You may never have been outside your home country. Or, conversely, you might be one of the more seasoned travelers.
This time we will tell you more about the countries where you can become a successful homeowner or wealthy real estate investor. The list includes places where you will receive great returns and timely approvals for mortgages and loans.

1. Panama

This area is great for those who prefer safer places. If you are a US citizen, buying a property in Panama will pay off as the government offers wonderful tax benefits. An investor can enjoy a tax free life for a decade!

2. Italy

Welcome to Abruzzo. This fantastic region is surrounded by hills. You will be the owner of a $ 50,000 home. If you renew it, you can resell it for almost 4 times the amount. It is quite a profitable business. This destination is both beautiful and quite affordable.

3. Argentina

Investors love Central America. In Argentina you can get richer. It is an affordable country with a lot to offer homeowners. Look around and buy something interesting in Buenos Aires, for example. In the future, this type of investment will certainly pay off.

4. Thailand

Asia is made up of many different countries. Thailand is very friendly and is always happy to see new people coming to buy property there. You can try to be an investor and not just a regular tourist there. Thanks to the treaty, it is particularly easy for a US citizen to buy real estate over there.

5. Mexico

If you move south of the Mexican border, you will be offered incredible investment opportunities. Even if you are not the richest and most successful investor, you can buy something interesting in Playa del Carmen. Your business will flourish thanks to rapidly developing tourism.

6. Belize

If you are looking for an affordable location, we recommend that you consider investing in Ambergris Caye. Buying a property with perfect views could cost you just over $ 290,000. The area is gaining popularity due to its beautiful beaches.
Whichever of the listed countries you choose, you will quickly become a very successful property owner and investor. Make it your business and get richer. Enjoy the endless opportunities that all these countries can offer you.