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Around 1,000 miles east of mainland Africa and scattered across the vast Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a land of perpetual summer. White-sand beaches, lofty granite boulders, palm-fringed forests, and azure waters are the ethos of Seychelles tourism. The 115-island archipelago is extraordinarily picturesque with a diverse array of wildlife and an amalgamation of Asian and African cultures.

Best Time To Visit

As the climate of Seychelles is pleasant throughout the year, travelers can flock to this tropical paradise at anytime of the year. The best time to visit Seychelles is during the shoulder season, i.e. from April to May and October to November. The ideal temperature in Seychelles during this period is 27°C. During these months, accommodation and flight costs run low as well as the water temperature is perfect to go for a swim.
In April and May, there is negligible rainfall and the weather in Seychelles is perfect to laze along beaches. A visit to Seychelles during these months offers more mild weather conditions which are also ideal for sunbathing, wildlife viewing, and scuba diving.
The best time to go to Seychelles depends on different factors and interests of travelers. Let’s take a closer look at what can be the best time to travel to Seychelles month-wise:
April – May (27°C to 29°C):
Experiencing mild warm weather along with tender showers, the island does not witness much crowd during this period. Hence, one can avail a chance to get hotel accommodations at cheaper rates. One can have aa budget trip, and enjoy activities like: boating, sailing, and bird watching during the excursion.
One can also enjoy major events, like: Seychelles National Fishing Tournament and Carnaval International de Victoria held during the month of April.
June – September (24°C to 27°C):
Though the beaches of the island may remain vacant, tourists can flock to popular areas of the destination at this time. With a drop in temperature, the region experiences less humidity and rainfall, and thus, the weather is cool and dry. Providing opportunities to enjoy scuba diving and sailing along with bird watching, this is one of the peak seasons to visit Seychelles.
Key events like: Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival, Seychelles Round Table Regatta, and South-East Monsoon Sailfish Tournament are held during this period.
October – November (27°C to 30°C):
As the south-east trade winds make way for the north westerly trade winds, the region experiences occasional showers during this time. With best weather conditions offering a chance to enjoy activities, like: boat rides, scuba diving, snorkelling and more, this is the best time to visit Seychelles.
In addition to that, the sight of shark whales, hawksbill turtle and migratory birds can be good options to enjoy a tour to Seychelles. Get to attend major events such as Festival Kreol, la Digue Offshore Tournament, and SUBIOS during this period.
December – March (24°C to 28°C):
With the arrival of north-west trade winds, here comes the season of summer. Though, there are mild showers, but visitors keep flocking to the destination because of year end festivals.
Get to enjoy Seychelles Marathon during this period. And, try to book hotel stays and tour package well in advance.


Summer Season in Seychelles

Summer in Seychelles lasts from December through March. If you’re planning a summer-time holiday, book accommodations and other reservations at least weeks in advance else expect to pay high-season prices. December and January are the busiest months for travel in Seychelles. For those who do not mind occasional rainfall, summer is the best season to visit Seychelles. For those looking for a perfect beach weather with clear skies should visit Seychelles in February.

Monsoon Season in Seychelles

May through July is the driest period of the year. December and January are the wettest months of the year in Seychelles. Monsoon in Seychelles lasts between November and March. Most of the islands including Mahe are out of the cyclone belt so there is no specific threat of storms in this season. Seychelles in December experiences higher humidity due to cloudy weather. Rainfall is not all that excessive when compared with Maldives or Mauritius.

Winter Season in Seychelles

Winter in Seychelles coincides with the drier season which lasts from May to October. July and August are peak season months in Seychelles. Hotel and flight prices are usually higher during the winter holidays in Seychelles. Winter is the best time to visit Seychelles for honeymoon as humidity is lower during this time of the year. Outdoor activities like scuba diving and surfing can also be enjoyed during this season. The weather of Seychelles in May is ideal for water sports and sightseeing.

