Spring is a colourful time in South Korea due to the fact the cherry blossom timber bloom. It’s an unforgettable sight which you won’t need to overlook out on! Check out those information about the cherry blossom forecast for 2022 in South Korea.

The blooming time of cherry blossoms in Seoul and different areas of South Korea varies relying at the elevation and latitude. In general, the blooming length stages from early March to overdue April. The height bloom time typically takes place round weeks later than in Japan.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the subsequent is a listing of the anticipated height bloom dates for cherry blossoms in South Korea’s principal cities.

  • Jeju: March 18 – March 24
  • Busan: March 22 – March 28
  • Gyeongju: March 21 – March 31
  • Daegu: March 23 – March 31
  • Gwangju: March 18 – April 2
  • Jeonju: March 18 – April 5
  • Daejeon: March 23 – April 5
  • Gangneung: March 28 – April 5
  • Seoul: March 24 – April 10

Cherry Blossoms in Korea : Types 

Let’s talk the numerous forms of cherry blossoms in South Korea. There are minor versions among those and the cherry blossom timber that bloom first, that’s critical to understand in case you intend to discover Korea’s cherry blossom landscape.

Yoshino Cherry Blossom

The Yoshino Cherry Blossom is the maximum not unusualplace cherry blossom in South Korea. It blooms in advance than different types, typically round overdue March to early April. There are 5 petals at the faded purple flora of the tree which could develop up to fifteen meters tall.

King Cherry Blossoms

They are stated to have originated on Jeju Island. But a few humans in Korea trust they’re similar to Yoshino timber. The blooms in this tree are large and pinker in hue. Overall, the King cherry timber are quite rarer and bloom some weeks later than the Yoshino timber, which bloom among early to mid-April and a chunk later.

Maehwa Blossoms

Also known as the plum blossom, this flower is a part of the rose family. They have a subtle, candy perfume and typically bloom round overdue March to early April.

Azaleas Blossoms

These blooms are available numerous colors: white, purple, and red. They normally bloom among early April and mid-May and may attain a peak of 3 meters.

Korea’s cherry blossom forecast in extra detail. Overall, the collection of blooming typically is going like this:

Cherry blossoms in Korea first seem withinside the south after which increase northward. So you could go to the cherry blossoms in Jinhae, Busan, Ulsan, Pohang, and Gwangju earlier than shifting directly to Seoul for the remaining cherry blossom experience.

When is the Best Time to See Cherry Blossoms in Seoul?

The first week of April is whilst the cherry blossom height in Seoul typically takes place, despite the fact that this varies quite from yr to yr. The Korean authorities expects cherry blossoms in Seoul to start on April 2, 2022. People typically go to Yeouido Park for the cherry blossom competition at some point of this time.

The blooming length is distinctly quick, handiest lasting approximately weeks. So in case you’re making plans a journey to look the cherry blossoms in Korea, ensure to plot your journey accordingly.


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