Is it possible for a woman to travel the world and stay safe? Absolutely. Even if you steer clear of resorts. Even if you go to developing countries. Even if you don’t speak the local language. Even if you’re traveling alone. I’ve got travel safety tips to help you travel anywhere.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep your vision open to 240 degrees. If you can see when someone is approaching or getting too close when there’s no need, then you can think quickly and react.
  2. When something doesn’t feel right, that’s your intuition saying, “Something is not right”. Trust it. Use it.
  3. If you go out at night, then be smart. Dark and desolate places aren’t good places to enter or walk down, even if it’s a short cut.
  4. Pacsafe has great anti-slash bags for solo female travelers traveling alone. Meanwhile, cross-body bags sit in front of you to avoid pick pocketing.
  5. Keep in touch with friends and family via Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp or social media.
  6. Research appropriate dress for the country. It’s not only out of respect for the culture, but also that if you dress to be seen, you’ll probably attract attention from undesirables. Sellers and thieves assess your worth by your appearance. Dress rich, you’re saying you have money. Dress provocatively or revealing and you’ll probably get a lot of unwanted attention and catcalls.
  7. Print copies of your passport to carry along with you if your passport is lost/stolen.
  8. Store an electronic copy on Google Drive or Dropbox to access from any computer if those copies are lost/stolen
  9. Email a copy to your parents/loved ones so they will have a copy they can send to you if all else fails.
  10. Walking down the street with your head down will make you a target for thieves & predators.  It also signifies that you are a tourist and likely have other valuables on hand. People will ride by or even walk by to snatch your phone right out of your hand. A nice smartphone is worth months of rent & food in many countries around the world, so this would explain why thieves are after people who have them.
  11. Never book a place that has no reviews. Be sure to read reviews when staying at someone’s home(couch surfing), in hostels, Airbnb, and even hotels. Look for mentions of safety & reviews that are written by women specifically.
  12. It’s always great to save a buck, but not at the expense of your wellbeing. It may be safe to walk around during the daytime, but it may be beneficial to pay for a taxi at night.
  13. Try to arrive/land in a city during the daytime so you can get your bearings
  14. Avoid walking around at nighttime. Opt for public transportation or taxis.
  15. Leave all of your valuables in your hotel and only take the amount of cash you need if you go out at night
  16. Try to find a group to join if you want to go out at night. Join a pub crawl, stop by a hostel bar, and meet with people during day tours to avoid going at night alone.



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