In this age of Facebook and Twitter obsession, where anything that catches our attention is a potential candidate for the next Instagram upload, living in a world sans Internet is somewhat like a horror movie. If the traveller in you is longing to keep a safe distance from all the hustle and bustle of your smart gadget for a good while and breathe into the magical beauty this planet has in its bag, then these no internet destinations in India should be in your bucket list for your upcoming vacation plans already!

1. Detox at the Backwaters of Alleppey

Backwaters of Alleppey

Glide blissfully on your cosy houseboat through the Kerala backwaters as you sit on the deck and treat yourself with the picturesque views. Experience the rich flora and fauna, eat sumptuous sea food, see the never-ending paddy fields and coconut groves that flank the sliding backwaters. Dreamy Kerala is the perfect place for detox holiday packages in India. Stay overnight on a houseboat for a surreal experience. Taste the local food, which is a mix of spicy and tangy and is delicious. Shop for spices and local handicrafts.

2. Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

Kheerganga -  Places In India with no mobile service

Away from the busy calls of the city, Kheerganga rests on one of the highest points of Himachal Pradesh and can be reached only by trekking for a couple of hours to the top. Any kind of vehicle will only get you to Barshaini and after that, you only have your calf muscles to trust. When you do reach the top, there is a beautiful meadow, which welcomes you and a positive vibe all around. There are huge mountains that cover you from all sides and there is a hot water spring, which calls all the tired travellers to it. No phone coverage and a good holiday, that’s what’s in store for you on your trip to Keerganga.

3. Nathang Valley, Sikkim

The Nathang Valley, at 13,500 feet above sea level, is situated in one of the highest regions of the Indian subcontinent and is completely covered with snow for nearly four months from January to April.(Sikkimtourism)

A valley that epitomises paradise on Earth is located in the most isolated area of East Sikkim, on the Old Silk Route of India. The Nathang Valley, at 13,500 feet above sea level, is situated in one of the highest regions of the Indian subcontinent and is completely covered with snow for nearly four months from January to April. Driving up to this location involves a zigzag path that literally takes you “above the clouds.”

4. Swargarohini, Uttarakhand

Swargarohini -  Places In India with no mobile service

In the Uttarkashi district of the state of Uttarakhand Swargarohini is the main peak in the Gangotri range of peaks. This snow-clad peak is alone the source of the Tons River. This trek is considered to be a trek to heaven and the views that you get to pass by do not tell a different story. One can spot the milkyway on a clear sky from the top too. Network coverage is the last thing on your mind when you’re on your way to heaven!

5. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

No Network Destinations In India

This picturesque address in Uttarakhand has legit no network coverage. No, don’t roll your eyes because we got you covered. The valley of flowers is a stunning place in Uttarakhand that promises to take you symbolically high! If you have a zeal for trekking, then the trek starts from Hemkund Sahib, again a famous destination in Uttarakhand. A hair-raising experience added with a breathtaking backdrop of mountains wholly covered with snow, covering a 10 km trek at a stretch, the valley of flowers might not offer you a network but will definitely offer you Instagram-worthy pictures which you can upload later.

6. Agumbe, Karnataka

India's No Internet Destinations

Famously certified as the “Cherrapunji of the South”, Agumbe is a lovely village, planted on a mountain canyon that hooks up the plains of Karnataka and the coastal fields. This village is blanketed with leafy forests shimmering waterfalls and cute little fountains that make the region in the western territory seem like the Garden of Eden. The bewildering view of the sun sinking into the Arabian sea makes this place one of the extraordinary no internet destinations in India.

7. Rann of Kutch


Imagine nothingness and then imagine it some more! Being one of the remote places in India and the largest salt desert in the world, the Rann of Kutch comes to life somewhere in October as the otherwise watered locale begins to dry up. Camping there can be a surreal experience. India packages offer this great experience as the Rann is one of the best holiday destinations in India. Visit Kala Dungar and experience a panoramic view of the desert. Camp overnight for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

8. Lungthung – Dhupidhara in Sikkim

India's No Internet Destinations

Sikkim, also known as Indrakil, that is, the garden of the war god Indra comprises this one-of-a-kind place called Lungthung-Dhupidhara that deserves the attention of all the tourists and travellers out there. One of the most panoramic places in Sikkim, Lunthung-Dhupidhara offers a breathtaking glimpse of the well-known Kanchenjunga range. Be assured that the network is the last thing you would think about while you’re taken aback by this place’s dramatic beauty.



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