What makes a great beach depends on the traveler? Some like wide open expanses of sand with plenty to do and crowds of people to watch, while others prefer deserted shores with calm waters. To get you inspired, here are some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.


With sparkling sands, and luxury resorts, Fiji is like many other tropical getaways. Likewise, the set of 333 islands caters to lovebirds of all kinds. Additionally, adventure seekers, such as surfers and divers, enjoy the archipelago’s waves and quality coral reefs. But Fiji is distinguished from other island destinations by its otherworldly character. As it sits over 1,300 miles from the North Island of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji offers you the delicious feeling of seclusion. You’ll be as far removed from reality as you can get when you sip Fiji Bitter beer and watch the sun sink below the horizon. Fijian customs will also make you feel millions of miles away: Have you ever tasted the dizzying kava drink? Or watched men defy the fire and cross hot stones without burning their feet?

Places For Visit

  1. Qalito Island: Better known as the home of Castaway Island Resort, hilly Qalito Island ends at a point flanked on both sides by beaches of deep white sand, which helps make Castaway one of Fiji’s most popular resorts.
  2. Mana Island: Mana Island has beaches on both its sides, but the one on the south coast is worth writing home about. It’s so long that it’s shared by both Mana Island Resort and bottom-end backpacker hostels.
  3. Yasawa Island: Several of Fiji’s best beaches are on Yasawa, the northernmost island in the Yasawa chain. One long stretch of sand near the north end is divided by big black rocks flanked by two Fijian villages. Another in front of Yasawa Island Resort and Spa also has rocks plus waves, a rarity among Fijian beaches.
  4. Nacula Island: The inexpensive Oarsmans Bay Lodge, on Nacula Island, sits beside one of the top beaches in Fiji, a glorious strip of sand emptying into a lagoon that is deep at all tides.
  5. Sigatoka River Safari:  Hop aboard a jet boat and take a thrilling ride 60kms (97 miles) up the Sigatoka River into the Fijian heartland. The boats speed past children waving happily and yelling “?Bula!” The tour ends at one of several traditional villages where elders explain local customs, share a traditional Fijian lunch and end with singing, dancing, and a kava ceremony. The trip takes about 3.5 hours.
  • Timings: Hours Mon-Sat 8am-1pm
  •  Phone 650-1721
  • Prices F$210-F$265 adults, F$105-F$130 children. Rates include pick-up and lunch
  •  Web site Sigatoka River Safari

Where to stay

  • Tides Reach Resort: Matei, Taveuni Island, Fiji
  • Nanuku Auberge Resort: Pacific Harbour, Viti Levu, Fiji
  • Kokomo Private Island Fiji: Yaukuve Levu Island, Fiji



The Maldives is the most beautiful islands in the world, but it’s the sea that really makes these islands shine. Bright aquamarine waters with crystal clarity cover these dazzling white shores, which barely peek above the Indian Ocean. Beneath the mesmerizing waters, coral reefs flourish, luring divers and snorkelers from around the world. Surfers also flock here to ride the uncrowded breaks.

Places to visit

  1. Emboodhu Finolhu Island: The water villas in Emboodhu Finolhu Island are arranged in such a way that a view from the plane will show you a beautiful flower bud. The island can be an excellent luxury retreat for tourists.
  2. Baros Island: Most popular islands in Maldives, Baros Island is yet another place in Maldives that is trying to one-up the other islands in pure beauty, and succeeding marginally. Lined with beaches filled with fine sand and gentle waves of water ferrying small shells and stones, Baros Island is known for its resorts and water villas.
  3. Tsunami Monument: It is the most beautiful structure known as the Tsunami Monument constructed in remembrance of the lives lost in the devastating Tsunami in 2004. A building consisting of a small cylinder with encircling spheres, the monument is a popular attraction and a must-visit place in Maldives.
  4. Majidhee Magu: It is the perfect street shopping destination. You can find anything and everything in this popular shopping street. From garments to accessories like watches, handbags, cosmetics and even electronics. If you’re into handcrafted stuff, you can find plenty here.
  5. Huvahendhoo Island: The island is custom-made to accommodate families and kids. The island has a good collection of restaurants, resorts and spas. It also has a Kids Club where your children can have fun while you relax in a spa.

Where to stay

  • Riu Atoll: Kudahuvadhoo, Maldives, 20219 Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives
  • Sandy Heaven Maldives: Burevi Magu, k Gulhi, 08070 Gulhi, MaldivesLVIS blancura Hotel: Dharavandhoo Island, 60600 Dharavandhoo, Maldives 

Maundays Bay, Anguilla

Maunday’s Bay is particularly renowned for its variety of water activities available. Whether you’re sunbathing on the pristine sands, swimming in the calm waters of the bay, or exploring a reef while snorkeling, there are local rental companies who are more than willing to provide you with the equipment you need. you need to have a good time.

