The year has been a nightmare for everyone and people have been locked in their homes, But now is the time to rediscover yourself by visiting some beautiful places in India! The Covid-19 pandemic has immobilized many economies around the world, made so many unemployed, frustrated, restless. The year may have confined us to our home for a long time, which allowed families to spend time together, but it was not well received after a while. But now that 2021 is upon us, thinking positive thoughts must become everyone’s priority. To give the New Year a warm welcome, we recommend that you travel and explore the world instead, And if it’s the expenses you’re worried about, don’t worry! Because we’ve sorted out a super cool list of places to visit in India on a budget that will live up to your dreams.

1. Kutch

Kutch is a former princely state of India which retains its nature of grandeur from the past. Kutch is probably one of the most beautiful and surreal places in India with the vast expanses of the White Salt Desert. The place comes alive during the winters when the Rann Festival is held in December-February everywhere in which there are huge camps with cultural programs, functions and adventure activities like hot air ballooning. Kutch is also one of the largest districts in India with a terribly low population density. Also, Kutch is on the Indo-Pakistan border and you can see parts of Pakistan from Kutch. Kutch is also famous for its crafts and embroidery, the flamingo sanctuary and the wild ass sanctuary.

  • Best Time To Visit: December-February
  • What to Visit: 
  • Rann of Kutch: Timings : 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Entry Fee : Entry: INR 100 per person
  • Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, Timings : 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Entry Fee : Indian Visitors – INR 250, Foreign Visitors – INR 1200
  • Mandvi Beach, Bhuj, Dholavira
  • How To Reach: The only way to reach Kutch is by road as it’s mostly desert. Kutch city does not have a dedicated railway station or airport. The nearest airport and railway station is in Bhuj. You will have to take a vehicle from here to reach Kutch. The nearest airport to Kutch is in the city of Bhuj, which is around 80 km from the Rann desert.

2. Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a popular ski destination located in the Pir Panjal Range of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Surrounded by high snow-capped Himalayan peaks, flowery meadows, deep ravines, evergreen wooded valleys, Gulmarg also has the second highest gondola ride in the world. Among one of the best honeymoon destinations in India, Gulmarg boasts of being a beautiful town with no crowds like Manali and Shimla. Gulmarg was also developed as an adventure center as the Indian Ski and Mountaineering Institute is located here. Many hiking, mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding courses are offered by the IISM.

  • Best Time to Visit: Summer Season In Gulmarg (March Till June, Temperature 15°C To 30°C), Winter Season (October To February, Temperature -2°C To 12°C)
  • What to See: Gulmarg Gondola: Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM, Entry Fees:  The price is INR 700 (11 US$) for the first stage and INR 900 (15 US$) for the second stage. The Chairlift price is INR 300.
  • Shark Fin: Timings for Skiing: sunrise to sunset
  • Baba Reshi Shrine: Visiting Baba Reshi Shrine can take up to 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • How to Reach: 
  • By Air. The nearest airport is in Srinagar which is 56 kilometres away from srinagar.
  • By Bus. It is well-connected with regular bus services from Srinagar.
  • By Train. Jammu is the nearest railway station, at a distance of 290 kilometres.

3. Goa

A kaleidoscopic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, seafood, susegad and spirituality, Goa is India’s pocket-sized paradise. Located on the west coast, Goa is India’s smallest state unlike any other known for its endless beaches, stellar nightlife, eclectic seafood, and World Heritage listed architecture. Spread over just 3,702 km, Goa lies in the Konkan region. The Goans are quite friendly towards tourists and celebrate many festivals throughout the year, the most famous being the New Year and Goa Carnival. While the seafood is excellent, Goa has one of the best nightlife in India with trendy bars, beach shacks, elegant cafes and many clubs and discotheques.

  • Best time to Visit: November to February
  • Places for Visit: Calangute Beach, Basilica of Bom Jesus Church, Cruise in Goa, Fort Aguada, Dudhsagar Falls, scuba diving in Goa
  • How to Reach: Goa is easily accessible by road, rail, and air from most parts of India and international destinations. The Dabolim Airport (the only airport in Goa) is an international airport and a military airbase.
  • What to Eat: The food here is a blend of Konkani, Hindu, Portuguese and Catholic cuisines, providing wide and vibrant choices. Seafood, coconut milk, rice and local spices are the main elements of Goan cuisine and fish, curry and rice form the staple food.

4. Kerala

Kerala, a state in southern India is known as a tropical paradise of wavy palm trees and wide sandy beaches. It is a narrow strip of coastal territory that descends the Western Ghats in a cascade of lush vegetation and reaches the Arabian Sea. Kerala borders the states of Tamil Nadu to the east and Karnataka to the north. It is also known for its backwaters, mountains, coconuts, spices, and art forms like Kathakali and Mohini Attam. It is India’s most literate state and a land of diverse religions, where you can find Hindu temples, mosques, churches, and even synagogues. Kerala, being very close to equator, has a tropical climate. Kerala experiences heavy rains almost throughout the year, and is one of the wettest areas on the earth.

  • Best time to Visit: Mid-October to early February
  • Places for Visit: Kerala is sure to enchant any nature lover with its hills, backwaters, beaches, waterfalls and wildlife. The state also has a rich heritage and thriving culture one can explore by visiting the various forts, palaces, museums, monuments and pilgrim centers.
  • Things to Do: Ayurvedic and Panchakarma treatments, Houseboats cruise, rural life
  • How to Go: Kerala has just become India’s only state with four airports that run both domestic as well as international flights. They are the Trivandrum, Cochin, Kozhikode and Kannur Airports. This makes flying into Kerala easy and convenient, no matter which part of India or the world one is coming from.


Kasol is a hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is known for its lush green forests, picturesque beauty and mini tourist destinations. Kasol is also known as the “Amsterdam of India” and “mini-Israel” because of the huge influx of Israel tourists. Many Israelis find Kasol as their home. So don’t be surprised if you see tons of Israelis walking about here.

  • Best Time To Visit: October to June
  • How to Reach: There are no direct trains or buses to Kasol. The maximum number of buses are available from Delhi. You can take a bus from Delhi to Bhuntar and then opt for a local HRTC Bus from Bhuntar to Kasol which is a roughly 50 mins journey.
  • What to See: Kheerganga Trek, Parvathi River, Pin Parvathi Pass, Manikaran Gurudwara
  • What to Eat: Do try the ‘Turquoise Kasol’ and ‘The Evergreen’ for a taste of Israeli food.
  • Where To Shop: The flea market of Kasol sells items like semi-precious stones, pendants and other trinkets. Bob Marley T-shirts abound alongside that of Lord Shiva, incidentally both pot smoking icons. Winter clothing like pullovers, caps and coats can be bought at astoundingly low prices.


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