How To Reach

By Air

Seychelles has two major airports: Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) in Victoria and Praslin Island Airport. Seychelles International Airport is the primary point of entry for international travelers. The airport is located in Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles, which is situated on the northeastern side of Mahé Island. It is the hub of Air Seychelles, the national airline. The airport is served by international airlines such as British Airways, Austrian Airlines, Emirates, Kenya Airways, and Turkish Airlines. Long-haul scheduled flights to major destinations in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are available from this airport.
Another major airport in Seychelles, Praslin Island Airport is currently served by Air Seychelles. The airport operates scheduled flights to Mahé and charter planes to the other islands. Zil Air provides helicopter flights to most of the inner and outer islands.

By Road

Around 400 kilometers of paved road network connects the islands in Seychelles. The road network is poor outside major urban areas. Renting a car from the airport or the hotel is a great way to go on sightseeing in Seychelles, especially on Mahé Island. Due to lack of proper public transport in Seychelles, traveling by car allows travelers to visit and spend time at attractions by their own choice. Bike rentals are also available in downtown Victoria.
Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) operates daily buses on Mahé and Praslin Islands from morning to evening. In rural areas, especially on La Digue Island, ox-carts are a popular way of public transport.

By Sea

The main seaport in Seychelles is Victoria. Cat Cocos and Inter Island ferry run regular catamaran ferries between Mahé and Praslin Island. Ferries are available on designated time at 15 minutes of interval. Ferries to smaller islands can also be arranged, but it is less reliable.

Best Places To Visit

1. Mahé Island

Mahé Island
The largest island of the archipelago and one of the most popular places to visit in Seychelles, Mahé boasts of verdant forests, highest mountain ranges of Seychelles, and over 65 beaches with a vast diversity of flora and fauna. The island is also famous for the Beau Vallon beach and the numerous tourist attractions of the Victoria city – one of the tiniest capital cities of the world.
Get to experience the best pink sands in here and the beautiful granite boulders where the water laps on and have the best of your vacation. Spend some alone time in here or with your partner as you experience the azure water touching the horizon. Mahe island will never let you get enough of this place ever.
Location: Seychelles
Best For: Bird-watching, sightseeing, photography, sunbathing, snorkeling

2. Praslin Island

Praslin Island
Praslin, or the Isle de Palme, is most popular for the Vallée de Mai UNESCO World Heritage Site and the coco de mer that grows here in abundance. Home to Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette that are coveted as two of the most beautiful beaches of the world, the island is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Seychelles.
This island is one of the most noteworthy one island on earth and it’s on the Indian ocean. It will take only 50 minutes to arrive at this beautiful place, and you can book a hotel in here as well, which is near the beach. You can soak up in the sun and do not forget to carry a binocular to experience the beautiful black parrots. These are very rare species of parrots and they are found in this place and in the Praslin national park as well, where you will get 200 of them. Also, try not to miss the Vallée de Mai for the biggest coral riffs in here. If you are here in Praslin island, then do visit Coco de mer as well, and see the world’s biggest coconuts.
Location: Seychelles
Best For: Sunbathing, wildlife, photography

3. La Digue Island

La Digue Island
The boutique island is known for the granite boulders that adorn the stunning beaches, such as Anse Source D’Argent. The island offers authentic island-style accommodations and traditional modes of transport, such as ox-carts and bicycles.
Location: Seychelles
Best For: Wildlife, sightseeing, trekking, photography

4. Cousine Island

Cousine Island
The island is known to be the nesting ground for several endangered & exotic species of birds & animals. These include, inter alia, Seychelles brush warbler, hawksbill turtle, Seychelles magpie robin, Seychelles turtledove, and wedge-tailed shearwater. This is an untouched granite island and this place is also especially ecologically private one in this place. If you are seeking some high level of privacy here you will be provided the same.
Location: Seychelles
Best For: Photography, sunbathing, wildlife

5. Aride Island

Aride Island
The island is among the best places to visit in Seychelles for the nature lovers. The Aride Island Nature Reserve Morne is the home to several endemic flowers and the breeding ground of 18 species of seabirds. In addition to these seabirds and flowers, the island has the highest density of lizards in the world. This island is the habitat of so many seabirds on the Indian ocean. There are so many breeding birds in here, and so many species of native birds who breeds in Aride. The island has been conserved by the island conservation society and among so many islands in Seychelles this is one of the best ones.
Location: Seychelles
Best For: Photography, wildlife

