Dave Ramsay and Matt Felser, the Colorado duo in the back of Dave & Matt Vans, need van lifestyles to be available for all and sundry.

Dave Ramsay and Matt Felser recognize what it’s want to stay at the road. While operating as a teacher, Felser spent 4 months changing his van into a “non-public tour automobile” for journeys after understanding that if he “desired some thing low cost, I could must construct it myself.”

Ramsay left a New York City finance process to begin his personal commercial enterprise, prompting a want to reduce back. “I should stay in someone’s basement or finance a van to stay in,” Ramsay recalls. “I went with the van.”

Fast ahead 10 years: The Colorado duo commenced Dave & Matt Vans, growing low cost trucks with condo and financing alternatives to destigmatize the concept that the life-style desires to be expensive. “We got here up with the tagline ‘Live What You Love,’ due to the fact we need van lifestyles to allow humans to observe any dream, exterior or not,” Ramsay says.

So, we stuck up with the pair to speak approximately their imaginative and prescient to diversify and amplify what van lifestyles looks as if withinside the West.

What capabilities set aside your base trucks?

Felser: All of our cars include the entirety you want and not anything you don’t at a rate you could have enough money. There’s plenty of area for humans to carry themselves into the trucks—we don’t upload a gaggle of stuff. Our bare-bones [models] have complete electrical; the entirety runs off a battery machine that fees off a sun panel and at the same time as you power.

Ramsay: We don’t positioned a moist tubtub in our trucks—a room with a rest room and a shower—which we assume is a large waste of area. All of our rest room alternatives tuck into garage alternatives in addition to the showers which you could installation in only a few minutes. We take a minimalistic technique, which has created a completely unique automobile in our market.

How do your financing alternatives make van lifestyles extra low cost?

Felser: It stems from our venture to make van lifestyles available for all and sundry and that begins offevolved with a rate point. We can’t provide get entry to to humans in the event that they can’t have enough money it, so making it an choice this is possible is crucial to us. We partnered with a monetary business enterprise with a purpose to assist provide loans for our clients to borrow as tons or as low as they want to finance one in all our cars. By residing to your van, that one mortgage fee may be your lease and vehicle fee in one—plus those property preserve their price. Unlike a automobile—whilst you power them off the lot, they lose price—we’ve visible our cars preserve their price for a 12 months or two.

Ramsay: What’s specific approximately our technique is that we clearly lived the life-style, which we found out plenty of the large proprietors don’t and didn’t do. It’s clearly quite difficult to strip a automobile right all the way down to simply the essentials, so we needed to be considerate primarily based totally on our stories approximately what humans want irrespective of what. Once we took away plenty of the extras, we had been capable of provide a base version at a extra affordable rate.

Can you inform us approximately your “Diversify Van Life” project, which inspires van lifestyles for extra humans of shadeation in help of network-orientated goals?

Felser: A couple in L.A. become capable of begin their commercial enterprise via way of means of residing in one in all our trucks. We had been capable of help a prayer run for an Indigenous girl who ran 50 miles with the protection of one in all our trucks at her side. We recognize we’ve got a voice and we’re the usage of it to concentrate and analyze from others at the same time as additionally amplifying and speaking their desires to our network, and the bigger exterior network as a whole.

Ramsay: A lot of humans are targeted on “Look how cool a van is,” and that’s crucial to us however the van is secondary in our minds to attain a broader goal. The van allows humans to take pictures at goals that may not appear feasible.


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