian Chat
Cost for two: Rs. 150

19. Kings Vadapav

For a taste of Mumbai right here in Chennai, go down to Kings Vadapav in Purasawalkam and try the this burger from Bombay; you will not be disappointed. Located within a bustling shopping area of Chennai, Kings Vadapav is small on price but huge on taste.
With a number of combinations as well as a proper chat counter, this little roadside kiosk is a boon to hungry shoppers.

  • Location: Purasawalkam
  • Timings: 12 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Cuisine: Vada pav and Chat
  • Cost for two: Rs. 100

20. R.K. Sandwich Shop

As the name suggests the shops sells sandwiches; as averagely tempting as this may sound, R.K. Sandwich Shop is not your typical roadside sandwich wala.
A wide variety of this favorite snack can be had here with delicious combinations of fillings making the perfect quick bite on the go. Also a counter selling chilled pani puri as well as other chats will be sure to tempt you here.

  • Location: Triplicane High Road
  • Timings: 1130 am to 1030 pm
  • Cuisine: Sandwiches, Chat
  • Cost for two: Rs. 100

Best Places To Stay

Chennai is a hub of big industrial centres on one hand and quaint coastal beauty on the other, which is why it plays host to a diverse variety of tourists. As a city frequented by all types of travelers from keen kids and families, newly married and privacy seeking couples, to corporate professionals hopping about to close important business deals, Chennai makes sure to impress them all with its charm, sophistication, and an unending range of some of the finest resorts in the country. But what good is a coastal city if your stay can’t provide you all the goodness of the beach and the seas right at your doorstep? Thus, we have listed below some of the finest beach resorts in Chennai to help you in your next trip to Tamil Nadu and make it the best experience of your lifetime.

Luxury Beach Resorts In Chennai

Staying options in Chennai are innumerable, giving you a lot of choice. However, some of them must not be missed out when you’re shortlisting the best ones! If you’re looking for luxurious places to stay, then consider this list of beach resorts in Chennai.

1. Vivanta By Taj – Fisherman’s Cove

Built out of an old Dutch fort, Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove undoubtedly tops the list of the finest beach resorts in Chennai with its grand architecture and impressive landscaping. Located along the coast of the famous and energy packed Covelong Beach, the resort charms every visitor who decides to stay here, be it a family with kids looking for a joyous, exciting stay, or a couple on their honeymoon looking for a romantic, cosy ambience. The recently renewed and absolutely lavish cottages and villas, the trendy restaurants, the chic bar cum lounge brimming with energy, and an awesome spa facility make the resort stand out from others. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best 5 star beach resorts in Chennai.
Location: Covelong Beach
Tariff: INR 8,028/- to INR 25,784/-
Hotel Rating: 5
Hotel Facilities: Pool | Restaurant | Fitness Centre with Gym | Tennis Court | Free high speed Internet | Business Centre and Meeting Rooms with Internet access | Dry Cleaning | Pet Friendly

2. MGM Beach Resort

Blessed with the beauty of a gorgeous, sun bathed beach, the MGM Beach Resort provides for the perfect getaway for travelers of all types. The peaceful, sophisticated ambience, the lush, sprawling lawns dotted with over 88 beguiling cottages, rooms and suites, tall coconut trees lining up in perfect uniformity, a traditional architecture with majestic Mangalore-tiled sloping roofs, and the best of amenities make MGM one of the best resorts in Chennai. Also, it provides a perfect sanctum for the grandest of destination weddings and stag parties. Since there are well-equipped meeting rooms here, this can be the ideal place of stay for the businessmen looking for beach resorts in Chennai for team outing.
Location: East Coast Road, Muttukadu
Tariff: INR 7,007/- to INR 9,116/-
Hotel Rating: 4.5
Hotel Facilities: Pool | Restaurant | Bar/Lounge | Spa | Fitness Centre with Gym | Rooms with Minibar | Free High Speed Internet | Business Centre with Internet Access | Meeting & Conference Rooms | Laundry Service | Banquet Room | Multilingual Staff | Children Activities | Airport Transportation | Free Breakfast | Dry Cleaning | Concierge