6. Bird Island

Bird Island
Bird Island, formerly known as the Îles aux Vaches, is home to dugongs (sea cows) and over a million migratory birds that are found here during May – November. Among the most popular places to visit in Seychelles for bird watching, the island boasts of a large number of fairy terns, sooty terns, noddy terns, saunders’s terns, cardinals, ground doves, crested terns, plovers, and Giant land tortoises on this island.
Location: Seychelles
Best For: Wildlife, photography

7. Moyenne Island

Moyenne Island
The island is most popular for the Giant Tortoises that roam here freely, the old ruins, and the pirate graves. Located towards the north coast of Mahe island, this island was abandoned until a Yorkshire editor purchased it in late 1960s and was the only person to inhabit the island until his death in 2012. As of now, this place remains a nature reserve and is visited by many tourists from all across the world as part of some organized trips.
This island is filled with 16,000 plants and trees like mahogany, mango, palm and several other. You will get to see the tortoise in here, and if you want, on permission you can feed them too. There is a church of saints in the island and you can buy small things from here like old doll’s haed and other old artifacts. There are some paranormal stories about this island as well, and you can hear about them from your guides or in the guidebook as well.
Location: Ste Anne Marine National Park, Mahe Island, Seychelles
Best For: Wildlife, photography, sightseeing

8. Silhouette Island

Silhouette Island
The mountainous island is known for its rich biodiversity, 731 meter high Mount Dauban, and natural beauty. Tourists can see a wide variety of birds, eckos, chameleons, turtles, & skinks; explore the caves; or indulge in swimming and snorkeling. Known to be the third largest granite island in the whole of Seychelles region, this island attracts the visitors for some quiet time in the nature and offers absolute bliss!
This is the third largest island in the Seychelles and is located near the north island. You will get to see the Mont Dauban from here if not shrouded by clouds. You will be lucky enough to experience the carnivorous pitcher plants here. The island has granite structure, but it has volcanic syenite, which stored here 63 million years ago following a massive eruption. The name of this island is in the name of the minister Étienne de Silhouette. The French had Dauban family here and you will get to see the Dauban mausoleum inside the forest as well. The interior portion of this island is a national park and here you will find hundreds of birds, plants and reptiles. This island also has its breeding station for turtles. If you are willing to spend some days, you will not find any car here, but you have to travel by foot to the nearest hotel. If you love taking walks then there are so many amazing trails in this place like the trek to Grand Barbe a four hour trek and you will always get the best climate while hiking.
Location: Seychelles
Best For: Wildlife, photography, trekking, hiking

9. Aldabra Island

Aldabra Island
The world’s largest raised coral atoll, Aldabra Island is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The island is known to have a volcanic origin. Tourists can spot numerous bird and animal species on the island. These include tiger sharks, manta rays, white-throated Aldabra rail (the only flightless bird in the Indian Ocean), dimorphic egrets, Aldabra sacred ibis, malagasy kestrel, and giant land tortoises.
Location: Aldabra, Seychelles
Best For: Wildlife, photography

10. Fregate Island

Fregate Island
The thickly forested island is among the most amazing places to visit in Seychelles for watersports, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and yachting. One of the unique traits about this place is that the beach on this island, also known as Anse Victorin has been voted by the Times as the World’s best beach. So, why not give this island a visit too on your next vacation to Seychelles? This island got its name from the abundance of certain birds on this site. These birds are known as frigate birds.
This island is situated inside the tropical vegetation and is a private one in Seychelles. On this island you will get all the privacy and even WiFi! Thus, you can have some pleasant time in the jacuzzi and spend some cozy time with your partner.
Location: Seychelles
Best For: Sightseeing, water sports, photography

Best Tourist Attractions In Seychelles

Knowing beforehand where to go and what to expect in a gorgeous destination like Seychelles, will surely help you have a hassle-free vacation amid the welcoming folk here. Scroll down to know what’s more in store!

11. Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio
Ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world as per multiple international surveys, Anse Lazio is known for its shady Takamaka trees, white sand, and glittering waters. The beach offers ample opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. The picturesque beach makes it one of must-visit tourist attractions in Seychelles for a honeymoon trip. Enjoy the small lagoon and the turquoise water around the boulders and you will never know when your time has passed smoothly. This is the place which is so perfect for snorkeling.
Location: Praslin Island, Seychelles
Best For: Snorkeling, photography

12. Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette
Much like its popular counterpart, Anse Georgette is a beach of breath-taking beauty. But what makes Anse Georgette so special is that it is less busy and more intimate. This makes it one of the best places to visit in Seychelles for couples. This beach can be only accessed through the renowned Constance Lemuria resort, which is a private luxury resort. So, while you’re out and about in this land, make sure you make some space for this beach in your plan too!
This beach is so serene and the quieter one among the other beaches of Praslin. While the Anse Lazio is winning awards everywhere and this one holds the pristine and quiet beauty of a perfect beach. The specialty of this place is special because the beach is rock free and coral free. You can see the same under the clear water in here as the water is turquoise color and it’s almost an untouched part among the other islands. If you are looking for some privacy then this is the island you should book your hotel on.
Location: Praslin Island, Seychelles
Best For: Photography, sunbathing

13. Anse Source D’Argent

Anse Source D’Argent
Among the most beautiful places to see in Seychelles, Anse Source D’Argent is a large and wide beach. The picturesque beach is split into various sections by the large boulders that provide quiet and isolated spots for those looking for some quiet time with their partners. Not only do the enchanting enormous rocks at this beach provide a magnificent view, they also add to the scenic cham of the place!
Enjoy the golden sands and the beautiful rock formation and the picturesque beauty of this place, which will be enough to take your breath away. You will find shallow water here which is protected by a coral reef and the best place for snorkeling as well.
Location: La Digue Island, Seychelles
Best For: Sightseeing, photography

14. Beau Vallon Beach

The Beau Vallon Beach is among the most popular tourist attractions in Seychelles. The beach offers watersports – such as jet skiing and water skiing – and picturesque views of the Silhouette Island. Also, known to be one of the most commercial beaches in Seychelles, you can find a number of great hotels and amazing restaurants here to dine at for sure!
Enjoy the tasty pomegranate and the ice creams while strolling on the beach. Enjoy the calm weather and enjoy swimming. The beach is so quiet that you can almost hear your own breathing! Also, there are very little water sports thus, the place is noiseless. So finally, you will be able to enjoy a good walk on the soft sand and give your feet rest.
Location: Beau Vallon, Mahe Island, Seychelles
Best For: Sightseeing, photography

15. Anse Intendance

Anse Intendance is a small crescent of sand frayed with palm trees. The beach is not the safest place to try swimming. But the beach is perfect for surfing, sunbathing, and photography. The powdry-white sand of this beach blends perfectly with the crystal clear waters of the ocean, making it a nice spot for reviving and some quiet time for contemplation! So, why not?
Location: Chemin Grande Police Road, Mahe Island, Seychelles
Best For: Sightseeing, sunbathing

16. Vallée de Mai National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site on Praslin island is known to preserve a prehistoric forest that has been housing several endemic species of flora and fauna for ages. These include giant coco de mer fruit palm, vanilla orchids, splayed traveler’s palm, Seychelles bulbul, fruit pigeon, and black parrot – the national bird of Seychelles. Tourists can take a hike along the marked trail within the national park.
Location: Grande Anse, Praslin Island, Seychelles
Best For: Wildlife, photography, sightseeing

17. Sainte Anne Marine National Park

The Sainte Anne Marine National Park is a group of 6 closely located islands off the coast of Mahé. The glass-bottom excursion takes the travelers through the diverse marine life of the park’s coral reefs. Snorkeling and scuba diving are other highlights that make the national park one of the best places to visit in Seychelles.
Location: Sainte Anne Island, Seychelles
Best For: Wildlife, photography, boating tours

18. Morne Seychellois National Park

Morne Seychellois National Park
The national park covers roughly 20% of the total area of Mahé. The park is named after its highest point – Morne Seychellois – that reaches a height of 905 meters above the sea level. Travelers can take hiking tours through the park.
Location: Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles
Best For: Wildlife, photography

