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Egypt – the name itself invokes a sense of mysterious antiquity. Over the years, the country has had many regimes at the helm, most prominently the Ottoman and the British Empires. Blessed with magnificent monuments, lush delta, beguiling desert and mighty Nile, this place offers an unmatchable experience as one decides to book a package for Egypt tourism.
Pyramids, although they exist in many other civilizations around the world, are somehow inseparably associated with Egypt. The country has many of these grand tombs of the Pharaohs scattered around the desert area and seeing all of them is quite impossible. But Egypt travel is incomplete without visiting at least some of them. The Pyramid of Giza, the Great Sphinx and the Pyramid of Khufu are the most famous ones. But there are some lesser-known ones as well, which are worth the time and money for the Egypt pyramids tour – Pyramid of Khafre, the Red Pyramid, Step Pyramid of Djoser and the Pyramid of Menkaure.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Egypt is from September to April when the weather is cool and pleasant. December and January see the peak season in Egypt due to the Christmas and New Year festivities. It might get very crowded during these months due to a large inflow of tourists, hence it is advisable to book hotels and tickets in advance. Summer season i.e from May to August is very inappropriate to plan a visit to Egypt with temperatures rising to as high as 38 degree Celsius.
March-May (25°C to 35°C):
March marks the end of the peak season and the beginning of excessive heat. There is occasional rain during this time. Temperature is much cooler than what it becomes in the next three months. But do keep an eye out or rather shut, for the famous Khamsin Wind – a minor sandstorm that occurs across Egypt during April-May.
Get to enjoy a Copic festival of Pharaonic origin during the spring season.
June – August (40°C to 45°C):
The month of June experiences the start of the scorching heat, but to see what summer means in a desert country, that too in the greatest desert of the world, one must wait till mid-July. The heat is too much, especially in Luxor and Aswan which are two very important tourist destinations. Even the lower rates of hotel and flight tickets are not worth it because of the extreme weather conditions.
Plan a trip during the month of June to celebrate the festival of Ramadan.
September – November (38°C to 40°C):
Heat in the southern cities still remain near 38°C-40°C, but the cities in Northern Egypt gets a little bit cooler than May – June. This is the time when beach activities by the Red Sea and the Mediterranean are very popular.
From scuba diving, snorkeling to swimming with sharks and dolphins, visitors have many options to pursue. Nile River Cruises are also a great way to enjoy the autumn.
December – February (15°C to 20°C):
Have you been wondering about what could be the best time to visit Egypt pyramids. It won’t be that cold, since the whole country has a very arid and dry desert-like climate all through the year, but it does get pretty chilly at the nights. But temperatures do come down to around 20 degrees during December and January in more or less every part, even Luxor and Aswan.
Partake in the West Bank Marathon event held in late January or early February for an altogether different experience.


Summer Season in Egypt

Egypt weather is sweltering during the summer. For this reason, the crowd is very thin. The hotels are more affordable and is the best time for budget travelling. Since the majority of Egypt celebrates Ramadan for one whole month typically in summer, some attractions can close earlier.

Monsoon Season in Egypt

Monsoons in Egypt are very erratic. Usually, no place receives much of rainfall. During early spring Cairo and some other northern parts do receive some scattered rainfall. But there can be a drought for a year and then a flash flood the next year. There is no specific monsoon season.

Winter Season in Egypt

Egypt only has summer, too much summer and a little less summer! So the time which should ideally be winter is actually characterised by the milder warmth in the air. However, this ensures that the holiday season sees a lot of crowd in Egypt.

How To Reach

Reaching Egypt by Air

The main airports in Egypt are Cairo International Aiport and Luxor International Airport. The other major airports are at Aswan, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh. Non-stop flights are available, with most of them landing at Cairo International Airport. Major Indian airlines include Air India and Jet Airways. The secondary points of entry here are through Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Amman, etc.

Reaching Egypt by Bus

The most convenient and the most popular way of travelling to Egypt by bus would be from Israel. Buses leave from stops at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem cities. The JETT bus company also has a bus service that brings you to Cairo from Amman, following a direct route.

Reaching Egypt by Road

Renting cars is an inexpensive proposition in Egypt. However, getting here by car is not the most preferred option. This is because the authorities in the border areas can refrain from granting you entry through those points, on account of it being a private vehicle. Therefore, several people prefer to get to Egypt by bus.

