Have you ever googled ‘online hotel booking’? Did the millions of results freeze your brain? Could not decide on how to get the best deal out of hotel booking sites? Vacations can cost a lot of money, which might be discouraging to some. Still, a few tried-and-true hotel booking tricks can help you get the best price possible. With these tips, you’ll be spending less money on hotels and freeing up funds for other parts of your trip — or even the next one!

Important Tips

  1. Whether you are going to Mumbai, Maldives, or Mauritius, always look out for newly opened properties as they often give exciting discounts to get their first customers through the door. Not sure how to find new hotels? Just Google “new hotels in …” and you will see numerous hotel booking sites that will show you the results.
  2. Most top hotels have a newsletter or a loyalty program that you can sign up for to avail discounts and promotional deals. Many hotels come up with packages during festive seasons to stay ahead of their competitors. You can make use of these deals and get a great bargain in return. Make sure you sign up for it to keep a tab on their latest offers
  3. Calling up the hotel desk and asking them their rates can certainly benefit you more than simply booking online on their website. They can not only create an exclusive package for you but also give you an additional discount. Things like late checkout, free breakfast or WiFi can be asked when you speak to the hotel staff than booking online.
  4. Use hotel comparison sites to check the prices instead of searching multiple individual sites and comparing your hotel room. There are a lot of hotel booking sites that allow you to do so such as Adotrip. This little trick can help you save money.
  5. When searching for online hotel booking websites, remember to look out for offers that state “free cancellations – pay later”. This means that you can cancel your hotel room booking anytime for free and the hotel doesn’t require you to pay upfront while booking.
  6. If you are still searching for a great deal on online hotel booking websites then consider checking for canceled reservations. People often cancel their rooms at the last minute, which hotels offer at reduced rates because they still want to fill their rooms. This hack could save your time surfing on hotel booking sites and hard-earned money.
  7. While comparison sites can offer great deals, the only real way to know that you’re getting the best deal is by contacting the hotel directly. Email will often work, but calling is a more immediate option. You can inquire if there are any special packages, deals, or discounts, and even consider mentioning the prices you’ve found for their rooms on comparison sites, in case they want to make a competing offer.
  8. Airbnb and similar sites offer a huge number of listings of locally hosted homes and apartments available to rent for a time. The offerings are also wildly varied, so if you’re interested in staying somewhere other than your run-of-the-mill hotel, this is a great option.
  9. Before you book a hotel room, make sure you check websites that offer a comparison of tariffs for the same hotel room by different agents. Tripadvisor and Trivago are a few of them. This will ensure that you don’t spend extra and get the best deals. At times these rates are cheaper than those shown on the hotel website.
  10. Weekend stays tend to be more expensive because of the high demand. If you can, try and book a stay for weekdays instead of the weekend and you will surely save up. Or, if you can’t, book a room Thursday onward. Many hotels offer one night complimentary if you book two or three nights with them.


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