Travelling to a new place, be it for a leisure vacation or business purpose, requires a lot of planning and preparation, especially during this pandemic era. No matter where you stay, there are some important strategies that will give you that peace of mind that helps you get the most out of your trip. Before even scrolling down to know more about safety rules in hotels during a pandemic, we suggest you do thorough research on the hotel or property that you wish to stay at. The safety and health protocols taken by the properties would define whether it is a safe hotel to visit for a staycation.

The following are the top hotel safety tips recommended by the experts.

  1. The necessity of wearing a mask in public cannot be stressed enough. It is one of the most important hotel safety tips that you must follow. Not just at the hotel but even when you step out for outdoor dining scenes with your friends and family, make sure that you’re wearing your mask till you reach your seat.
  2. Swimming pools have not received a go-ahead by the government yet so you wouldn’t be able to take that much-needed dip in the water. In fact, it is for your safety at a hotel that you avoid pools. Crowded lobbies are also a big no and must be avoided at all cost. The way to staying safe at a hotel during a pandemic is by being extra about social distancing.
  3. Although hotels should be properly sanitizing rooms between guests, it doesn’t hurt to double down and do a quick clean yourself, especially on high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, TV remotes, the bathroom, and any flat surfaces like tables or countertops.
  4. Given that you can’t eat or drink with a mask on, you’re best off avoiding the hotel’s restaurant and bar and instead ordering room service. Dining in your room will limit your contact with others, so room service would be a safer alternative than going to a restaurant.
  5. Gyms have not been given a green signal to start functioning yet. Hence, try to keep yourself away from the gym space. Although nobody is using public space gyms, you should also avoid doing the same. Instead, you can do your workouts in your room. You can request for spacious rooms which can accommodate workout amenities.
  6. To stay safely at a hotel during a pandemic, the best way to follow social distancing is not allowing strangers in your room, even if they are wearing a PPE kit.
  7. Conduct all your reservations and payment transactions online. Depending on the facilities that the hotels are offering and how they plan to function while ensuring the safety of the guests, you can make your bookings directly on our website or mobile app. Once confirmed, you will receive all the necessary updates regarding your reservation. Further, you can also make online payments at the property itself.
  8. Don’t set your credit card on the check-in counter – it’s too easy for a thief to capture the numbers with a good camera. And when it’s handed back to you, be sure it’s your credit card and not someone else’s or a bogus card.
  9. If a valet or porter has accompanied you to your room, block the door open while you check the room. Look in the closet, in the shower, and behind the curtains before you shut the door or release the person who accompanied you.
  10. Use a door wedge to further secure the door – especially when you are sleeping or in the shower. Crooks are not always caught and may not have a record, so they sometimes get hired by hotels where they have excellent access to spare room keys.
  11. Place a flashlight or headlamp by the bead. If there’s an alarm or the electricity goes out, you’ll have the light you need to navigate an unfamiliar building.
  12. Lock the items you won’t be carrying with you, such as your laptop or other electronics, in the room safe. Modern hotels with a safe that lets you select your own combination are safer than those with keys. Don’t leave your passport behind.
  13. If you lose your key or room entry card, report it to the hotel immediately and ask to be moved to another room.
  14. Use the hotel’s main entrance at all times. This helps ensure that staff see you and it gives you the opportunity to ask for an escort if you’re concerned about being followed.
  15. Sanitize your hands before touching your face and after touching any surface with the potential of being infected. Hotels usually provide the guests with sanitizers, but just to be sure you should carry one of yours with you all the time especially when going outside.
  16. WHO has put forth some statements shedding light on the directly proportional relationship between the spread of covid and inadequate ventilation. So, the guests should keep their windows open and allow the fresh flow of air as the risk of transmission of the virus is more in closed spaces.

During these difficult times, most Hotels are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the guests have a safe and comfortable stay. Taking a few steps from your side to solidify that resolve is crucial and we hope this long list of dos and don’ts can help you achieve that. However, one should not treat these safety tips as a substitute for vaccination. Getting vaccinated is important, especially for frequent travelers. Also, carrying your Covid Vaccination Certificate with you is a must!



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