Reaching Egypt by Water

There are daily ferries travelling between Nuweiba and Taba as well as Aqaba in Jordan. There are also a number of cruises that halt in Egypt as a part of their itinerary, getting off at Port Said or at Alexandria.

Best Places To Visit

1. Pyramids Of Giza

Pyramids Of Giza
The three pyramids, which house the tombs of ancient pharaohs, are one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Located on the Giza Plateau, the pyramids are the only Wonder to have remained intact over thousands of years. The Great Pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Khufu, is 138 meters high and is open to tourists via the Robber’s Tunnel. The limestone Sphinx structure is also part of the same complex. The pyramids complex of Giza is the jewel of Egypt tourist attractions and one of the most popular Egypt sightseeing places.
Location: Giza
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM
Entry fee: INR 1700 (including all three pyramids and the Solar Boat Museum)

2. Valley Of Kings, Luxor

Valley Of Kings, Luxor
Located on the East bank of river Nile, Luxor was the site of the ancient city of Thebes and is one of the most popular Egypt tourist spots. Hailed as the world’s largest open-air museum, Luxor is best known for the Valley of Kings that houses rock-cut tombs of ancient pharaohs. Famous ancient kings such as Tutankhamun and Amenhotep were buried here. Although there are about 63 tombs that have been excavated, only a small number is open to tourists. Tutankhamun’s tomb, called the KV62, has a separate entry charge. One of the most haunting places to see in Egypt for sure!
Location: Luxor
Timings in Summers: 6 AM – 5 PM (till 4 PM in winters)
Entry fee: INR 380 for three tombs of choice | INR 760 for KV62

3. Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo
The Islamic Cairo district in the capital of Egypt is filled with medieval mosques, monuments, and madrassas, and is one of the foremost Egypt tourist attractions. The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan is an impressive example and visible reminder of the Islamic heritage of this beautiful city. If you delve deep into the part near the walled city, you can also find workshops and artisan families that have worked there for a millennium, making it one of the best places to visit in Egypt 2019.
Location: Cairo

4. Citadel Of Saladin

Citadel Of Saladin
One of the many places in ancient Egypt to be declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the citadel was built by the famous Ayyubid ruler Saladin to protect the Cairo and Fustat (the first Egyptian capital under the Caliphate) against Crusaders. The huge fortification is lined by several watchtowers and houses several stunning mosques and the Well of Joseph inside. The Al-Naseer, Sulayman Pasha and the Al Gawhara Palace museum are three places that are a must for Egypt sightseeing tours in Cairo.
Location: Central Cairo
Entry fee: INR 384
Timings: 9 AM – 4 PM

5. Aswan

This is one of the most relaxing Egypt holiday destinations in the Southern part. In ancient Egypt, it was called Swenette and housed the stone quarries that supplied material to build the famous pyramids. However, Aswan is now known for its breathtaking views of the desert dunes and the Nile river. The Elephantine Islands are the perfect getaway for a relaxing weekend. The colorful Nubian villages in the center of the island are offbeat Egypt tourist attractions and make for a great evening stroll.
Location: 900 kilometers from Cairo

6. Rock Temples Of Abu Simbel

Rock Temples Of Abu Simbel
Located along the Western banks of Lake Nasser, the twin temples of Ramesses II and his queen Nefertari were carved right into the mountains and are one of the most popular Egypt places to visit. The rock impressions of the king and the queen sitting on their thrones and overlooking the vastness of the Egyptian mountains is an iconic image of ancient Egypt. The temple was relocated because of the rising waters of the lake in the 60s and receives hundreds of visitors every day.
Location: Abu Simbel, Nubia
Entry fee: INR 615
Timings: 5 AM – 6 PM

7. Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum
The ancient cities of Egypt have been excavated to reveal temples, palaces, and tombs that are thousands of years old, and you may wonder where all the fabled treasure went. After all, the Egyptians were famous for burying their dead with all kinds of things – gold, golden artifacts, books, and so on. Worry not, because the Egyptian Museum is that dream come true. The pyramids tell you only half the story, the other half is housed in this biggest Egypt collection in the world, including the famous excavation from the tomb of Tutankhamun, making it one of the most spectacular Egypt places to visit.
Location: Cairo
Entry fee: INR 460
Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM

8. White Desert

White Desert
It is hard to believe that this surreal Egypt attraction of the Sahara Desert is natural. Enormous formations of chalk ranging from snow white to cream in color abound in the region, which also features the sand dunes of the Great Sand Sea and the cliffs of the Farafra Depression. The white boulders and pinnacles have been shaped by wind erosion for several millennia. The surrounding national park also houses the Rhim and Dorcas gazelle, the last of which roam the arid landscape here. With endless splendor, it is among the most beautiful places to visit in Egypt.
Location: Farafra

9. Abydos

This city is another literal open-air museum and one of the best places to visit in Egypt. The Mother of Pots, also called the Umm el-Qa’ab, is a sophisticated necropolis where the first pharaohs are buried. The area is named so because of excavations that revealed thousands of shards of pots that were littered in honor of the kings. Abydos is also where the temple of Seti I was found, which contains the famous hieroglyphic inscription called the Abydos List.
Location: Abydos, 500 kilometres from Cairo
Entry fee: INR 140 (Abydos Temple) | INR 230 (Seti Temple)
Timings: 6 AM – 5 PM

10. Alexandria

This city once housed the world’s biggest library and was a jeweled outpost for the Greco-Roman empires. Since then, little remains of the fabled places in the city, but the city has become one of the best Egypt destinations away from the grind and dust of the rest of the Egyptian cities. The Pompey pillar square is a great place to hang out, and the streets are lined with chic cafes in a welcome break from the cuisine elsewhere in Egypt.
Location: 200 kilometres from Cairo

11. Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis
The Bahariya Oasis came to the limelight in 1996 when a massive burial site with over thirty tombs was discovered here. The site contained around 250 “Golden Mummies” dating back to different periods of time throughout history. The site also holds the ruins and remnants of the Temple of Alexander. Other than being found as a burial ground for mummies, Bahariya also acts as a major agricultural center for Egypt, famous for its wine production even till date. Some of the famous attractions in and near Bahariya include the White Desert and the Crystal Mountain, both known for their odd geological structures that tend to fascinate visitors.
Location: El-Wahat el-Bahariya, Western Desert, Egypt

12. Ras Muhammad National Park

Ras Muhammad National Park
Other than being the most famous national park within Egypt, Ras Muhammad also happens to be one of the most popular diving sites in the world. The park is tucked amidst the colorful coral reefs and mangroves of the Red Sea as well as the inland desert of the Sinai. It has crystal-clear waters that allow divers and snorkeling enthusiasts to easily spot the vibrant corals as well as vertebrate and invertebrate marine species. If one is to take a boat to go a little further into the sea, they might even be able to spot dolphins, including Risso’s Dolphin. Other than teeming with rich marine creatures and corals, the park is also home to thousands of White Storks.
Location: Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Entry fee: INR 350/-
Timings: 7 AM – 4 PM

Best Things To Do

01. Things to Do in Cairo

1.Visit the most popular Islamic mosque, Mosque of Mohamed Ali.
2.Visit the oldest church of Egypt, The Hanging Church.
3.Sail down the Nile on a felucca.
4.Visit the crazy Khan El Khalili bazaar.
5.Spend the day at the Egyptian Museum.
6.Dance with the Egyptians around a campfire.
7.Get a birds-eye view from Cairo Tower.
8.Have a coffee at El- Fishawi Cafe.
9.Watch the statue of Ramesses II.
10.Take a Qarun lake boat ride.
11.Watch opera or theatre in Egypt at Cairo opera house.
12.Take a walk through a petrified forest protected area.
13.Have spicy besaran at Zööba.
14.Spend hours touring the Abdeen Palace.
15.Visit Al-Rifa’i Mosque.
16.Find inspiration out of your window with exclusive views from The Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel.
17.Visit the aquarium grotto garden.

