It’s no wonder that Italy is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. However, not all Italian getaways have to be in central Florence or along the Amalfi Coast.

1. Via Krupp, Capri

Via Krupp, CapriWhile the risk of tumbling down rocks means you can’t walk around the elegant switchbacks that make up Via Krupp, that doesn’t stop the view at the top from being less spectacular. Head to the Gardens of Augustus and take in the best of Capri presented to you.

2. San Cassiano

San CassianoNot only is San Cassiano the epitome of Alpine charm (think wooden chalets with castle-shaped turrets), but it is also home to a rich Ladin culture and therefore authentic South Tyrol experience. Soak up it all in a rustic luxury loft suite at Rosa Alpina.

3. San Gimignano, Tuscany

San Gimignano, TuscanyServing up some of the best ice cream in the country (a reward that isn’t given freely), an afternoon in San Gimignano is always well spent. The hilltop town offers a relaxed antidote to the hustle and bustle of Siena, and with its enchanting views of the cypress-topped hills, it feels a million miles from city life.

4. Isola Bella, Sicily

Isola Bella, SicilyIsola Bella is a pinprick of an island which is nestled in a quiet cove and connected to the mainland by just a narrow strip of land and has more than its fair share of natural beauty. Called ‘the Pearl of the Ionian Sea’, wait until low tide before crossing the island to discover hidden sea caves and pebble beaches in a place that is all your own.

5. Praiano

PraianoDelicately perched on the cliff, equidistant from Amalfi and Positano, and a short drive from the effortless romance of Ravello, Praiano is my rendezvous whenever I visit this sunny stretch of coast. Not just for walkers in secluded coves or glasses of prosecco in the beach bars of Vivaro and Fioriere, but for a stay at Casa Angelina where the impeccable decor and serene views always leave you floating.


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