3. Ideal Beach Resort

True to its name, this resort is among the ‘ideal’ Chennai beach resorts owing to its refreshing and peaceful ambience and a beautiful beach to chill at. Sitting in the lap of the idyllic coromandel coastlinee overlooking the Bay of Bengal, Ideal Beach Resort provides endless opportunities to refresh and rejuvenate oneself. Visitors can experience the Ayurvedic Massage & Spa, shop for souvenirs at their boutique, & visit their orchid farmin Poonjeri Village where 30 different types and colors of orchids are grown, among other interesting activities.
Location: East Coast Road, Devaneri Village, Mahabalipuram
Tariff: INR 6,939/- to INR 15,103/-
Hotel Rating: 4
Hotel Facilities: Pool | Spa | Restaurant | Fitness Centre with Gym | Bar/Lounge | Tennis Court | Free High Speed Internet | Business Centre with Internet Access | Children Activities | Free Breakfast | Dry Cleaning | Meeting Rooms | Banquet Room

4. V G P Golden Beach Resort

This is where you can witness Chennai’s real coastal beauty. It is ideal for those who want to get closer to nature and are looking for a place to spend their time in tranquility. This resort also has a lot of artistic pieces on display that tempt those who have a thing for art and craft. You can get indulged in various indoor and outdoor recreational activities at this beach resort, including tennis, cricket, badminton, chess, carrom, etc. Don’t forget to add V G P Golden Beach Resort to your travel plan when looking for Chennai beach resorts for family.
Location: No. 5/159, East Coast Road, Injambakkam, 600115 Chennai, India
Tariff: INR 3,542/- to INR 5,310/-
Hotel Rating: 4
Hotel Facilities: Terrace | Restaurant | Bar | Spa | Fitness Centre with Gym | Air conditioning | Free High Speed Internet | Business Centre with Internet Access | Meeting & Conference Rooms | Laundry Service | Newspapers | Children Activities | Airport Transportation | Free Breakfast | 24-hour front desk | Car hire

Budget Beach Resorts In Chennai

If you are not one of those who prefer staying in lavish hotels or resorts, then check out these beach resorts in Chennai at low cost. Though inexpensive but each resort will ascertain comfort as well as convenience that you are looking for!

5. Country Club Jade Beach Resort

The Country Club Jade Beach Resort located on the ECR stretch is known for its breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal from every corner of the property. Awarded as the “Best Resort” in South India in the year 2012 by Epicurus South India Hospitality, the resort is equipped with all modern amenities. It provides for a perfect getaway to relax and unwind and also lets visitors enjoy the goodness of the beach, which makes it an ideal beach resort in Chennai.
Location: Kelambakkam, ECR Road
Tariff: INR 2,993/- to INR 5,443/-
Hotel Rating: 3
Hotel Facilities: Multi Cuisine Restaurant | Pool | Fitness Centre with Gym | Spa |
Beach Sport Activities | Activities for Kids | Shuttle Bus Service | Free Breakfast | Business Centre with Internet Access

6. Mamalla Beach Resort

With a large array of world-class amenities and direct access to a charming beach, the Mamalla Beach Resort is among the best beach resorts in Chennai. This relaxed beachfront resort possesses luxurious, upgraded rooms with all the modern facilities set in colourful buildings as well as an international restaurant specializing in local seafood with an outdoor dining area and bar.
Location: Near Kovalam Beach, Mahabalipuram
Tariff: INR 3,810/- TO INR 5,102/-
Hotel Rating: 3.5
Hotel Facilities: Pool | Bar | Beach Facing Conference Hall | Banquet | Play Area for Kids | Cricket Ground | Vegetable Garden | Ayurvedic Wellness Spa | Doctor on Call

7. InDeco Resort

Nestled on the tranquil Mamallapuram beach in Chennai, InDeco Resort is carved out of a British camping site from the 1800’s and proudly restores that heritage. InDeco’s display of local art, vernacular architecture, & preservation of ecology, all in a modern format, is highly commendable. It employs local crafts-persons to showcase their skills to all its visitors, and in return, offers livelihood benefits to these local communities. Offering spacious rooms, authentic cuisines, and contemporary luxuries in a historical backdrop at a very nominal price, InDeco Resort has earned itself the tag of being among the most affordable private beach resorts in Chennai.
Location: Mamallapuram Beach, Mahabalipuram
Tariff: INR 3,127/- to INR 4,350/-
Hotel Rating: 3.5
Hotel Facilities: Pets Allowed | Restaurant | Pool | Fitness Centre with Gym | Bar/Lounge | Free Internet | Business Centre with Internet Access | Children Activities | Airport Transportation | Free Breakfast | Meeting Rooms