19. Seychelles Natural History Museum

Seychelles Natural History Museum
One of the most important tourist attractions of Seychelles, the National History Museum in Victoria city exhibits flora, fauna, and geological history of the archipelago. The museum also imparts awareness about the major environmental problems so as to preserve the natural heritage.
Opening hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (Monday – Thursday); 8:30 am – 12 noon (Friday, Saturday); Sunday closed
Location: Independence Avenue near Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles
Best For: History, artwork

20. Domaine de Val des Prés

Domaine de Val des Prés
The Craft Village consists of five attractions that exhibit Creole architecture, art & craft, and gastronomy. These are:

  • Grann Kaz: A plantation house built around 1870
  • La Kaz Rosa: A typical 20th century working-class home
  • 12 craft workshops that display the local crafts
  • Maison de Coco: A house built out of coconut tree that houses gifts made from coconut products
  • Kaz Zanana: A Creole-style house that offers wonderful verandah, café, and exhibition of the well-known artist George Camille

Opening hours: 9:30 am – 5 pm
Location: Ile de Mahé, Au Cap, Praslin Island 1383, Seychelles
Best For: Sightseeing, shopping

Rita’s Art Studio And Gallery
The art studio-cum-gallery is one of the popular places to visit in Seychelles for the art lovers. The breath-taking landscapes and seascapes of Seychelles have been depicted here through marvelous paintings that are offered here for sale. So, while you’re out and about in this serene land, make sure you check out these for sure!
Also Visit: National Library and Art Gallery and SEPNA – Esplanade Craft Kiosks in Victoria city.
Location: Praslin, Seychelles, Seychelles
Best For: Artwork, paintings

22. Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market

Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market
The busy and colorful market in the Victoria city of Mahé island has been the best among the places to visit in Seychelles for shopping since the time it first opened in 1840. One can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and spices. A plethora of shops selling souvenirs, clothing, and local artworks further complement the charm of the bustling marketplace.
Location: Victoria, Seychelles
Best For: Shopping

23. The Little Ben Clock Tower

The Little Ben Clock Tower
Modeled on the Little Ben Clock Tower of London, this popular tourist attraction of Seychelles has been a prominent attraction of the Mahé island tour. It was erected in 1903 by the Seychelles governor Sir Ernest Sweet-Escott in the honor of Queen Victoria who died in 1901. This is surely something you wouldn’t want to miss out on your next holiday in this scenic land!
Location: Independence Avenue, Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles
Best For: Photography

24. Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception

Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception
The imposing cathedral with intricate carvings & delicate tapestries was constructed on the site where Father Leon of Avanchers built the first church here in 1851. Devoted to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, the cathedral also holds the tomb of the first Seychellois Bishop – Felix Paul – who passed away on 21st November 2001. The cathedral is another popular inclusion in the Seychelles sightseeing tours.
Location: Olivier Maradan St, Victoria, Seychelles
Best For: Worshipping, architecture

25. Mission Lodge Lookout

Mission Lodge Lookout
Among the most popular viewpoints in Seychelles, the Mission Lodge Lookout offers spectacular views of the glittering sea and verdant mountains. Hikes to this viewpoint are very popular. Tourists can spot colorful birds, vegetation, and breath-taking sights on this trail. So, are you ready to give this place a try while you decide on your trip to Seychelles with your folks?
Location: Sans Soucis road, Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles
Best For: Sightseeing, photography

Best Things To Do

Must Do Things in Seychelles

1. Gaze the famous beach Anse Lazio in northwest of Praslin island
2. Hike around Anse Georgette beach
3. Stroll across one of Mahe’s most beautiful beaches called as Anse Intendance
4. Take a sunbath at glittering sand at Beau Vallon, on Mahe’s northwest coast
5. Explore the ruins of the leprosarium on the south shore of Curieuse Island
6. Enjoy the walk at Moyenne Island
7. Home of Jouel Kenwyn House is must visit site in Seychelles
8. One must plan a visit to famous hindu temple called asTempio Hindu located in Seychelles
9. Get lost in Victoria Market streets
10. Admire the Petite Anse beach
11. Explore the famous heritage preservation Mission Lodge Lookout in Seychelles
12. One must visit Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden in Seychelles
13. One must explore the famous Kreolfleurage Parfums Laboratory located in Praslin island
14. Admire the walls of Bicentennial Monument in Victoria in Seychelles
15. Visit the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Victoria
16. Take a walk around Tour de l’Horloge
17. Enjoy Snorkeling, scuba diving at Ste Anne National Marine Park
18. Get a bird’s eye view of species of seabirds and the world’s largest colonies of lesser noddy and roseate terns at Aride Island Nature Reserve
19. One must visit Aldabra the world’s largest raised coral atoll
20. Do not miss a visit of The Vallee de Mai