02. Things to Do in Giza

18.Do Quad Bike ATV ride in the Open desert of Giza Pyramids.
19.Visit Great Sphinx of Giza.
20.Experience something unique at The Grand Egyptian Museum.
21.Explore the great pyramid of Khafre.
22.Walk in Wadi Hitan National Park.
23.Enjoy sound and light show of the Giza Pyramids.
24.Explore Giza Solar Boat Museum.
25.Visit Red and Bent Pyramid.
26.Take a guided tour of Egypt papyrus museum.
27.Eat endless amounts of Falafel sandwich in streets of Giza.
28.Crawl space in Sakkara.
29.Enjoy your stay at Oasis Hotel.

03. Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh
30.Take a helicopter view of Tiran Island.
31.Ride the camel in Sharm El Sheikh Desert.
32.Explore the history at King Tutankhamun Museum.
33.Adventure at Aqua Blue Water Park.
34.Shop for Egyptian gifts in old market of Sharm.
35.Picnic in the Dolphina Park.
36.Dive the Red Sea.
37.Diving at the Ras Muhammad National Park.
38.Decompress on Terrazzina Beach.
39.Watch Blue Valley or Coloured Mountain at the blue desert.
40.See the treasures of the heavenly cathedral.
41.Have lunch at the Nubian island hotel.

04. Things to Do in Luxor

42.Go cycling on the west bank of Luxor.
43.Visit the Karnak temple and temple of Seti.
44.Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Nile river.
45.Visit the temple of Medinat Habu.
46.Explore Luxor Temple and Museum at night.
47.Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut – Deir el-Bahari
48.Walk through the valley of artisans.
49.Visit Avenue of Sphinxes.
50.Learn about the Colossi of Memnon statues.
51.Enjoy at Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa.
52.Explore about mummies at Mummification Museum
53.Visit Karnak Open Air Museum.
54.Take in the beauty of the Valley of the Kings
55.Explore Dendera and Abydos Temples

05. Things to Do in Hurghada

56.Enjoy at Makadi Bay Water World.
57.Take a trip to the underwater Hurghada grand aquarium.
58.Take a tour of Safari to Sahara Park.
59.Couple up on Giftun Island.
60.Take an adventurous trip to Jungle Aqua Park.
61.Enjoy cable wakeboarding in Hurghada.
62.Discover Desert Breath in Qesm Hurghada.
63.Enjoy surfing at Mahmya Island.
64.See sand art at the sand city museum.
65.Stay in Hurghada Marina.

06. Things to Do in Marsa Alam and Aswan

Marsa Alam and Aswan
66.Swim in Sharm El Luli beach.
67.Reef diving in Elphinstone Reef.
68.Dive into the Sataya Dolphin House Reef.
69.Take a bath in Steigenberger Coraya Beach.
70.Visit Abu Simbel Temples.
71.Watch sound show of Philae temple in the night.
72.Explore the Nubian village.
73.Water sports at Philae Island.
74.See Unfinished obelisk in Aswan.
75.Temple of Kom Ombo- Temple of Crocodile God Sobek.
76.Visit Nubian Museum in Aswan.
77.Spend some time at Aswan Botanical Garden.

07. Things to Do in Alexandria

Alexandria - Egypt
78.Visit the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.
79.Take a walk in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Library in Alexandria.
80.Boating at the Shore of Alexandria.
81.Take a trip to Alexandria national museum.
82.Explore the Citadel of Qaitbay or The Fort of Qaitbay.
83.Visit Royal Jewelry Museum.
84.Explore Pompey’s Pillar.
85.Have dinner with the Nubians.

08. Things to Do in Dahab

86.Discover the beauty of underwater in the blue hole of Dahab.
87.Climb Mount Sinai for a sunset view.
88.Visit St.Catherine’s Monastery – Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai.
89.Enjoy a walk-in Dahab’s Eel Garden.
90.See Coloured Canyon – A rock formation on the Sinai peninsula.

09. Other Things to Do in Egypt:

91.Soar over the Great Sand Sea during a hot air ballooning experience.
92.Mit Ghamr Dovecotes – Giant pigeon houses packed into city streets in Egypt.
93.Take a jeep safari ride in the white desert in Farafra.
94.Relax around the Magic lake in Fayoum.
95.Take a Cave tour of Sanur Valley Cave.
96.Buy ornaments made of Great Sand Sea Glass of the Libyan Desert.
97.Check out Fjord Bay and Saladin Citadel in Taba.
98.Explore the fortress of Shali in Siwa Oasis.
99.Samir Lama Memorial is in the Sahara Desert.
100.Eat Koushari a famous dish served at Koshary Lux.
101. Discover The Lost City of Heracleion in Al Maadeyah.

