Balaji Temple in Mehandipur, Karauli district on the border of Karauli district and Dausa district, is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Hanuman.

The Mystery of Exorcism

Many devotees believe that this place is bestowed with magical powers and hence this pilgrimage site stands witness to thousands of devotees flocking every day to get exorcised find relief from Black Magic. It is believed to provide the best counter-curse to weld off ghosts and evil spirits.

The Legend of Mehandipur Balaji 

The shrine located at the temple has three deities who are mainly worshipped – Lord Hanuman, Pret Raj and Bhairav. All these deities are believed to be related to ghosts and spirits. The legend which follows this temple speaks of a divine power and it is believed that the idol which is worshipped here had appeared on its own. The legend also speaks of divine power which circumambience’s the temple. It is believed that this power has to ability to cure people who have been affected by evil spirits and helps them to free from the clutches of black magic.

Things You Must Never Do In Mehandipur Balaji Temple!

  • Priests of this temple may ask you for money. They may tell you that they will give you Bhabhooti and Holy water in return for the money. They may tell you anything in order to get money from you. But just don’t give them. Even if you want to donate some money, drop it in the donation box only.
  • Do not bring any valuable thing from home when you are going to this place. The reason behind this is that every day many people end up losing their jewelry, mobile phones, purses e.t.c while they are in the queue for the darshan of Balaji.
  • Unlike a regular temple, this is a place where you will not witness the sound of temple bells. As you step on the premises, you will hear the loud screams of possessed men and women. The sounds might haunt you now and then.
  • It is a rule of this temple that you should finish your Prashad in Mehandipur only. The actual reason is not clear. But the legend says that some spirits may also go with you if you are taking Prashad home.
  • Do not look back when you are leaving. You don’t know when a spirit is waiting for you to look back and go with you.

What to Eat

The rules of the temple do not allow you to eat or drink anything inside the temple premises and strictly say No to the food pushers there. Also, you must empty all the food packets and bottles as you leave the village. However, after you are done with visiting the temple, you can have food at some of the restaurants around the area.

How to Reach Mehandipur Balaji Temple

  • By Air: The nearest airport to the temple is Jaipur airport which is well connected with Delhi and Agra airport. The journey from Jaipur airport to the temple is then to be continued by car or bus.
  • By Rail : Jaipur is well connected to all the major railway stations of the country. A regular bus service connects the railway station to the temple.
  • By Road: The Mehandipur Balaji Temple is well connected with Jaipur, Agra and Delhi railway station. Regular bus service is available from the temple connecting it with the above-cited railway stations. The Alwar – Mahwa or Mathura – Bharatpur-Mahwa highway can also be used to commute to the temple by car.


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