Adventure Things to Do in Seychelles

21. Explore Teddy’s Glass Bottom Boat Tour in Mahe’s Island
22. Hike to Eagle’s Nest Mountain in La Digue Island
23. Ride on Victoria tours
24. Sunset cruises at Mahe Island
25. Visit the hilltop and award winning spa in the world at Four Seasons Seychelle
26. Go fishing and Island hopping either by boat or seaplane
27. Fly with Zil Air and witness the beautiful island from above
28. Zip Lining and Rock Climbing at Constance Ephelia Resort in Mahe
29. Go for snorkeling and parasailing in Beau Vallon Beach in Mahe’s Island
30. Climb to Morne Blanc trail in Victoria
31. Curieuse Marine National Park

Best Places To Eat

Mahe Restaurants & Dining

Anse Soleil Restaurant

Not many people know about this quirky eating joint that offers authentic Creole cuisine. You can tuck your feet into the sand, since the restaurant is located on the Anse Soleil Beach itself and enjoy a plate of octopus curry. Opening Hours: 12:00 – 20:00 everyday Location: Anse Soleil SHOW MAP Baobab This restaurant serves international cuisine, pizza being the most popular among others that include fish, salads and pasta. You can walk in to the restaurant in your bathing suit after a relaxing swim in the sea right beside and enjoy a hearty meal and drinks.
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 16:00 (lunch), 18:00 – 22:00 (dinner)
Location: Beau Vallon

Boat House

You will find 20 elaborate Creole dishes to choose from at the buffet at Boat House. Grilled fish, papaya satini, breadfruit chips, local fish and chicken dishes are some of the delicacies to look out for here. You can just walk from the Beau Vallon beach and enjoy the warm and laid back ambience at the restaurant.
Opening Hours: dinner at 19:30 everyday
Location: Beau Vallon

La Perle Noire

There is parking space available at the La Perle Noire. The ambience is perfect for a holiday meal and the fresh seafood and the kebabs here are to die for. The restaurant is mainly known for its Creole, Italian and international spread. It also has a bar constructed entirely from coconut wood. The red lobster in spicy sauce is a must-have at the restaurant. Opening Hours: 19:00 – 21:30 every day except Sundays Location: Beau Vallon SHOW MAP Le Corsaire If you are craving something European then Le Corsaire serves delicious steaks and has a romantic ambience, perfect for that quiet honeymoon dinner for couples
Opening Hours: 19:00 – 22:00 every day except Monday
Location: Bel Ombre

Le Reduit Restaurant

You can place your last orders at the Le Reduit Restaurant at 21:00. The cuisine here is primarily Creole and is run by a local family at the top of a hill, away from the city. The green surroundings and the special delicacies served here such as fresh crab in coconut milk and fruit make it a must-visit for first timers at Mahé.
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 every day except Sunday
Location: Victoria

Lounge 8

This is probably the most well-known restaurant on the island. It is frequented by tourists and locals alike for its eclectic spread of cuisine ranging from regional to international food. Therefore, everyone can find something to eat here. The best part of Lounge 8 is its affordability. Opening Hours: Drinks and dinner in the evening. Lunch reservations are available upon request. Location: Vista Bay SHOW MAP Marie Antoinette If you are looking for Cajun and/or Creole cuisine, Marie Antoinette is an excellent choice. At the price for which food is available here, it is worth the 10-minute walk from the main town of Victoria. Although the menu has a fixed price and the order comes together with everything at once, it is highly recommended.
Opening Hours: * 12:00 – 14:00 (lunch) every day * 18:30pm – 21:00 (dinner) every day * Sunday Close
Location: St. Louis Road, Victoria