Places to visit

  •  Shoal Bay East: Shoal Bay East is an expansive, long stretch of radiant white sand that beach connoisseurs consider Anguilla’s first strand and one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling, the waters offer some of Anguilla’s finest coral gardens inhabited by hundreds of tiny iridescent fish, and the sand is soft and clean.
  • Rendezvous Bay Beach: Rendezvous Bay is a dazzling four-kilometer crescent of powdery sand and translucent sea, bordered by coconut palms. Quiet and shallow, this peaceful part of the coast is ideal for families with young children. Bathers, swimmers and seashell collectors will also be impressed.
  • Wallblake House: One of the main attractions of the Anguilla Heritage Tour, Wallblake House is a plantation house built in 1787 by sugar planter Will Blake (Wallblake is probably a corruption of his name). It is one of the few plantation houses in the Caribbean where the entire complex of buildings, including the stables, slave quarters and the kitchen, have survived almost intact.
  • Heritage Collection Museum: The Heritage Collection Museum is a great place to learn more about the history of Anguilla. Island artifacts, early 20th-century photographs, old postage stamps, and important documents trace the island’s history from the days of the Taino to the present. The museum’s curator, Colville Petty, is an authority on Anguilla’s history and an author on the subject.

Where to stay: 

  • Edwards Inn: Sandy Ground, AI2640 Sandy Ground Village, Anguilla 
  • Moonlight Cottage: 1street Island Harbour Anguilla Apartment 2, AI-2640 East End Village, Anguilla 

Bora Bora

It is a small island in the South Pacific north-west of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Surrounded by sandy-lined motus and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef, it is known for its scuba diving. It is also a popular luxury resort destination where some bungalows are perched above the water on stilts. In the center of the island rises Mt. Otemanu, a dormant 727 m volcano.

Places to visit

  • Aqua Safari: Bora Bora is known around the world for its exciting water sports, especially scuba diving. However, not everyone may be a certified diver or want to invest a lot of time in their learning. As a substitute, you have the opportunity to enjoy the underwater beauty of Bora Bora by going on an Aqua Safari with a unique diving helmet. It is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Bora Bora.
  • hiking in Bora Bora’s valleys & mountains: If you are an adrenaline junkie and love to be in the lap of nature, get out of your luxury hotel and head to the beautiful hiking trails in Bora Bora. Hire a guide and climb up to Mt Otemanu for lagoon views you’ll never forget.
  • Watch the sunset: It is better to see in yatch club which is located in a little north of Vaitape on the main island where local fishing boats stop at the dock and deliver their catch to the kitchen.

Where to stay

  • Hotel Royal Bora Bora: Commune de Nunu’e, 98713 French Polynesia
  • Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora: Motu Tehotu BP 547, 98730 French Polynesia

An award winning resort and golf are just the start. From world-class water sports, biking, tennis and golf to great shopping and dining, Kiawah Island promises the perfect blend of play and peace.

Places of visit

  • Kiawah Island: Golf Resort Located on a beautiful barrier island a few miles from historic Charleston, South Carolina, is the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, host of the 2012 and 2021 PGA Championship. Also home to a beautiful oceanfront mansion, The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island has been honored with the prestigious AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five Stars rating.
  • Kiawah Beachwalker Park: We could bike down to this beach from where we were staying in West Beach. During low tide, you could watch where the Kiawah river meets the ocean and see the dolphins feeding and playing – so awesome! Nice soft sand there too.
  • The Ocean Course: It is Highly recommended golf course with dramatic views of the Atlantic.
  • Freshfields Village: Freshfields Village is a perfect (and perfectly charming) mix of shops, businesses and restaurants in a timeless and peaceful setting designed to evoke an era gone by. So much more than a spectacular place to shop.
  • Wells Gallery: Wells Gallery at the Sanctuary at Kiawah has a great collection of local art to view and purchase.

Where to stay

  • Jasmine Porch : Enjoy fresh native ingredients rendered into traditional Lowcountry favorites such as shrimp & grits, she-crab soup, crab cakes and Jasmine’s Sunday brunch.
  • Cherrywood BBQ & Ale House at Osprey Point : Genuine Southern BBQ, house smoked over local hardwoods. Enjoy hearty BBQ platters, house made sauces, famous mac & cheese, signature sides, salads. Large craft beer list.
  • Cantina 76 – Kiawah : Cantina 76 is a lively, independently-owned taqueria and bar on Kiawah Island that specializes in fresh Mexican-inspired cuisine and signature margaritas.



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