Best Places To Eat

1. Samakmak

First on our list of restaurants in Egypt is Samakmak, a cozy, intimate little restaurant with a homely set up of tables and a bright interior that allows a lot of daylight in through the windows, which instantly creates a very welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant was opened by a former belly dancer and is now one of the top restaurants in the country for seafood dishes. Some of their top dishes that are a must try are their prawns, grilled fish, and the batter-fried calamari.
Location: 42 Kasr Raas El Teen Street, Anfushi, Alexandria 21599, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 2,500
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

2. Koshary Abou Tarek

Koshary Abou Tarek
In case you didn’t know, Koshary, or Kushari as it is otherwise known, is one of the signature dishes in Egypt, and the best Koshary is served at Koshary Abou Tarek, one of the best restaurants in Egypt. The owner of the restaurant, Abou Tarek, is so famous for the way he prepares the dish, that he has been featured in many articles and on a couple of TV channels for how great his food is, and therefore a lot of tourists flock to this restaurant to try out his signature dish. If you ever find yourself in Cairo, do yourself a favor and visit this restaurant.
Location: Choppin ln | Champollion, Cairo 11511, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 1,500
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

3. Fish Market

Fish Market
Next on our list is one of the best seafood restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt. Dining at this restaurant will not only please your taste buds but will also be a delight to your eyes, as the restaurant offers some spectacular views of the bay and of Alexandria city in the morning, giving a relaxed pleasant view during the day, and a more romantic view of the lit up city at night. Perfect to celebrate a special occasion with your special someone, the staff are really helpful and courteous and help you pick your order if you have any doubts or confusions.
Location: El Corniche Rd. Beside Scout Club, Alexandria 21599, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 3,500
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

4. Andrea Mariouteya

Located on one of the most popular beaches in Cairo, this restaurant will make you forget you are in Egypt and immediately transport you to Spain, with the Spanish themed décor, architecture and interiors of the restaurant, not to mention the authentic Spanish menu, with the addition of a few Egyptian and European dishes. With spacious outdoor seating, this is the perfect restaurant to go to, to enjoy the warm rays of the sun and the pleasant breeze of the wind while you relish their delicious food.
Location: Andrea El Mariouteya, 59-60 Mariouteya Canal Road, Cairo, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 3,000
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

5. Citadel View Restaurant

Citadel View Restaurant
Feel like royalty as you dine at the Citadel View, one of the best restaurants in ancient Egypt. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor seating arrangement, and we suggest you choose the latter, as the terrace seating option has incredible views of the Citadel, the Al Azhar’s formal gardens and the old Cairo city as well. The cuisine of this restaurant is mostly French but has a good selection of Arabian and Egyptian-style meats to choose from. However, more than their regular menu, the restaurant is famous for its weekend open brunch, which has a sumptuous array of dishes to choose from.
Location: Al Azhar Park, Shari‘ Salah Salem, Cairo, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 2,700
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

6. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
If you are missing home and looking for some Indian restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt, don’t miss out on the Taj Mahal. Not only does it excel in serving the best quality of Indian food in town, but it also considered to be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt. The paneer they serve just instantly melts in your mouth and you will find that the taste will put many of the restaurants back in India to shame. The taste, service, and quality of the food in this restaurant all make this one of the top Indian restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt.
Location: Down Town, Alexandria 21599, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 2,500
TripAdvisor rating: 3.5/5

7. Stefano’s Restaurant

Stefano’s Restaurant
Italian cuisine never goes out of fashion and to try some of the best Italian food in Alexandria, head over to Stefano’s where the interiors alone are enough to impress you. The dimly lit restaurant is perfect for a date and therefore is considered to be one of the top romantic restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt. Coming to their menu, the pasta and pizzas are incredible and if you are fond of meat, they have a great menu of meat and seafood dishes, including some steaks and sizzlers. To finish off your meal, don’t miss out on their desserts, which are considered to be even better than the main course.
Location: El-Gaish Rd, San Stifano, Qism El-Raml, Alexandria Governorate 21599, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 3,500
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