Opera Restaurant, Café and Bar

The cuisine here is a mix of international food such as pizza and café-style food along with local Cajun and Creole spread. One can enjoy rabbit steak or tuna salad along with the usual fish and chips or rice. You can munch on pineapples, olives and cured banana chips while waiting for the food to arrive.
Location: Anse a La Mouche

Best Places To Stay

1. Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove

Tucked at the western tip of Mahe island—Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove is one of the most exotic 5 star hotels in Seychelles for families and honeymooners. This is the place where you can experience complete luxury in your very own exclusive suite overlooking the wonderful waters. The in-house Cocoloba Bar offers awesome drinks and some amazing ocean view too.
What’s special: Relish sundowner’s cocktail and most photogenic sunset, at the open air Sunset Bar on the beach.
Starting tariff: INR 21,000/night

2. Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel

Coral Strand Smart Choice is among the best hotels in Seychelles, known for their best hospitality, scrumptious food, Gecko Bar, live music, karaoke evenings, and the largest swimming pool in Seychelles. The place is ideal for family vacations because of its wide array of in-house activities and entertainment facilities.
What’s special: Moutia Dance is organised by the hotel on the beach. This is a traditional folk dance of Seychelles performed by females around beach bonfire, while the men play the drums.
Starting tariff: INR 15,000/night

3. Sunset Beach Hotel

A beachfront bar, scenic private cove with numerous fishes, and a refreshing pool with sundecks welcome you at Sunset Beach Hotel. The gorgeous hotel is located on the virgin beach of north-western coast of Mahe. It is exotic, lavish, and loaded with all contemporary amenities. Overlooking the most picturesque bay of Beau Vallon, the scenic islands of Silhouette and L’ Ile du Nord, this hotel offers the best sunset and ocean views.
What’s special: You can feed shoals of colourful fishes swimming in the private cove.
Starting tariff: INR 14,000/night

4. Dhevatara Beach Hotel

Among the best hotels in Seychelles, Dhevatara Beach Hotel is a signature property with world-class amenities and services. Dhevatara is an all-suite hotel with 10 aesthetically designed and well-appointed suites, freshwater swimming pool, and a lounge bar. Located in the picturesque island of Praslin, this hotel offers direct access to the sandy beach and ocean. Whether it is fresh fruits and cookies basket every morning or personalized freshly baked birthday cakes on request—Dhevatara Beach Hotel is unmatched in terms of personalized services and hospitality.
What’s special: The hotel provides a beach bag to its guests, which contains set of towels, pillows, beverages, munchies etc.
Starting tariff: INR 19,000/night

5. Paradise Sun Hotel

Snuggled at the edge of stunning Cote d’Or Beach of Praslin island—Paradise Sun Hotel is one of the best hotels in Seychelles to create unforgettable memories. Along with the stylish ocean view suites and inter-connected family rooms, the hotel is famed for having a PADI diving centre, facilities for aqua aerobics, Creole cooking classes, nature walks, and a spa center offering authentic Balinese massage and wraps.
What’s special: Complimentary special sunset cruise organised by the hotel, where guests can also spot Dolphins.
Starting tariff: INR 49,000/night

6. Hotel Cote D’Or

Hotel Cote D’Or is one of the most renowned luxury Seychelles hotels. Encircled by sparkling white sand beach and luxuriant palm trees, the hotel keeps the guests engaged with activities like kayaking, beach volleyball, archery, canoeing, and golf. They also arrange special excursions to Cousin Island, Grand Soeur, and La Digue for their guests.
What’s special: Chauve Souris Relais, a special 5-room accommodation perched on a granite outcrop on a secluded island. This accommodation is ideal for honeymoon couple looking for privacy and isolation.
Average tariff: INR 20,000/night

7. Le Repaire Boutique Hotel

Delicious food, sprawling garden, gorgeous rooms, and a small yet refreshing swimming pool sum up the features of Le Repaire Boutique Hotel. People staying here can enjoy kayaking in the reef, sunbathing, and romantic walks on the sandy beaches of La Digue, which is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Seychelles.
What’s special: Best Italian food in Seychelles, served in the in-house kitchen.
Starting tariff: INR 13,000/night