8. Silver Sands Resort

Set in a down to earth, rustic and romantic jungle concept, Silver Sands Resort never fails to charm its visitors. It is located on the ECR stretch amongst casuarina trees, providing a spectacular view of the Bay of Bengal. The best part about the resort it provides the finest of facilities at the unbelievably low prices, which is why it is among the best beach resorts in Chennai in terms of budget.
Location: ECR, Devaneri Village, Mahabalipuram
Tariff: INR 3,059/- to INR 3,671/-
Hotel Rating: 3.5
Hotel Facilities: Pets Allowed | Pool | Restaurant | Free Internet | Free Breakfast | Indoor Games and Adventure Sports | Laundry Services

9. Golden Sun Beach Resort

Golden Sun Beach Resort on Covelong beach boasts of a spacious, comfortable, and incredibly affordable stay, and rightly so. Being one of the romantic resorts in Chennai for couples, it offers private access to beach bums, and relaxation to those seeking peace, along with which it has all facilities for every type of traveler they serve at rock bottom rates. Providing a horde of amenities at a low budget, Golden Sun is listed among the cheapest Chennai beach resorts.
Location: Covelong Beach, Mahabalipuram
Tariff: INR 2,787/- to INR 5,302/-
Hotel Rating: 3
Hotel Facilities: Restaurant | Pool | Bar/Lounge | Fitness Centre with Gym | Business Centre with Internet Access | Laundry Service | Banquet | Conference Facilities

10. Beach Park And Club Resort

Spread over one and a half acres of lush green lawns with plenty of open space for parties and events and the most exotic range of South Indian seafood, Beach Park and Club Resorts is a business class resort that offers one a perfect escape from the stress and chaos of city life. The resort, being located on the peppy beach strip on East Coast Road, provides for one of the most outstanding beach resorts in Chennai.
Location: Chinnadi Kuppam Road, Vettuvankeni
Tariff: INR 2,721/- to INR 3,402/-
Hotel Rating: 3.5
Hotel Facilities: Multi-Cuisine Restaurant | Pool | Restaurant | Bar/Lounge | Spa | Free Internet | Airport Transportation | Free Breakfast

11. Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Blue Lagoon, unlike other typical resorts, has evolved and changed over the years to meet the changing demands and needs of its customers. It has equipped itself with all modern facilities to be able to satisfy every type of client, be it a family, a honeymoon couple, or corporate travelers, at realistic prices. Apart from being renowned for its excellent services in terms of food, fun & recreation activities, the resort boasts of continued support of Chennai’s leading IT, national and multinational corporates. And for this very reason, Blue Lagoon Beach Resort has earned a place among the most admirable and budget beach resorts in ECR.
Location: East Coast Road, Neelankarai
Tariff: INR 2,500/- to INR 3,500/-
Hotel Rating: 3.5
Hotel Facilities: Beach | Restaurant | Pool | Children Activities

12. Sathyam Grand Resorts

This resort is located on the highway between Chennai and Bangalore, in a small town named Sriperambadur. Covering 15 acres of land, this resort is known for its lush greenery and provides finest facilities to the guests. The resort has a multi-cuisine restaurant, Ayurvedic spa, conference rooms, bar, and recreational centres. With availability of multiple cuisines, breakfast, morning tea, and coffee, there’s nothing much you can ask for!
Location: No. 145, Bengaluru – Chennai Hwy, OPP NOKIA FACTORY, V.R.P. Chatram, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu 602105
Tariff: INR 2,996/- to INR 4,525/-
Hotel Rating: 3.9
Hotel Facilities: Restaurant | Bar | Spa | Fitness Centre with Gym | Air conditioning | Free High Speed Internet | Business Centre with Internet Access | Meeting & Conference Rooms | Laundry Service | Newspapers | Children Activities | Airport Transportation | Free Breakfast | 24-hour front desk | Car hire

13. Sea La Vie Covelong Beach Resort

If you are looking for a beach resort with rooms that let you get absorbed in the breathtaking views, then this is the one! You can watch the sun rise from your room and even engage yourself in various activities like cricket, basketball, volleyball, and many indoor games. You’ll be served with Hi-tea and a welcome drink – reflecting the warmth of staff here!
Location: Sea View Road Next to Covelong Surf School, Kovalam, Tamil Nadu 603112
Tariff: INR 2,552- to INR 2,801/-
Hotel Rating: 4.2
Hotel Facilities: Restaurant | Bar | Spa | Fitness Centre with Gym | Air conditioning | Free High Speed Internet | Business Centre with Internet Access | Meeting & Conference Rooms | Laundry Service | Newspapers | Children Activities | Airport Transportation | Free Breakfast | 24-hour front desk | Car hire