8. Greek Clubhouse

Greek Clubhouse
If you aren’t looking for anything heavy and just want a light meal with a glass of wine from the restaurant’s vast selection of wines and beers and sit on a terrace overlooking the beautiful city of Alexandria, then the Greek Clubhouse is the best place to visit. Known for their interesting selection of appetizers and salads, this is a good place to come to if you don’t want to fill your stomach too much and are just looking for a light snack to enjoy over a great conversation.
Location: 63 Qesm Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 2,000

9. Byblos

Situated in the Four Seasons Hotel in Alexandria is one of the top luxurious restaurants in the city, which is perfect for celebrating any big event or occasion. Specializing in restaurant cuisine, the interiors of this restaurant are so extravagant and luxurious, you will instantly feel like royalty as you are seated in their grand tables and served in a style that’s only fit for Kings and Queens. With the highest quality of ingredients and the most creative style of serving their food, you will remember this meal even long after your vacation is over!
Location: El-Gaish Rd, San Stifano, Qism El-Raml, Alexandria Governorate 21599, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 5,500
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

10. Chez Gaby

Chez Gaby
Tired of the meat overload in Egypt and looking for some vegetarian restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt? Head over to Chez Gaby, an Italian restaurant with a vast array of vegetarian dishes that will definitely make you feel like you are eating a meal at home, because of the friendliness and the hospitality of the staff. Enjoy a pizza or a pasta along with a nice mug of cold beer, at really reasonable prices, and don’t forget to try out their delicious desserts.
Location: 22 El-Horeya Rd, Al Mesallah Sharq, Qesm Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
Cost for two: INR 1,500
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

Best Places To Stay

Shopping In Egypt

1. Khan Al Khalili

This market in the interiors of the old Cairo city is centuries old and is a must-visit for all those who have a bug for shopping. Even if you’re not someone who is into shopping, you can just roam around this market to experience the hustle and bustle of this spectacular Arab city. Keep your pockets filled with cash and learn well to haggle beforehand, as that skill comes very handy at this place. Probably the best place in the entire city to buy novelty T-shirts, little bottles of colored sand having pictures of camels, as well as, the amazing souvenirs with your name printed in hieroglyphics, an ancient Egyptian writing.
Address: Al-Azhar Street, Cairo 11511, Egypt

2. Souk Al Fustat

Situated just outside the northern entrance to Coptic Cairo, the Souk al Fustat is a fascinating little shopping mall that aims at the clear sighted foreign buyers. Do not miss checking out the beautiful handmade copies of Fatimid as well as Mamluke lamps that are sold here by Hassan and Mohamed. Although the prices here are fixed and no amount of bargaining skills can help you, the items available here are also worth your money. You’ll find everything from wonderful bedouin work on pillowcases, colorful metal cups, woodwork, paintings, traditional, bowls, trays, ceramic products, etc. This adds this market to the list of mystery shopping in Egyptas one gets extremely confused about where to spend their bucks. It is a great place to visit, also because you can dive deep into the interiors of the old Cairo as also pay a visit to the hanging church situated next to the souk.
Address: Corner el Emam Street and Hassan al Anwar Street | Old Cairo, Cairo 11511, Egypt

3. Aswan Souk

This beautiful outdoor market is one of the important places of Aswan, southernmost city of Egypt. And although the city is growing day by day, receiving more and more tourists, this Souk retains all the features and characteristics of a millennia-old crossroads between Africa and the Mediterranean world on its trading routes. One can get good quality spices for very reasonable prices here.
Address: Aswan, Egypt

4. Old Market

The best place in Sharm for souvenirs as well as shopping in Egypt , the market boasts of plenty of juice and fruit shops. Also, one can buy things like spices, oils, t-shirts or even small pyramids for keepsakes. Also, there is an extremely beautiful Mosque here which is a must-visit while strolling through the roads of the Old Market. The prices here can be a bit on the higher side, but they are negotiable and one can bargain here. The market also offers plenty of options to eat with many restaurants and shisha lounges.
Address: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

