Motivation to exercise whilst travelling is tough. The trick is not to overthink it. There are plenty of ways to stay fit without going to the gym. We’ll look at the best travel exercise equipment and loads of clever fitness hacks perfect for travelling.

Fit Rules

  1. Sounds like your mother talking, but a big healthy breakfast is what fuels your energy for the rest of the day and gets your metabolism pumping.
  2. Though heavy breakfast will keep you energetic throughout the day, you can’t skip meals even if you are on a budget trip. For that, we suggest buying groceries instead of eating at restaurants. This way, you will save money, eat healthy, and not indulge in overeating. Popcorn, eggs, soup, and oats are some healthy and quick-to-cook foods you can opt for.
  3. Water is your best companion on vacation. Make sure that you drink at least 3-4 liters of water while traveling. The amount could be even more if you are at a hot and humid destination. Water keeps you hydrated and helps control the appetite.
  4. The benefits of practising Yoga are endless, but when it comes to travelling, it will leave you feeling energised.
  5. Climbing stairs is great for the heart and building strength, you can either do this inside or outside.
  6. Protein or granola bar is an instant source of energy and will keep the hunger pangs away. Have one between the meals, so that you don’t indulge in overeating. The best part about these energy bars is that they are available at most of the convenience stores.
  7. Book a hotel with gymnasium so that you don’t miss your workout session while traveling. An in-house gym has become a quintessential amenity, even for budget hotels. Check out FabHotels properties with a gym so that you don’t have cheat days.
  8. A hotel with no gymnasium shouldn’t be the excuse to keep you off the routine. You can work out in your hotel room or a nearby park. A couple of squats, push-ups, and burpees are enough to keep you going. If you want to exercise in fresh air, explore the parks in the locality and stay on the track.
  9. Tea is a magical drink. It gives you energy to do fun activities, antioxidants to protect against damage from pollution, and for some reason, it also makes you poop. All of those things equate to ways that tea helps keep you fit while traveling, so drink up.
  10. Keep your hangry monster at bay and your metabolism pumping by having a granola bar in the morning and in between meals.
  11. Eating is arguably the best part of traveling. To not gorge on all the local treats would rob us of a big part of the travel experience.  Luckily, we don’t need to compromise on what we eat to stay fit while traveling.We just need to compromise on when we eat. If we limit ourselves to eating twice a day and spend some days fasting, we can stay fit no matter what we eat.
  12. Fancy salsa dancing in Spain? Or tango in Latin America? Be daring and try something different abroad, from Chinese martial arts to line dancing, try something that will enrich your cultural experience.
  13. For low impact exercise swimming laps is always an awesome full-body workout. Running on the beach in the sand is a great cardio workout which you can make even harder by running through the water. The sinking sand and water resistance will create more intensity.
  14. The band takes up very little space yet can provide you with an entire upper- and lower-body workout routine.


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