Most human beings realize Juhu from Juhu Beach, one of the maximum well-known regions in Mumbai. It is one of the maximum prosperous regions of the town and domestic to masses of Bollywood celebrities; it’s also the house to Juhu Airport, that is utilized by small aircraft, and is India’s oldest civil airport. As that is the region that homes Juhu Beach, there are numerous well-known accommodations and eating places which have spread out to cater to the massive loads that go to the seashore or pick to live close to the seashore.

Juhu is maximum famous for its avenue meals, and so right here we gift the excellent locations to devour in Juhu, so you could make the maximum from your journey to the region!

1 Kokam Cooler- Prithvi Café

This is the correct manner to get away the summer time season heat; the kokam cooler cools your frame and refreshes you in a perfect manner. It is good and has a touch of mint and lemon; andhoney is delivered to it to make it barely candy. This is a need to attempt drink in case you do grow to be at Prithvi Café.
Where: 20, Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road
Price: ₹ 50.00

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2 Rabdi Malai Falooda- Bharath Darbar Falooda

This west meets east fusion finally ends up as a pleasing dessert; it’s miles served in a bowl as opposed to a tumbler not like the opposite faloodas. Instead of ice cream, right here we’ve got rabdi and malai kulfi withinside the falooda which offer you a heavenly revel in. The falooda is made thoroughly, is straightforward to chunk and offers you a nice sense; it’s miles an brilliant dish and need to be attempted with the aid of using every one touring the region.
Where: Stall No.38, Juhu Chawpatty
Price: ₹ 130.00

3 Mysore Masala Dosa- Dhanalaxmi Dosa Center

The dosa is fried in butter as opposed to ghee, which offers out a unique taste to the entire dish and makes the dosa crisp. The stuffing has a really perfect combo of masalas and nicely cooked potatoes that supply out pleasant flavors. The dosa is served with sambar, tomato and coconut chutneys, that are made thoroughly and feature a homely sense connected to them. The tomato chutney is highly spiced and bitter on the equal time, and offers out a few brilliant flavors that beautify the general aggregate of flavors.
Where: Stall No. Stall 35-36, Juhu Chawpatty
Price: ₹ 90.00

4 Chicken Tandoori Momos- Sardarji Restaurant

Tandoori fowl and momos- now that’s a aggregate to which it’s miles nearly not possible to mention no to, isn’t it? The momos are packed with fowl that is smooth and flawlessly cooked; they’re then dipped in batter to present them the tandoori twist. The chutney served with the momos is zesty and has a touch of lemon juice; the aggregate of the momos and chutney is certain to depart you yearning for more!
Opp Novotel Hotel
Price: ₹ 99.00

5 Chicken Tandoori Rumali Roll- Garam Masala

The fowl used is fresh, smooth and thoroughly cooked, and it makes your mouth water instantly; the roll is served warm and offers off a few brilliant flavors that are just like that of fowl tikka masala. The combo of masalas is simply ideal and the flavor lingers round on your mouth for long; the roti is smooth and melts on your mouth as nicely. Served together with the roll is mint chutney that has a touch of lemon juice and offers you a blast of flavors while ate up with the highly spiced roll. This is one of the excellent fowl rolls available and without a doubt merits a attempt.
Near Chandan Police Chawki
Price: ₹ 160.00

6 Chocolate Dosa- Nandu Dosa

Now that is a VERY thrilling aggregate- dosa and chocolate! The dosa is crunchy and is roasted with masses of ghee and crowned with the maximum unusual topping for dosa- chocolate chips! In every chew you get the flavor of dosa and the candy flavor of chocolate this is very soothing to one’s flavor buds. Towards the middle of the dosa, the flavors of the ghee, dosa and chocolate grow to be outstanding and come up with a divine feeling in every chew. The dosa is served warm, and so that it will assume a few melted chocolate on it, and this is simply irresistible, isn’t it?
Behind Chandan Theatre
Price: ₹ 80.00

7 Mix Gola- Surat Kala Khatta

As the call suggests, it’s a combination of 4 flavors- lemon, pineapple, kala khatta and rose. Together, all of the flavors cool you down; or even the arrival may be very tempting. The bitter flavors together with the candy rose taste come up with a combination of each international at a quite low-cost price! Don’t overlook to drink all of the ultimate juice after the gola is over, it’s a deal with to have that as nicely.
Juhu Chawpatty
Price: ₹ 60.00

8 Special Tawa Pulao- Kartik Pav Bhaji and Fast Food

The presentation of this pulao makes you fall for it even earlier than clearly tasting it. The rice and the greens are flawlessly cooked, smooth to chew and chunk and feature mild flavors. Papad, tomato slices and dahi with pav bhaji masala are served along the pulao; the papad offers you some thing crisp to chew together with the smooth pulao. The aggregate of the dahi and pulao is terrific and hits the proper flavor buds.
Stall No. 59, Juhu Chawpatty.
Price: ₹ 140.00

9 Dahi Kachori- Sagar Sangam

This crisp and highly spiced kachori tastes terrific with the ragda this is delivered to it; the ragda is made nicely and offers out the awesome flavors of all of the ingredients. This is an low-cost and short snack object that one will have at the move.
Stall No. 56, Juhu Chawpatty
Price: ₹ 50.00

10 Chicken Lollypop Gravy- White Way

The fowl right here is smooth, juicy and smooth to chew; the batter used for making the lollypop is good enough and provides to the taste. The consistency of the gravy is ideal and it offers out an average highly spiced flavor with a touch of garlic. The excellent element is that they’re Halal certified, so that you can move beforehand and devour the fowl right here at peace. The provider right here may be very short and rightly so, because of the group that involves devour lunch right here each day.
Shop No.1 Juhu Tara road
Price: ₹ 70.00

If you’ve got got visited Juhu Beach earlier than and attempted a number of the brilliant dishes which have been indexed above, allow us to realize approximately your revel in withinside the remarks below!


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