5. Souk-Al-Gamaal

Souk-al-Gamaal or the Birqash Camel Market is a fascinating market in Cairo where one can buy camels for meat, racing or for farming. One of the most horrible sights here is that of the camels who are tied to a rope to keep them from running away, while also being hit with a stick in order to herd them in a specific direction. One can take pictures of the camels here but only after you have paid up for taking your camera inside the market with you.
Address: Barqash, Imbaba, Cairo, Egypt, Cairo 11511, Egypt

6. Sharia Khayamiya

Located in the Cairo, this market is an amazing place for a stroll as it houses very unique and interesting items. The vendors here are very friendly and kind, unlike most of the vendors in Egypt who irritate you by asking you to buy something from their shop. There are many carpets and shawls on offer, as well as mini-sized tents that serve as play house for the kids here. The materials available here are used for several occasions like weddings.
Address: Islamic Cairo, Cairo 11511, Egypt

7. Han El Halili

One of the most popular places for shopping in Egypt, this amazing market offers a plethora of options for its fellow visitors. One can get books and agendas in various sizes here and if one wants their name engraved on the book, even that is available as they can engrave your name on the book with gold gilding. There are also gift shops, souvenir shops as well as shops selling antiques. There are also numerous restaurants available here serving great food.
Address: Cairo, Egypt

8. Suuq El Ataba

This amazing market in Cairo has a lot to offer with many options for its visitors. Various types of jewellery, accessories, clothes, antiques, handmade crafts, etc are available here so there’s at least something for everyone who visits here, making it a must-visit for everyone visiting the beautiful country of Egypt. The atmosphere here is brilliant and one can easily mix with the locals here and share your life experiences too as they are very welcoming which makes it the best place to shop in Egypt. With the prices being very reasonable, there is no need to bargain as you are already getting all the items for the least amount of money. Thus, the market boasts of being one of Egypt’s cheapest markets.
Address: Cairo, Egypt

9. Luxor Bazaar

Situated in the Luxor Center in Luxor, this beautiful market offers things like scarves, statues of deities, music CD’s, gold, silver, clothes as well as spices. The entrance to the market is marked by a structure that looks like a gate that leading to a medieval castle. All the shops here, have matching signs. Also on offer here, are leather goods, papyrus, and postcards. You need a lot of hassling skills in order to buy things at cheap prices here.
Address: Luxor Center, Luxor, Egypt

10. Tent Market

This amazing market is located in the Qasaba of Radwan Bay in Cairo, and is one of the best places to shop if you require peace and a serene atmosphere while shopping in Egypt . The vendors here do not hassle and make sure you are satisfied with anything you buy. It specializes in tents with a huge variety of Tents on offer here. One can also get designed clothes like tablecloths, cushions, etc here. Most of the items here are handmade, and the prices are extremely reasonable.
Address: Qasaba of Radwan Bay, Cairo 11511, Egypt

11. Sharia El Souk

Parallel to the beautiful Nile River, this is a very quiet and less crowded market in Egypt, which is why, it is often visited by people who love calm and quiet environments while shopping. The quietness makes the experience of shopping here very nice and one can peacefully buy things like spices, garments, etc. Although very expensive, the prices can be negotiated very easily and all one needs is to be good at bargaining. Also, there are a few restaurants and bars where you can chill after shopping.
Address: Aswan, Egypt

12. Lotus Bazaar

Another interesting market in Luxor, this fascinating place offers souvenirs, clothes, as well as various stone statues. Also what’s interesting is that unlike other markets, one can easily enjoy window shopping here as the vendors here are very kind and generous, and make sure to not irritate you with their constant offers which makes it one of the best places for shopping in Egypt. There are also different restaurants where one can take a break from shopping so as to satisfy their appetite. With all these things, it is undoubtedly, one of Egypt’s best flea markets.
Address: Khaled Ibn El Waleed Street, Nr. Savoy Street, Luxor, Egypt

13. Cairo Festival City Mall

The perfect shopping place for all ages and sizes, this spectacular mall in the city of Cairo is one of the country’s best. One can get all the necessary household things as well as shop from some of the world’s best brands. And if you get tired or hungry while shopping, there are numerous restaurants here serving delicious food as well. With a lot of shops under one roof, this is the place you should visit whilst your visit to the beautiful country.
Address: Cairo 171-11835, Egypt

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2. Al Shariq Enterprises

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