14. Green Coconut

This resort is located in the middle of the vast greenery of the town of Muttukadu in Chennai. The resort has been designed with extreme expertise and intelligence, keeping all aspects in mind. The various facilities range from swimming pools to recreational activities like indoor and outdoor games. Here, you’ll be served with scrumptious Indian snacks and evening tea or coffee.
Location: #58/1, East Coast Road, Near Mahabalipuram, Muttukadu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020
Tariff: INR 1,862/- to INR 3,780/-
Hotel Rating: 3.7
Hotel Facilities: Restaurant | Bar | Spa | Fitness Centre with Gym | Air conditioning | Free High Speed Internet | Business Centre with Internet Access | Meeting & Conference Rooms | Laundry Service | Newspapers | Children Activities | Airport Transportation | Free Breakfast | 24-hour front desk | Car hire

15. Hudson Hotels And Resorts

This place is exclusively known for its peaceful environs and is mostly visited by people who are seeking a refuge from the hustle bustle of city life. Established within beautiful natural setting, this resort is ideal for having an intriguing walk in nature. The place serves the guests with a variety of facilities and is ideal for those who are traveling in groups.
Location: Hudson hotels, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu 602105
Tariff: INR 3,179/- to INR 3,964/-
Hotel Rating: 3.9
Hotel Facilities: Restaurant | Bar | Spa | Fitness Centre with Gym | Air conditioning | Free High Speed Internet | Business Centre with Internet Access | Meeting & Conference Rooms | Laundry Service | Newspapers | Children Activities | Airport Transportation | Free Breakfast | 24-hour front desk | Car hire

Shopping In Chennai

Chennai has a very rich Indian history of Chennai that attracts a huge number of tourists from India and abroad. With Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry in its vicinity, it is fast picking up pace as India’s premier cultural hubChennai shopping gives away much of this cultural essence, where travelers feel like they’re taking home a small part of this charming city to relish forever!
Find all major things to buy in Chennai and the best places for them.

Malls in Chennai

Know where you engage in an elite shopping experience in Chennai:

1. Phoenix Mall

One of the biggest malls in Chennai, Phoenix Market City houses renowned international brands like Parcos, L’Occitane, ZARA, Diesel and ONLY. The mall has amazing dining partners like Rajdhani, Nalas Appakadai, Bombaysthan, Cha Republic, and Gelato Italiano. ScaryHouse, FunCity, and Chhota Bheem are the best entertainment options for bowling and fun games.
Location: 142, Velachery Road, Indira Gandhi Nagar, Velachery
Timings: 11 AM – 10 PM

2. Express Avenue

With 220 outlets of national and international brands, one is spoilt for choice at Express Avenue. Brands offering elite merchandise include Allen Solly, Peter England, Pepe Jeans, Splash, Jashn etc. The mall even has a customer assistant robot – EA Bot, the first of its kind in Chennai.

Location: No:2, Club House Road, Mount Road, Royapettah
Timings: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM

3. Ampa Skywalk

Ampa Skywalk is relatively smaller than its rivals, but its prime location in the heart of Chennai has made it the “Mall for All”. Basic Life, Westside, and Lifestyle are some branded outlets you’ll find here. It’s food court has major food retailers like Pizza Hut and KFC.

Location: No:1, Nelson Manickam Road, 627, Poonamallee High Road, Aminjikarai

Chennai Sarees

Here’s where you can buy Chennai’s indisputable specialty:

4. Nalli Silks

Nalli Silks is one of the oldest and most authentic silk saree shops in Chennai with its presence in New Jersey too. The company’s tagline “90 years of heritage wrapped in six yards” says it all. They have innumerable varieties of sarees – Kanchipuram silk, Tussar Silk, Cotton Silk, Banarasi Silk, Chanderi Silk, and a lot more.


RMKV’s silk saree for the bride has become an inseparable shopping item in Tamil weddings. The shop offers authentic silk sarees in all possible hues and textures and is one of the trendsetters in the Chennai Silks market. The shop offers an elite shopping experience and has an awesome collection of sarees and dresses from all over India.