8. Eden Bleu Hotel

One of the best hotels in Seychelles, Eden Bleu showcases modern facilities and warm hospitality. From standard to presidential suites, all are equipped with marvelous glass showers, Apple TVs and many other modern equipment you’ll need for a comfortable stay. Moreover, guests of the hotel get free shuttle service to the nearby beach, where they can sunbathe all day long.
What’s special: The hotel is located right next to Eden Plaza—a grand shopping mall with shops, clubs, cafes, spas, and other utilities.
Starting tariff: INR 12,500/night

9. Treasure Cove Hotel And Restaurant

Treasure Cove Hotel and Restaurant is among the best Seychelles hotels you can find on the island. Located at a stone’s throw distance from the scenic fishing hamlet of Bel Ombre, the hotel has everything to make your Seychelles holiday memorable. The hotel has private balconies offering majestic sea views, fine dining restaurants, and a small infinity pool overlooking the azure ocean. Anyone in search of peace must spend a few days here.
What’s special: The hotel organises for special romantic dinner on Silhouette Island for couples.
Starting tariff: 11,500/night

10. L’Habitation Cerf Island Hotel

Located close to St. Anne Marine Park, L’Habitation Cerf Island Hotel is one of the best budget hotels in Seychelles. This majestic hotel has modern suites and luxury villas, an outdoor swimming pool, and sprawling gardens, where you can have your evening coffee. There is a lagoon taxi that provides free shuttle service to Mahe Island.
What’s special: It’s location. The hotel is located next to one of the most popular snorkeling sites in Seychelles.
Starting tariff: INR 13,000/night

11. Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa

Surrounded with mesmerizing views of the surrounding hills and Indian Ocean, this resort has an infinity pool, and elegantly designed rooms. You can enjoy international cuisine at the Les Cocotiers restaurant at this property. If you’re visiting this place with your partner, don’t forget to have a romantic candlelit dinner by the sea at the Oceanview Bar and Restaurant.
What’s special: The spectacular ocean view from the rooms of this hotel are worth exploring.
Starting tariff: INR 39,103/ night

12. Coral Strand Smart Choice

Situated on the beach of Beau Vallon Bay, the fully air-conditioned rooms and 2 outdoor pools offer one of the best experiences in Mauritius along with a spa on board. You can indulge in an authentic Mediterranean, international and Indian dishes along with a cocktail bar that displays live music here. This is surely amongst the most affordable hotels in Seychelles for your next vacay!
What’s special: Water sports and beach activities can be arranged by the hotel.
Starting tariff: INR 17,200

13. Raffles Seychelles

Located on one of the most charming beaches, Anse Lazio, the hotel Raffles Seychelles has lavish villas on Praslin island which offers one-of-a-kind views in Mauritius. Don’t miss out on the in-house spa at this property as the spa rooms provide splendid views of the Ocean and beaches nearby. If you’re looking for some hotels in Seychelles with private pool, make sure you ask first while booking!
What’s special: The nearby located Vallee de Mai is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is a must visit.
Starting tariff: INR 79,200

14. Patatran Village Hotel

This beautiful property has an outdoor pool which is open all year round. Not only are the dishes served at the in-house restaurant worth diggin in, the taste of the cocktails served at the bar is simply delicious and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the mesmerizing ocean view for anything in the world. So, don’t miss out on one of the most splendid hotels in the Seychelles on your next visit!
What’s special: The beachfront adds more charm to this property located in La Digue island Anse.
Starting tariff: INR 22,337

15. Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort

Only at a short distance from Victoria in the Seychelles, this site has a lush garden and an outdoor pool. What’s more is that the delectable international and Indian cuisines served at the beautiful in house restaurant is to die for. So, while you plan to explore one of the best hotels in Seychelles island, don’t forget to try this one!
What’s special: Tennis court and fitness centre are worth checking out at this site.
Starting tariff: INR 18,800

Shopping In Seychelles

1. Visit at Bazar Ovan (in Baie Lazare)
2. Take a ride along Victoria Bazaar (in Victoria)
3. Explore the roads of Bazar Labrin (in Beau Vallon Beach)
4. Visit at Sir Selwyn Clarke Market (in Victoria)
5. Shop at Kenwyn House

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