6. Kay

One of the most ethnic boutiques in Chennai, Kay has been in the fashion industry for over 4 decades for its knee-length designer Anarkali, bright Patialas, heavy-worked lehengas, and exclusive designer sarees that is bound to earn you the spotlight! Shopping in Chennai for sarees? This is the place to be!

Timings: 10 AM – 9:30 PM

7. Varsidhi

Varsidhi offers a premium collection of corporate wear, ethnic traditional sarees, designer salwar suits and kurtis, bridal lehengas, and ready-made blouses making it the best saree shops in Chennai. While it has its presence in Bangalore as well, it’s three in Chennai are exceptional!
Timings: 10 AM – 8:30 PM

Street Shopping in Chennai

More into affordable shopping? Get to these places:

8. Cotton Street

Cotton Street is a modest lane in Chennai with stalls of about 60 vendors on one side of the lane and the price per meter of fabric starts at 30 bucks! If you are looking for cheap shopping in Chennai for kurtas, sarees, and dupattas, Cotton Street can comfortably load your wardrobe without you having to spend a fortune!
Location: Pantheon Road
Timings: 2 PM – 8 PM
Tip: Bargain to get the best price.

9. Sowcarpet

Called the Mini Rajasthan of Chennai, Sowcarpet is a narrow street with lots of small shops selling sarees, lehengas, fabrics, salwar suits, kurtis, fashion accessories spices, electronics, and almost everything under one roof.
Location: Peddanaickenpet, George Town
Timings: 11 AM – 9 PM
Tip: The streets are really narrow. Don’t take your car here.

10. Pondy Bazaar and T.Nagar

Yet another happening place for Chennai Shopping, Pondy Bazaar and Ranganathan Street are loaded with small and big shops selling salwar materials, kurtas, fashion accessories, footwear, and handbags. The place is often called ‘the college teens’ fashion destination’. There are also lots of eateries serving delicious food!
Timings: 10 AM – 9 PM

Other Places for Chennai Shopping

That’s not all! Here’s where you can find more trinkets to take home:

11. Moore Market

Moore Market in Chennai is the place for the bibliophile in you. The lane is loaded with book shops selling second hand books of engineering, medical, and even novels. A few prominent book shops that you might want to check include Praveen Bookshop, NVS Book Stall, and Baskar Book House.
Timings: 10:15 AM to 8:30 PM

12. Roshan

Roshan, the Bag Mall, has 27 branches across Tamil Nadu and has earned a huge customer base owing to its quality products and a wide range of collection. Local collection of bags can be bought at dirt cheap rates at Pondy Bazaar too.
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM

13. Musee Musical

Testimonials from A.R.Rahman and Sivamani are enough to know the standards of this place. You can get all world-class musical Chennai shopping done here. There is also a musical school run by Musee Musical. If you are lucky, you can bump into the who’s who of Tamil music industry here!
Location: 73, Anna Salai, Near Devi Theatre, Anna Salai
Timings: 10 AM – 8 PM

14. Burma Bazaar

Located close to the Central Railway Station, Burma Bazaar is a lane of electronic shops and DVD shops selling DVDs of movies and adult content. You can buy imported electronic items like mobile phones, TVs, music players, and imported dolls. Your search for cheap shopping in Chennai for electronics ends here!
Location: North Beach Road, Chennai Port Trust
Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM
Tip: Check the product’s authenticity before purchasing.

15. Prakrit Art Gallery

Prakrit Art Gallery, Chennai is well known for its unique and antique pieces of art. The place is aesthetically designed with its sheer pieces of excellence. You can shop, attend events, or check out their exhibitions. Make Chennai Shopping memorable with a piece of art from Prakrit Art Gallery!
Location: Prakriti Arts(P) Limited, 1st Cross Rd, RA Puram, Govindaswamy Nagar
Timings: 11 AM – 5 PM

16. Sree Leathers

If you are checking out the best place to buy shoes in Chennai, Sreeleathers is the ultimate choice. They have a mind-blowing collection of footwear for the entire family at affordable prices. The leather accessories also have been a huge draw for the company.
Location: 20, S Usman Road, Ashok Nagar, T Nagar
Timings: 9 AM – 9:30 PM

17. Sri Krishna Sweets

There’s nothing like the Special Ghee Mysore Pak from Sri Krishna Sweets and Adyar Ananda Bhavan! Indulge in its sweet and savory flavour and never miss a few boxes of Special Ghee Mysore Pak to gift your special ones.

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